The Secret Of Bakasur Death In Mahabharat


Bakasur Story


King Kansa of Mathura made many efforts so that Sri Krishna could be killed, but he could not succeed in his efforts. Under these efforts, a Kansa monster took the form of a heron to kill Krishna. He was called ‘Bakasur‘ because of his appearance as a heron.

Bakasur And Krishna

It was afternoon. Sri Krishna was resting in the shade of a tree after having lunch. Cows were grazing in front. Some Gwal-Bal went to drink water in the Yamuna. When Gwal-Bal sat down to drink water, he woke up to see a terrible animal. He was an animal, then the size of a heron, but his face and beak were huge. Gwal-Bal had never seen such a heron. Hearing the cries of gwal-bal, Bal Krishna got up and ran in the same way the cheering was coming.

Balakrishna reached the banks of the Yamuna and saw that terrible animal. He was sitting in the water with his long beak and gigantic eyes drooling. Balakrishna recognized on seeing the appalling animal that it was not a monster, but a monster. Electric current was transmitted in his veins. They hurriedly reached the heron and caught her neck. He twisted his neck so hard that his eyes came out. He appeared in his true form and fell to the ground and went breathless.

Gwal-Bal Started Thinking That Sri Krishna Is God

Seeing the terrible monster in the form of a heron, Gwal-Baal was surprised. The most surprising thing was how his companion Kanhaiya killed him. They started thinking of their Kanhaiya as gods. In the evening, he went to the township praising Kanhaiya and told the people how Kanhaiya killed a terrible monster wearing a heron. Kansa became worried after hearing the slaughter of Vatsasur and the news of Bakasura’s death. It did not take him long to understand that Nandarai’s son is the eighth child of Devaki’s womb. So Kansa started sending his demons to Vrindavan to harm Krishna.

Who Killed Bakasur In Mahabharta

To escape the five Pandavas and Kunti Kauravas, they lived in a city called Ekchakra, the home of a Brahmin in disguise. They used to do alms by asking for donations. A demon named Buck lived near that city. The ruler of Ekachakra city was weak, so there was the terror of Bakasura. Bakasur used to protect the city from enemies and violent creatures. And as a result, the townspeople had determined that the residents of the house would arrange for their one day meal in turn. Bakasura was a cannibal. He used to require twenty kharif rice, two buffaloes and one human daily. That day was the turn of the Brahmin, the harbinger of the Pandavas.

He was made it through by his other half, a son and a child. Those people could not decide whom to send to Bakasura. With the inspiration of Kunti, Bhimsen went to Bakasura with food in place of Brahmin. At first, he teased Buck and ate the food that came for him, then Bhima killed him by fighting a duel with him. Bhimsen told his family members that if they abandon male flesh, Bhima will not kill them. He accepted. The Pandavas took a vow to the Brahmin that he would not let anyone appear that. 

Bakasur Ka Vadh Kisne Kiya

Pandav gan saadharan veshabhusha mei hi ek chakka gaanv mein aa ek braahaman ke yahaan thahare. Bhiksha maang kar jivan yaapan karane lage. Ek din bhem kunti ko chhod sabhi bhiksha ke liye gaye hue the. tabhi us ghar ki budhiya braahmani rone lagi. Use rote dekh kuntee ne rone ka kaaran puchha. Budhiya boli nagar ke baahar vakaasur naamak raakshas ka nivaas hai. usake bhojan ke lie gaanv se pratidin ek aadamee jaata hai. Aaj mere putr ke jaane kee baadi hai.

kunti ne kaha bahan aajatak tumane mujhe bade aaraam se rakha hai isalie main tumhaare putr kee jagah apane putr ko bhej detee hoon. Itana kahakar unhonne bhem ko raakshas ke paas jaane kee aagya deei. Bhem akadata hua raakshas ke paas pahuncha. Raakshas krodh se bheem par toot pada. Bhem use uthaakar hava mein nachaakar kar prthvee par bade jor se pataka. Usake praan nikal gae. Bheem us raakshas ko laakar nagar ke dvaar par taang die.

Bakasur Killed By Krishna

Balarama and Krishna reached the banks of the reservoir with the Balasakhas. A large heron was sitting on the coast. He was a friend of Kansa. He swallowed Krishna. In his palate, Krishna created such a burning sensation that he immediately spilled it. Then wanted to hit hard with the beak that Krishna grabbed the beak and ripped it. He was saved from the world. He was a demon named Bakasur, who took the form of a heron and went there. 

Mention Of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran

According to ‘Srimad Bhagavat Mahapuran’ “Parikshit! Those who are the sole protectors of all the worlds are now Shyam and Balaram, who remain Vatspala. They would get up early and take the contents of the palace and grazing the calves in one. They roamed from one forest to another.

Bakasur Swallowed Krishna

Once upon a time, all the Gwalabalas took their flocks of calves to the banks of the reservoir to feed them. He first fed the calves with water and then himself. The Gwalabs saw that a giant creature is sitting there. He looked like it as if a piece of a mountain has fallen after being cut from the thunderbolt of Indra. Gwalabal was scared to see him. He was a giant heavy demon named ‘Bakasur’, who came there in the form of a heron. His beak was very sharp, and he was powerful. He swung and swallowed Krishna.

Sri Krishna Becomes A Gopal-Balak From Leela

When Balarama and the children saw that the vast heron had swallowed Shri Krishna, then he had the same pace that the senses exerted on their lives. They became unconscious. Tested! Shri Krishna Lokpitama is also the father of Brahma. He has become a Gopal-Balak from Leela. When they reached the bottom of the heron’s palate, they started burning its palate like fire. So that monster hurriedly hurled him without inflicting any wound on Shri Krishna’s body and then broke out with great anger to hurt him with his hard beak.

Bakasur Vadh

Kansa’s friend Bakasura was still pranking on Bhaktavatsal, Sri Krishna, that he grabbed both his thorns with his two hands and saw him rip off in the same manner as he played in the eyes of Gwalibas, like a rip-off of Veeran. Put it. This made the gods very happy. All the Gods started showering flowers of Bela, jasmine, etc. of Nandanvan on Sri Krishna, and playing Nagare, Conch etc. and making them happy by the sources. Seeing all this, all of them were surprised. When Balaram and other children saw that Shri Krishna came out of Bakasur mouth and came to us, he felt as if the senses had become alert and rejoiced by the communication of life. Everyone embraced God differently. After this, all their calves came to Braj, and they told the whole incident to the people of the house.

Everyone Was Surprised To Hear About The Incident Of Vadhof Bakasur

Tested! Sab-Gopi-gopa was surprised to hear about the incident of the Vadh of Bakasur. He felt as if Kanhaiya had just returned from the face of death. They looked at Sri Krishna with great eagerness, love and respect. The thirst of his eyes kept increasing. He did not feel satisfied whatsoever. They began saying to each various other, “Hi! Hi! It is such a surprise. This child had to go to death many times. But those who wanted to destroy it were destroyed. Because they had already destroyed others, despite all this, the terrible demons do not spoil it. They come to kill it, but after falling on fire, they become like kites.

Words Of The Brahmavita Mahatmas Are Never False

True, the words of the Brahmavita Mahatmas are never false. Look, all the things that Mahatma Gargacharya had said, all sixteen are coming down. ‘ Nandababa etc. Gopgan used to talk about his Shyam and Ram with great joy. He was so devoted to them that he would not know anything about the sorrows of the world. Similarly, Shyam and Balaram used to play hide and seek with Gwals. Sometimes they used to build bridges. Sometimes jumping like monkeys, occasionally doing some bizarre game. Both of them spent their childhood in Braj with such Balochit games.

Question/Answer About Bakasur

1. Did Krishna kill Bakasur?

Answer: King Kansa of Mathura made many efforts so that Shri Krishna could be killed, but he could not succeed in his efforts. Under these efforts, a Kansa monster took the form of a heron to kill Krishna. He was called ‘Bakasura’ because of his appearance as a heron.

2. Which demon was killed by Bhima?

Answer: Slaughter of Bakasur

When the Pandava sons Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva and their mother were in an unknown place during the Mahabharata period, Bhima and his brothers wandering wandered to a village where there was a terror of a giant demon named Bakasura.

3. Who is the brother of Bakasura?

Answer: Aghasur was the younger brother of Bakasur. Aghasura was the more youthful sibling of Bakasura. Kansa sends out Aghasura to kill Krishna. Aghasura took the form of a colossal dragon. While Krishna used to play with his good friends, this dragon opened its mouth and became like a cavern.


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