The Secret Of Why Parshuram Killed His Mother


Who Was Parshuram


Parshuram’s father’s name is Jamadagni, and his mother’s name is Renuka – the great sage before Rama’s time. Husband Parayana Mata Renuka gave birth to five sons named Vasuman, Vasusena, Vasu, Vishvavasu, and Rama. Pleased with Rama’s penance, Lord Shiva had given him the ax. Hence his name became Parshuram.

Parshurama said that the sixth avatar of Vishnu. He has many other introductions. The thorns and garlands go wide and tell that they had emptied the earth from the Kshatriyas 21 times. Some even say that Kerala was made by throwing his ax. In the matter of obeying the mother-father, this is the most challenging competition for Shravan Kumar because he took his mother’s neck off at the behest of the father.

Parshuram Caste

In the Vedic period, a person was included in particular varna only based on his deeds. In the same way, Lord Parashuram was born in the Brahmin clan, but he was a Kshatriya by karma. Just as Vishwakarma, despite being a Kshatriya by birth, was considered a Brahmin by karma.

Parshuram in Hindi

parashuraam treta yug (raamaayan kaal) mein ek braahman rshi ke yahaan janme the. jo vishnu ke chhathtar hain. ve jamadagni ka putr hone ke kaaran jaamadagny aur shivajee dvaara pradatt parashu dhaaran kie rahane ke kaaran ve parashuraam kahalaaye.

Parshuram Students

The best and best student of Lord Parshuram was Ganga’s son Bhishma. Devguru had also received knowledge from Brahaspati and Venus from Venus Niti and Surya Dev. Even after that, his humility and willingness to learn were never lacking. Bhishma was more obedient and restrained than Dronacharya and Karna. He obeyed his master’s every wish.

Parshuram Jayanti

The birth anniversary of Lord Parshurama, the total guru of the Brahmin caste, is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Tritiya of the month of Vaishakh of the Hindu calendar. It is also called “Parashuram Dwadashi.” Akshaya Tritiya is also celebrated as Parashuram Jayanti.

Parshuram Temple

There is a Shiva temple located in Aravalli, Rajasthan, which is known as Parashuram Mahadev Cave Temple. It is believed that Parashuram Mahadev Cave Temple, located in the cave of the hills, was built by Parashuram himself. They had cut the rock with their furs.

Where Is Parshuram Now

Who is the sixth avatar of Vishnu. According to the mythological accounts, he was born in Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya in Janapav mountain of village Manpur in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh from the womb of Renuka, as a boon to Devraj Indra, who was pleased with the son’s sacrifice performed by Maharishi Jamadagni, son of Maharishi Bhrigu.

Five Secrets Related To Parshuram Will Tell

1. Parashurama Had Emptied The Earth 21 Times From The Kshatriyas

Nowadays, tell this thing to someone, then he asks as soon as he leaves that once he has finished all, where had he come from again. The answer is that every time some Kshatriyas used to hide near their wives or women. Now Parashuram did not go there, so the hidden Kshatriyas were saved. Apart from them, Parashuram was blown off by whatever he found on the way.

Parshuram’s treatment of Kshatriyas is also the reason. The singers donated his father’s sage Jamadagni by King Hayhaiyya. The king’s sons Kritaarjuna and Kritaviryaaaarjuna, began to sing back. When Jamadagni refused to return the cows, the kings snatched the cows on the strength of strength. Parshuram’s BP became high due to the father’s insult, and he went to Kadala, the throat of the king. Then he felt that these Kshatriyas are not fit to live on earth, so he started the ‘All World Kshatriya Hatao Abhiyan.’ According to them, as long as there are Kshatriyas, the earth is not worth living by Brahmins.

A belief also says that he did not finish all the Kshatriyas but his five clans. According to some beliefs, he killed five generations of Kshatriyas, which formed five lakes of blood, which were later filled in the battle of Kurukshetra. A lot of beliefs, you know.

2. Even If I Stopped Killing The Kshatriyas

Every man says that Parashurama killed the Kshatriyas 21 times, but no one tells why he did not do this for the 22nd time. That is because after meeting Rama, he felt that Kshatriyas could also be good people. Both Rama and Ye were incarnations of Vishnu. His and Rama’s first meeting was when Rama broke the bow of Janaka, which Shiva had given to Janaka. Ram’s guru Vishwamitra went to Janak with him and Lakshmana, where the condition of offering a bow to the marriage of Sita was laid.

In this exercise, Ram broke the bow, so there was a loud voice in all four directions. Parshuram understood that the bow had been broken, and Janak reached Kaura. Saw Ram-Laxman standing. At first, he got angry, but after a little conversation, he understood that Rama himself is an avatar of Vishnu. When he came to know that the Lord himself had come to the earth in the incarnation of the Kshatriya king, he felt that the Kshatriyas would no longer act as they had done to their father, and they stopped killing the Kshatriyas.

3. Was Kerala Formed Due To The Throwing Of His ax

Copyright on Parasuram is also heavily rejected. On his birth anniversary, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju congratulated the people on the birth anniversary of ‘Parshuram Kund Bhoomi from Arunachal Pradesh.’ In Kerala, it is believed that this place was formed due to Parashurama’s throwing of the ax. The story is that when Parashurama stopped killing the Kshatriyas, he threw his blood-stained body into the sea. Due to this, the sea became so afraid that it got very far from the place where the furs fell. The place that was formed by the retreat of the sea, it became Kerala. Based on this belief, Parashurama is worshiped in Kerala.

But in some places, contrary arguments have been given to this story. Parashuram is worshiped on Onam in Kerala, but this festival is celebrated in memory of King Bali. It is believed that after taking the Vamana avatar of Vishnu, he had asked for a donation of land from Bali. On the promise of Bali, he enlarged his body and demanded the entire kingdom of Bali in the first step. At last, Bali was given the boon of becoming immortal, and according to religious beliefs, Bali comes to Kerala every year during Onam. That is why people celebrate festivals.

So the argument is that the Vamana avatar is the fifth avatar of Vishnu, while Parashuram is his sixth avatar. This proves that the kingdom of Bali was already there. If his kingdom was already there, it is obvious that Kerala would have existed even before Parashurama. In Satsang, this incident is put to an end in a state of disagreement.

4. Parshurama Is One Of The Seven Immortal People

A big exciting thing about Parashuram is that he had the blessing of immortality. He had entered both Ramayana and Mahabharata and had done great things. According to Hindu beliefs, seven people have been given the boon/curse of immortality. Here are those seven people.

Hanuman: An ardent devotee of Rama, to whom Rama gave him the boon of immortality.

Ashwatthama: According to the Mahabharata, Uttara was supposed to be the mother of Abhimanyu’s child, but Ashwatthama left Brahmastra in Uttara’s womb to end the dynasty of the Pandavas. For this reason, Ashwatthama got the curse of wandering till the end of the world.

Vibhishan: Vibhishan, who told Rama how to kill Ravana, also got the boon of immortality.

Bali: King Bali, who donated everything to the Vamana avatar, also got the boon of immortality.

Vyasa: Veda Vyasa, who wrote the Mahabharata, received the boon of immortality. By the way, Ved Vyas is not the name of the person but the name of the post. The Mahabharata was written by the 24th Ved Vyas, whose real name was Rishi Krishna Dwipayana.

Apart from this, Kripacharya, who taught the Kauravas and Pandavas, was given a boon, and Parashurama is the seventh person to get the boon of immortality.

5. Parshuram Killed His Mother

Parshuram’s father was Jamadagni, and his mother’s name was Renuka. Once Jamadagni sent Renuka from the ghat to fetch water for worship. At the ghat Renuka went to, the Yaksha demon was bathing there. Renuka became busy watching him. It was late to get water. When she returned, Jamadagni went to Bhanna. Ask where it took so long. Renuka did not give any reason. Katti went to work.

Now Jamadagni also stopped Parshuram’s father. There were no light men. Trikala saw where Renuka was stuck. When it was found out that she was watching the demon’s bath, she ordered all her boys to stand in line and cut her mother’s throat. I raised the ax and put it on the neck. The neck rolled.

Happy with the son’s devotion, Jamadagni said, ‘Evamastu.’ Ask whatever you want. Parshuram was waiting for this. If you’re going to speak, then return the mother. Jamadagni had to bring Parshuram’s mother alive again.

Parshuram Death

He was the fifth son of Jamadagni. Lord Parshuram was born when there was a conflict between two communities, Brahmins and Kshatriyas. But there is no specific mention of his death anywhere in the Puranas. He left the world on his own after completing his goal, it is believed.


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