Story Of Jambavan In Hindi

Story Of Jambavan


Jambavan is called Rakshapati. This Raksha has deteriorated and bears, which means bear, meaning king of bears. But were they human bears? His portrayal in Ramayana etc. texts is similar to this. The word Raksha derives from the Sanskrit space word.

Various names in worldwide mythology are called this planetarium. Yet the Saptarishi Planetarium is known as a giant bear in Greece. There are many legends in ancient India and Greece regarding this planetarium.

Studies of the Puranas show many sages, sages, and deities like Vashistha, Atri, Vishvamitra, Durvasa, Ashwatthama, Raja Bali, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripacharya, Parashurama, Markandeya Rishi, Veda Vyasa, and Jamvant, etc. Are still alive today. It is said that Jambvan is very learned. The Vedas Upanishads are known to him. He used to study continuously, and due to this self-study, he got a long life. After Parashurama and Hanuman. Jambvan was the only person to be described as being in all three eras, and it is said that he is still alive. But Jamvantji has a longer lifespan than Parashurama and Hanuman because he was born in King Bali in Satyuga. Jamvant is older than Parashurama, and Raja Bali is more giant than Jambavan.

Three types of cultures existed in our country during the Ramayana period. Dasharatha headed the Aryan culture in North India, the non-Aryan culture in South India, Ravana’s chief. The third culture existed in the country’s central India as Aranyaka culture (tribal and tribal). Whose patron was Maharishi Agastya Muni. August Muni was a master and guide of the forest dwellers. Raksha and apes Bali, Sugriva, Jambvan, Hanuman, Nal, Neel, etc., were disciples of Astya Muni.

Story Of Jambavan In Hindi

Jamvant ko rkshapati kaha jaata hai. Yah rksh bigadkar riichh ho gaya jiska arth hota hai Bhaalu arthaat bhaalu ke Raja. Lekin kya ve sachamuch bhaaloo maanav the? Ramayan aadi granthon mein to unaka chitran aisa hee kiya gaya hai. Rksh shabd sanskrt ke antariksh shabd se nikala hai. 

Darasal duniyabhar kii pauranik kathao mey is taraamandal ko alag-alag naam se pukaraa jaata hai. Lekin saptrshi taraamandal mandal ko yoonan mey bada bhaalu kaha jaata hai. Is taraamandal ke sambandh mey praachin Bharat aur yonaan mey kaii dantakathaen prachalit hain.

Puraano ke adhyayan se pata chalata hai ki vashishth, atri, vishvaamitr, durvaasa, ashvatthaama, Raja bali, Hanumaan, Vibheeshan, Krpaachaary, Parashuraam, Maarkandey rshi, ved vyaas aur Jaamvant aadi kaee rshi, muni aur devata sashareer aaj bhee jeevit hain. Kahate hain ki Jamvantji bahut hee vidvaan hain. Ved upanishad unhen kanthasth hain. Vah nirantar padha hee karate the aur is svaadhyaayasheelata ke kaaran hee unhonne lamba jeevan praapt kiya tha. Parashuraam aur Hanuman ke baadJamvant hee ek aise vyakti the. Jinake teenon yug mein hone ka varnan milata hai aur kaha jaata hai ki ve aaj bhee jinda hain. Lekin parashuraam aur Hanuman se bhee lambee umr hai Jamvantji ki. Kyonki unaka janm satayug mein Raja Bali ke kaal mein hua tha. Parashuraam se bade hain Jamvant aur jaamavant se bade hain Raja bali.

Ramayan Kaal mein hamaare desh mein teen prakaar kee sanskrtiyo ka astitv tha. Uttar Bharat mey anary Sanskriti jiske pramukh Raja Dashrath the. Dakshin Bharat mey anary Sanskriti jisaka prmukh Ravan tha. Aur teesari Sanskriti Desh ke Madhya Bharat mein aaranyak Sanskriti ke rup mey astitv mey thi. Jiske sanrakshak Maharishi Agast muni the. Agast Muni, vanavaasiyon ke guru va maarg-darshak the. Rksh aur vaanar, baali, Sugreev, Jamvant, Hanumaan, Nal, Neel aadi Asty muni ke shishy the.

Agni Putra Jambavan

In ancient times, more details are found of the sons of gods like Indra Putra, Surya Putra, Chandra Putra, Pawan Putra, Varuna Putra, Agni Putra, etc. The said deities have been called residents of heaven. On the one hand, Hanumanji and Bhima are considered the sons of wind, while Jamwantji is called fire. Jambavan‘s mother was a Gandharva girl. When father Dev and mother Gandharva were there, how could they be bad men?

According to another belief, Bhagwan Brahma created a bear-man who could walk with two legs and communicate with humans. According to the Puranas, there is mention of the more developed Badh tribe than the apes and humans. This tribe between the apes and the kimpurus was more advanced. However, more exploration should be done in such a manner.

Birth of Jambavan

It is believed that Jamwant was born as the son of Agni to help the gods in the Devasur Sangram. His mother was a Gandharva girl.

Jamvant was born in the first era of the universe at the beginning of the universe. Jambvan saw the Vamana avatar in front of him. He was also in the period of King Bali. Bhagwan Vamana had made Bali the king of Hades by demanding a boon of three steps from King Bali. Jambavan was in his youth at the time of the Vamana avatar. Jambvan is included in the archives, which will remain until the end of Kali Yuga.

Jamvant In the Ram Era

Jamvant was old even in Tretayuga. He assisted Lord Rama during Rama’s time. It is said that Jamvantji was able to cross the sea, but he grew old in Tretayuga. That is why he pleaded with Hanuman Ji that you transcend the sea. The name of Jamvant is particularly notable in the battle of Valmiki Ramayana. When Hanumanji fails to remember his Power, just Jamvantji reminds him.

Jamvant ke bachan suhae. Suni hanumant hrday ati bhae.
Tab lagi mohi parikhehu tumh bhaee. Sahi dukh kand mool phal khaii

According to Ramayana, the monkeys’ army included Angad, Sugriva, Parpanjad Panas, Sushen (Tara’s father), Kumud, Gavaksha, Kesari Shatbali, Dwived, Mand, Hanuman, Neel, Nal, Sharabh, Gavay.

It is believed that Jamvantji was smaller in size and shape than Kumbhakarna. Jamvant was considered to be the most knowledgeable and experienced. He described four rare medicines received from Hanumanji in the Himalayas, one of which was Sanjeevini.

Dead Sanjeevani Chave Valuation

Suvarnakaran Chaw Sandhani F Mahoushadhim – War 74-33

The Arrogance (Ahankaar) of Jamvant

In the battle of Ram-Ravan, Jambavan was the commander of Ramsena. When Bhagwan Rama left and returned to Ayodhya after the end of the war. Jamvantji told him that Prabhu was such a big war. But I did not fall for a single drop of sweat at that time. Prabhu Shriram smiled and kept quiet. Shriram understood that ego has entered inside Jamvantji.

Jambvan said, Prabhu got an opportunity to fight in the war, but I had no chance to show my bravery. I was unable to partake in action, and my craving to battle remained in my brain. At that time, God said to Jamwantji, your wish will be fulfilled when I will take the next incarnation. Till at that point, you stay here and do penance.

Jambavan in Dwapara Yuga

Syamantaka bears the gem as Indradev. It is said that in ancient times, Kohinoor was called Syamantak Mani. According to many sources, the Kohinoor diamond was found about 5,000 years ago. And it was famous as Syamantak Mani as written in ancient Sanskrit history. Kohinoor diamond is the king of the multitude of precious stones on the planet. It remained with the Kshatriya rulers of India for a long time. At that point, it fell under the control of the Mughals. After this, the British acquired it, and now this diamond is kept in Britain’s museum. However, how much truth is there that the Kohinoor diamond is the only gem? It can be the subject of research. It is a miraculous gem(मणि).

Jambavan And Krishna War

Sri Krishna had to fight for this gem. He had to fight Jambvant not for Mani but for disrespecting the charge of gem theft. This jewel was with Lord Krishna’s better half, Satyabhama’s dad, Satrajit, and the diamond were given to him by Bhagwan Surya.

Satrajit kept this gem in his deoghar. From there, he went for his brother Prasenjit Chek, wearing a gemstone. In the forest, he and his horse were killed by a lion and kept the gem with him. Seeing the gem near Singh, Jambwantji killed Mani and took the gem from him. And they took the gem to their cave, where they gave it to their son as a toy. Here Satrajit accused Sri Krishna that he had stolen this gem.

Then Sri Krishna had to fight Jamvantji to get this gem. Later, when Jambvant started losing in the war. He called his lord Shri Ram and hearing his call. Shri Krishna had to come in his form. Then Jambavan gave up and conceded his mistake and mentioned Shri Krishna to wed my little girl Jambavati.

By the incident of Jambavati-Krishna, an incredible child was born, named Samb. Because of this samb, Krishna Kul was devastated. Sri Krishna said that only a brahmachari and a spartan person is entitled to keep this gem as a heritage. So Shri Krishna gave that gem to Akrurji. He noted that Akrur, keep it to yourself. This divine gem is beautiful only when you are near perfect restraint. Seeing the humility of Shri Krishna, Akrur became soft.

Place Where Jambavan And Krishna War

A cave has been found on the Rajkot-Porbandar road, 17 km from Porbandar, Gujarat, called Jambvan’s cave. It is believed that this is the place where the war between Sri Krishna and Jambavan took place. The cave is believed to have two tunnels. The first tunnel is Janaghar, which goes, and the second one for Dwarka.

Jamthun City

It is believed that Jamwant, a city named Jamthun, was inhabited. This ancient city is situated in the north-east of Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. A cave is found here, which is believed to be the abode of Jambavan.

Bareilly Cave

There is also an ancient cave in Jamgarh near Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Jamvantji is believed to have lived here for thousands of years. Ganesh-Jambavan statue has been established since ancient times on the hill of Vindhyachal, about sixteen kilometers from Bareilly. Which is believed to be increasing by one mole every year.

Jambavan Tapogufa

 A cave temple is built at the eastern end of Jammu city of Jammu and Kashmir, considered the taposthali of Jamwant. Many Pir-Fakirs and Rishis have done penance in this cave. Hence its name is also called ‘Pir Khoh.’ Koh in Dogri language means cave.

To reach Pir Khoh, devotees go to the cave via the Muhalla Pir Mittha. Exquisite paintings of deities are carved on the walls of the temple. There are the samadhis of Pir Poornath and Pir Sindhinia in front of Shiv Mandir in the courtyard. A cult hall has been built along the Jambavan cave, situated on the banks of river Tavi. This temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva.

Question/Answer About Jambavan

1. Jambavan wife?

Answer: Jambwant ji’s wife’s name was Jayavanti. And his daughter’s name was Jamwanti.

2. Who played Jambavan in Ramayana?

Answer: Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’ Jambavan played actor Srikant Rajasekhar Upadhyay, who hails from Hariharpur village in Suriyawan town Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh. Rajasekhar Upadhyaya became very famous with the part of Jamwant.


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