The Secret Of Marriage Of Sri Krishna And Rukmini


Who Was Rukmini

Rukmini was the consort of Lord Krishna. Rukmiini is also considered an incarnation of Lakshmi. The citizens of Dwarka were anxious to see Krishna, who was united with Rukminii, the goddess of fortune. Lakshmi, on her part, was born on earth and was born as Rukmiini in Bhishmak’s family.

Rukmini Birth Place

She was born in Haridwar and was the royal princess of the Vedic Aryan tribe. Daughter of Bhishmaka, a powerful king. The Srutis, which are intimately connected with the Vayaja-gopi’s interpretations of the past, the Swam-form Lord Sri Krishna, Parabrahma, have proclaimed this truth.

Rukmini’s Brother

Rukmini’s brother was Rukmi. He was the child of King Bhishmak of Vidarbha country. They decided to marry Shishupala. She also fixed the date of marriage by sending a message to Shishupala.

Krishna And Rukmini Curse

The sage cursed Lord Krishna and Goddess Rukmani to remain separate for 12 years. Both of them were very sad due to this curse. Lord Krishna and Rukmiini had to separate due to the curse. To get rid of the curse, Rukminii did a hard penance of Lord Vishnu, after which she was freed from the curse.

Rukmini And Radha

Rukminii and Radha are related to Shi Krishna in the world of Charchar (चराचर). The world considers Rukmini Ji as the wife of Sri Krishna and Radha Ji as the lover of Shri Krishna. This is the identity of Rukmiini and Radha in the general world, but have you ever raised the question that which of Radha and Rukminii was the incarnation of Lakshmi? Through this article, we make you readers aware of this fact according to the scriptures.

Among Radha And Rukmini, Who is Avatar Of Lakshmi?

In the scriptures, the secret of Lakshmi has been revealed in such a way that Lakshmi resides with her husband Shri Vishnu in Kshirsagar and her incarnation form Radha with Goloka as Krishna. There are two types of ‘Vishnupatni Lakshmi’ and ‘Rajyalakshmi’ of Lakshmi in the Mahabharata. Of these, Lakshmi is always near Vishnu, and Rajyalakshmi wanders with mighty kings.

Radha Lakshmi’s Avatar

According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Lakshmi was born from Dakshinaang of Vishnu, and Radha, another avatar of Lakshmi, was born from Vamang. The incarnations of Lakshmi referred to in Brahmavaivarta Purana, and the place of their appearance are as follows: 

 Place Of Their Appearance

1. Mahalakshmi who resides in Vaikuntha.

2. Swargalakshmi, who resides in heaven.

3. Radha ji resides in Goloka.

4. Rajalakshmi (Sita) resides in Patala and Bhuloka.

5. Grihalakshmi who resides in the Griha.

6. Surabhi (Rukmani) who resides in Goloka.

7. Dakshina, who resides in the yajna.

8. The beauty that resides in everything.

Laxmi-Rukmini Dialogues

Numerous episodes and stories that depict the allegory of the Lakshmi mystery are described in the scriptures like the Mahabharata. One of the accounts is “Laxmi-Rukmiini Dialogues” In a passage in the Mahabharata, Bhishma was asked by Yudhishthira, a questionnaire related to the mystery of Lakshmi, to which Yeshishtir gave information to Yudhishthira while replying. According to the discipline festival of Mahabharata, Lakshmi told Rukmiini that my abode is in Tumme (Rukmini), and Radha and I sing in Gokul and Gobar.

Rukmini Is Regarded As The Body And Radha As The Soul

According to the philosophy of the essence of Shri Krishna, Rukmiini is considered to be the body, and Radha is the soul. Sri Krishna is considered to have a spiritual relationship with Rukmiini and a spiritual relationship with Radha. The philosophy of Rukmiini and Radha is profound. Combining this with the philosophy of the whole world, there are three stages of the world as a whole.

 1. Macro, 2. Subtle, 3. Reason

The macro that we can see with our eyes and touch with our hands is called Rukmini in Krishna-darshanThe subtle which is not visible and which we can neither see nor touch with the eyes can only be felt, it is Radhaand the reason for these gross and subtle states is that Shri Krishna and this Krishna is this original creation. Are pastures of. Now, from another point of view, there is a gross body and a subtle soul. The slight can be contained in the gross but not the gross in the gross. There is an awful nature and a subtle yogamaya, and there is also a quiet base power, but the cause can be established and identified only through Radha.

If we see in the pasture world, then all the physical systems are Rukminii and the thinking of working behind them and for whom this arrangement is being made, and that is the reason, Sri Krishna. Hence both Radha and Rukminii are the design of Lakshmi, but while Rukmani is Dehik Lakshmi, on the other hand, Radha is the spiritual soul Lakshmi.

Rukmini Mesmerized By The Qualities And Beauty Of Shri Krishna

While living in Dwarka, the name of Lord Krishna and Balarama spread all around. Even big napists and officials started bowing in front of him. He began to sing his qualities. Enchanted by Balarama’s strength and fame, a king named Raivat married his daughter Revathi with him. Balarama was older than Sri Krishna in his state. Therefore, according to the rules, he was married for the first time.

In those days, Vidarbha ruled in the country a supremely brilliant and virtuous nriapati named Bhishmak. Kundinpur was their capital. He had five sons and a daughter. It had the same divine characteristics as Lakshmi. Therefore, people used to call him ‘Lakshmiswaroopa.’ When Rukmini became eligible for marriage, Bhishmak was worried about her marriage. People who used to come to Rukminii praised Shri Krishna. He used to say to Rukmani, Shri Krishna is a supernatural man. At this time, there is no other male like him in the whole world. Rukmani, enchanted by the qualities and beauty of Lord Krishna. It is decided in her mind that she would not choose anyone except Sri Krishna as her husband.

Rukmani Married to Shishupala?

On the other hand, Lord Krishna had also come to know that Rukmaniparam, the daughter of Bhishma, the king of Vidarbha, is beautiful and the ultimate salvation. Bhishmak’s elder son Rukmi had enmity with Lord Shri Krishna. That sister Rukmani Wanted to marry Shishupala because Shishupala was also disgusted with Shri Krishna. Bhishmak stayed the will of his elder son. Decided to marry Shishupala. She also fixed the date of marriage by sending a message to Shishupala.

Rukmani Sent A Message To Sri Krishna

When he came to know that his marriage was fixed with Shishupala, he became sorrowful. He sent a Brahmin to Dwarka Krishna to show his assurance.

‘O Nand-Nandan! You have chosen as your husband. I cannot marry any other man except you. My father wants to marry me against Shishupala against my will. The date of marriage was also fixed. My family’s custom is that a bride before marriage has to go outside the city to see Girija. I will also go to the temple of Girija to have darshan in my wedding attire. I want you to come to the Girija temple and accept me as a wife. If you do not reach, then I will abandon my life. ‘

Shri Krishna Rode On The Chariot And Soon Went Towards Kundinpur

After receiving the message of Lord Krishna, he rode on the chariot and soon went towards Kundinpur. He also placed Rukmani’s messenger Brahmin on the chariot. After Shri Krishna left, the whole incident took place in Balarama’s ears. They got worried, thinking that Shri Krishna had gone alone to Kundinpur. Hence, he also left for the Kundinapar with the army of the Yadavas.

On the other hand, Bhishmak had already sent a message to Shishupala. As a result, Shishupala reached Kundinpur with a vast procession on a fixed date. What was the procession was the entire army. In that procession of Shishupala, Jarasandha, Pondrak, Shalva, and Vakranetra, etc., were also with their respective army. All kings had enmity with Krishna. It was a wedding day. The whole city was equipped with bandanas and pylons. Mangal was playing the instrument. Mangal songs were also being sung. There was a lot of movement in the entire city. When the people of the town came to know that Shri Krishna and Balarama were also coming to the town, they were pleased. He started thinking how good it would have been if Rukmanika had married Sri Krishna because he is the worthy groom.

It was The Time After Evening

Rukmani dressed in wedding clothes, she walked towards Girija’s temple. His friends and many bodyguards accompanied him. She was extremely depressed and worried because the Brahmin she had sent to Shri Krishna had not yet returned to her. Rukmani worshiped Girija and prayed to her, “O mother. You are the mother of the entire world! Complete my desire. I do not want to marry any man except Sri Krishna.”

To Sri Krishna Rukmini Taken To Dwarkapur

At the point when Rukmani emerged from the temple, he saw that Brahmin. Although the Brahmin did not say anything to Rukminii, Rukmini was pleased to see the Brahmin. He was not skeptical to understand that Lord Krishna has accepted his surrender.

Rukmani sitting on his chariot, Shri Krishna wanted to reach out like an electric wave, grabbed his hand and pulled him and sat on his chariot and walked towards Dwarka at a rapid pace.

Within a moment, the news spread throughout Kundinpur that Shri Krishna Rukmani. He was taken away to Dwarkapuri. When this news reached Shishupala’s ears, he became enraged. He followed Sri Krishna with his friend kings and his armies, but in the midst, Balaram and Yaduvanshi stopped Shishupala, etc. A fierce battle ensued. Balarama and Yaduvanshis fought with great bravery and destroyed the army of Shishupala etc.

Rukmi’s Pledge

As a result, Shishupala, etc., departed from Kundinpur due to disappointment. Rukmi shivered with anger upon hearing this. He followed Shri Krishna with a large army. He vowed that he would either take Sri Krishna captive and return or would not show his face in Kundinpur. Rukmi and Shri Krishna fought fiercely. Sri Krishna defeated him in battle and tied him to his chariot, but Balarama rescued him. He disclosed to Sri Krishna – Rukmi has now become her family member. It is not appropriate to punish such a relative.” Rukmi did not return to Kundinpur as per his promise. He settled there and settled in a new city. It is said that Rukmi’s descendants still live in that city.

Sri Krishna Married Rukmani

He was duly married to Dwarka. Pradyuman was born from his womb, who was the incarnation of Kamdev. Rukmani, among Sri Krishna’s daughters, was his love and devotion enchanted an essential place of Lord Krishna? His passion and his many stories are found, which are very inspiring.

Was Rukmini Jealous Of Radha?

One day Rukmani, after dinner, gave Sri Krishna milk to drink. Due to the milk being overheated, it was felt in the heart of Shri Krishna and came out of his mouth – “O Radhe,” Rukmiini said – Lord! What is it in Radha Ji that she has a name on every breath of yours? I, too, love you immensely. Still, you do not call us. Shri Krishna said, Devi, Have you ever met Radha and started smiling dimly. The next day Rukmani arrived at her palace to meet Radhaji. Outside Radhaji’s room, she saw a gorgeous woman, and because of the sharpness on her face, she thought that it is Radhaji and started touching her feet.

Then she said – who are you. Rukmani introduces herself and explains the reason for coming. Then she said, I am Radha ji’s maid(Daasi). Radhaji, you will meet after seven doors. Rukmani crossed the seven gates and at every gate, looking at one beautiful and sharp maid, wondering how Radharani herself would be if her maids were so beautiful, she reached Radhaji’s room. I looked at Radha Ji in the room – a very bright beauty whose face was shining brighter than the sun. Rukmiini suddenly fell at his feet. But were these blisters all over Radha Ji’s entire body? Rukmiini asked – Goddess, how these blisters on your body? Then Radha Ji said- Goddess yesterday, the milk you gave to Krishnaji. He was hot, causing blisters on his heart. And, I always live in their hearts.

Rukmini Devi Temple

Rukmini Devi Temple
Rukmini Devi Temple

Sri Rukmini Devi Temple is dedicated to Rukmini, the principal wife of Lord Krishna, who is considered an incarnation of Mata Lakshmi. The temple is situated on the outer side of Dwarka at a distance of about 2 km. Elephants, horses, gods, and human idols are carved on the walls of the temple. Donating water to the Devi temple is considered very important. The existence of the present temple is believed to be a 12th-century structure.

How Rukmini Died?

When Arjuna Dwarka came and knew everything, the bodies of Yaduvanshis were identified and cremated. After Sri Krishna left, Rukmini and Jambavati also gave up the body. Balramji’s wife, Revathi, also gave up his body.


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