Story Behind The Ashok Chakra


Ashok Chakra Meaning

There is usually a wheel on many inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka. It is called Ashok Chakra. This wheel is a symbol of Dharmachakra. For example, the Lion-Chaturmukh (Lion Capital) at Sarnath and the Ashoka Chakra are present on the Ashoka Pillar. Ashoka Chakra has been given a place in the national flag of India.

There are twenty-four spokes in the Ashoka Chakra, they represent the states of a man’s suffering from ignorance, twelve spokes, and twelve spokes of nirvana from sorrow.

Story Behind The Ashok Chakra

Ashok Chakra
Ashok Chakra

The Ashok Chakra story. We all know that an Indian flag contains the Ashok Chakra on it. However, we rarely think about the significance of this symbol.

This article will though light on some of the unanswered questions. Initially, the flathead Chakra was the symbol of self-reliance during Gandhian times. And was after independence changed to Ashoka Chakra.

The Chakra represents the Dharma Chakra with 24 spokes. Each spoke has a virtue that stands for the name Ashoka Chakra is derived from the various ethics. Where it was found during Ashoka’s time. It is in blue with white background and was adopted on 22nd July 1947. 

Another interesting feature is that the highest military award is also given by the same name. It is also said that the Ashoka Chakra came into existence because of Budha who after attaining enlightenment preached the dharmachakra to his disciples. 

This was the first thing Ashoka did. It was depicted in the edits of Sarnath, where Buddha’s original preaching took place.

The 24 spokes represent Dharma it is also called the Bhavacakra. The size of Ashok Chakra has not been specified in the flag code. But all it says is that the 24 spokes must be evenly spaced. 

According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, it was chosen to represent Dharma and law and another belief is that the Chakra according to Hindu religion represented The Puranas where it was said only 24 rishis could have complete power over the Gayatri Mantra. the first Rishi being Vishwamitra and Yajnavalkya the last.  

It is also thought that the 24 spokes represent the 24 letters of the Gayatri Mantra. One of the connotations is that the Chakra represents time and the 24 spokes are the 24 hours of the day. 

24 spokes of Ashok Chakra according to Hindu religion love, courage, patients, peacefulness, magnanimity, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, selflessness, self-control, self-sacrifice, truthfulness, righteousness, justice, Mercy, Gracefulness, humility and empathy, sympathy, spiritual knowledge, moral values, spiritual wisdom, the fear of God, faith or belief or hope. 

In conclusion, it can be said that our forefathers kept not only political thoughts in mind but were also concerned with morality and ethics and the result was the Chakra in the flag of two countries.

Ashok chakra Image

Old Ashoka chakra Image
Old Ashoka chakra Image
Ashoka chakra Image
Ashoka chakra Image
Indian Flag Ashoka chakra
Indian Flag Ashoka chakra

Ashok Chakra Award

The Ashok Chakra is India’s highest peacetime gallantry medal. This honor is given to soldiers and civilians for exceptional valor, bravery, or sacrifice. It can also be given posthumously. Ashoka Chakra is awarded by the President.

Vir Chakra Award 2019

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistani forces for three days after he shot down an enemy fighter jet in air combat with Pakistan. He was awarded the Vir Chakra, India’s third-highest wartime gallantry medal.

Ashok Chakra Award 2020

India’s highest peacetime military decoration Ashok Chakra (31) was posthumously awarded by President Ram Nath Kovind to Indian Air Force Garud commando Corporal Jyoti Prakash Nirala. After killing two terrorists in Jammu, he had given his life.

Ashok Chakra Award Winners List

Serial YearName
11952Narbahadur Thapa
21952Bachittar Singh
31952Suhas Biswas
41956Sunder Singh
51957Joginder Singh
61957PM Raman
71957JR Chitnis
81958Jaish Bajirao Sakpal
91958Eric James Tucker
101962Kharka Bahadur Linibu
111962Jiya Lal Gupta
121969Jas Ram Singh
131972Umaid Singh Mehra
141974Gurunam Singh
151981Cyrus Addi Pithawala
161984Yuri Malyshev
171984Gennady Steklov
181985Rakesh Sharma
191985Bhukant Mishra
201985Tsering Motup
211985Nirbhay Singh
221985Bhavani Dutt Joshi
231985Ram Prakash Ropariya
241985Jasbir Singh Raina
251987Neerja Bhanot
261991Randhir Prasad Verma
271992Sandeep Sankhla
281993Rakesh Singh
291994Neelakantan Jayachandran Nair
301995Harsh Udai Singh Gaur
311995Sujjan Singh
321995Rajiv Kumar June
331996Arjun Singh Jasrotia
341997Arjun Singh Jasrotia
351997Puneet Nath Dutt
362000Sudhir Kumar Walia
372001Kamlesh Kumari
382002Rambir Singh Tomar
392002Surinder Singh
402004Sanjog Chhetri
412004Triveni Singh
422007Vasant Venugopal
432007Chunni Lal
442007Radhakrishnan Nair Harshan
452008Dinesh Raghu Raman
462009Pramod Kumar Satpathy
472009R.P. Diengdoh
482009Mohit Sharma
492009Bahadur Singh Bohra
502009Hemant Karkare
512009Vijay Salaskar
522009Ashok Kamte
532009Tukaram Omble
542009Gajendra Singh Bisht
552009Sandeep Unnikrishnan
562009Mohan Chand Sharma
572009Johan Thomas
582010D. Sriram Kumar
592010Rajesh Kumar
602011Laishram Jyotin Singh
612012Navdeep Singh
622013LK Prasad Babu
632014Neeraj Kumar Singh
642014Mukund Varadarajan
652015Mohan Goswami
662016Hav Hangpan Dada
Ashok Chakra Award Winners List

Know The True Meaning Of The 24 Matchsticks Of The Ashoka Chakra

1- First match – moderation (motivates to live a restrained life)

2- Second match – Arogya (motivates one to live a healthy life)

3- Third match – Shanti (Advice for maintaining peace and order in the country)

4- Fourth match – renunciation (development of renunciation for the country and society)

5- Fifth match – modesty (education of modesty in personal nature)

6- Sixth match – Seva (education to serve the country and society)

7- Seventh match – forgiveness (feeling of forgiveness towards humans and animals)

8- Eighth match – love (feeling of love towards the country and society)

9- Ninth match – Friendship (sense of friendship in society)

10- Tenth match – brotherhood (to promote country love and fraternity)

11- Eleventh match – Organization (To keep the unity and integrity of the nation strong)

12- Twelfth match – Welfare (Participation in welfare activities for the country and society)

13- Thirteenth match – Prosperity (contribute to the prosperity of the country and society)

14- Fourteenth match – Industry (to assist in the industrial progress of the country)

15- Fifteenth match – Security (Always be ready for the security of the country)

16- Sixteenth match – rules (rules in private life behaving in moderation)

17- Seventeenth match – Samata (Establishment of an equity-oriented society)

18- Eighteenth match – Earth (to make good use of money)

19- Nineteenth match – policy (keeping allegiance to the policy of the country)

20- Twentieth match – Justice (Talk of justice for all)

21- Twenty-first match – Cooperation (working together)

22- Twenty-first match – Duty (to perform one’s duties honestly)

23- twenty third – rights (not to abuse the rights)

24- Twenty-fourth – Intelligence (To develop one’s own intellectual property for the prosperity of the country)

All the above 24 matchsticks talk about the all-around development of the country and society and give a clear message about their rights and duties.

Ashok Chakra Png

Ashok Chakra Png
Ashok Chakra Png
Ashoka Chakra White Png
Ashoka Chakra White Png


1. What is the meaning of the 24 spokes of Ashok Chakra?

Answer: The 24 spokes of Dharma chakra are the 24 Himalayan Rishis in which Yajnavalkya and Vishvamitra are first and second. Samay chakra, also known as Ashoka chakra, is also known by Samay chakra. The 24 spokes of the Dharma chakra represent the movement of time and are the symbol for the 24 hour day.

2. Why is Ashoka Chakra given?

Answer: The Ashoka Chakra depicts the Dharma Chakra. It is a representation of the wheel with 24 spokes in Buddhism. India’s highest military decoration for peacetime, which is awarded for bravery, courage, or self-sacrifice on the battlefield.

3. When Ashok Chakra is given?

Answer: In January 1967, these awards were renamed Ashoka Chakra and Shauryachakra (Shaurya Chakra). These gallantry awards are typically announced on two occasions each year: one on Republic Day, and one on Independence Day.

4. Who gets Ashok Chakra in the Indian flag?

Answer: The original symbol was the spinning wheel, but Dr. BR Ambedkar suggested that it be changed to the Ashoka Chakra. This is the eight-spoked wheel in Buddhism. The colors were changed to saffron later.

5. Who got Ashok Chakra 2021?

Answer: Naik Nar Bahadur Thapa received Ashok Chakra 2021.

6. How many lines are there in the “Ashok chakra” of the Indian flag? 

Answer: This Chakra is a symbol of the Dharmachakra. Ashok Chakra has been given a place in the national flag of India. There are 24 spokes in Ashoka Chakra, in which each match has a special meaning. The meaning of these 24 matchsticks has been explained in this article.

6. How many spokes are there in the Ashok Chakra?

Answer: A chakra (wheel) is often made on many inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka. It is called Ashoka Chakra. This Chakra is a symbol of the Dharmachakra. Ashok Chakra has been given a place in the national flag of India. There are 24 spokes in Ashoka Chakra, in which each match has a special meaning.


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