The Secrets Of Dhritarashtra Relationship With Gandhari


Biography Of Dhritarashtra


In the Mahabharata, Dhritarashtra was the son of Ambika, the first partner of Maharaja Vichitravirya of Hastinapur. He was born as an advantage to Maharishi Ved Vyas. These visually impaired Maharaj of Hastinapur was the father of a hundred sons and one daughter. His wife’s name was Gandhari. Later these hundred sons were called Kauravas. Duryodhana and Dukashana were the first two sons, respectively.

After the death of her son Vichitravirya, Mother Satyavati went to her firstborn son, Vyas. Following his mother’s orders, Vyas Muni went to both the wives of Vichitravirya. He told his mother that he would send the two queens to them one by one and seeing them in the manner in which his son would be. Then the first elder queen Ambika went to the room and got pregnant by cohabiting. At the time of Sangam, Vyasji was horrified to see the terrible form and closed his eyes in fear. Therefore, the son born to him was born. That was the son of Janmandh Dhiritarashtra. Due to his blindness, his Anuj Pandu was appointed Maharaj of Hastinapura. After Pandu’s death, he became the Maharaj of Hastinapur.

Dhritarashtra Wife

Dhritarashtra married Gandhara Rajakanya Gandhari. Gandhari Garvavati gave birth to a meat pit after two years, which led to 100 sons and one daughter.

When Gandhari was pregnant, one of her maids was taking care of Dhiritarashtra. One day they accidentally touched Dhiritarashtra. Maharaja became sensual and caught the maid. Then naked and forced Mate with her. The maid became pregnant for this physical relationship and gave birth to a son named Yuyutsu. Dhritaraashtra rejected Yuyutsu, so he joined the group of Pandavas.

Dhritarashtra Father

Dhritarashtra’s father was Vichitravirya, but in reality, he was the son of Krishna Dvaipayan Vyasa. This is because the practice of Niyoga was prevalent at that time. Vichitravirya was suffering from Tuberculosis and was unable to procreate. He later died.

To inherit the throne, his mother, Satyavati, invited his pre-married son, Vyas, to his two sons-in-law, Ambika and Ambalika, who produced Dhritaraashtra Pandu, respectively. Ambika is said to have closed her eyes in fear. Hence his son Dhritaraashtra was born. Ambalika was pale in fear. His son Pandu had jaundice.

The second time Ambika sent her maid to his place. His son Vidur was healthy and knowledgeable, but he was not considered the heir to the throne.

Dhritarashtra Brother

Dhiritarashtra had one brother, and Dhritarashtra and Pandu Ji were two brothers, side by side, so he was made into a ruler. This is the older brother and younger brother. Then Pandu was born, so Pandu was made the ruler of Hastinapur.

Dhritarashtra Sons

These were a hundred sons of Dhriitarashtra. Apart from them, there was a girl named Dushala, who was more than a hundred. In this way, a hundred sons of Dhriitarashtra and in addition to those hundred were told a girl. Please think of the order in which their names are derived in the same order. They were all extravagant knights. All of them had attained mastery in the field of warfare. Everybody was a scholar of the Vedas and a penetrator of the whole of astrology. Janamejaya King Dhritaraashtra conducted a thorough investigation in time and married all his sons to their eligible women. Maharaja Dhritarashtraa duly married his daughter, Sadhana, to King Jayadratha at the time of marriage.

Dhritarashtra Sons Name List

1 duryodhan 2 yuyutsu 3 duhsah

4 dushal 5 jalasandh 6 duhshaasan

7 vineed 8 sah 9 sam

10 anuvind 11 durdharsh 12 subaahu

13 durmukh 14 durmukh 15 dushpravrtti

16 vivinshati 17doshakarn 18karn

19 sattaaradev 20 vikarn 21 shaal

22 suyog 23 chitr 24 chitraaksh

25 durviga 26 durmad 27 chaaruchitrasharaasan (chitrakaar)

28 vivitsu 29 vikatanan (vikat) 30 vigyaanannabh

31 sunaabh (padyanaabh)32 nand 33 upanand

34 chitrabaan (chitravaahu) 35 chitravarma 36 suvarma

37 durvirochan 38 ayobaahu 39 bheemabal

40 mahaabaahu 41 chitraang (chitraangad) 42 chitrakundal (sukundal) 42 bheemaveg

43 balaakee 44 balavardhan (vikram) 45 ugraayudh

46 kundodar 47 sushen 48 Mahōdara

49 niṣaṅgī 50 citrāyudha (dr̥ṛhāyudha) 51 pāśī

52 dr̥ṛhavarmā 53 vr̥ndāraka 54 dr̥ṛhakṣatra

55 anūdara 56 sōmakīrti 57 dr̥ṛhasaṅgha

58 jarāsandha 59 satyasandha 60 sada:Suvāka (sahasravāka)

61 ugraśravā 62 ugrasēna 63 sēnānī (sēnāpati)

64 duṣparājaya 65 aparājita 66 paṇḍitaka

67 viśālākṣa 68 durādhara (durādhana) 69 suhas‍ta

70 Dr̥ḍhahastha 71 vātavēga 72 suvarcā

73 ādityakētu 74 bahāśī 75 nāgadatta

76 agrayāyī (anuyāyī) 77krathana 78 daṇḍī

79 kabacī 80 daṇḍī 81 daṇḍadhāra

82 bhīmaratha 83 ugra 84 dharnugraha

85 vīrabāhu 86 alōlupa 87 abhaya

88 raudrakarmā 89 dr̥ṛharathāśraya (dr̥ḍharatha) 90 anādhr̥ṣya

91 kuṇḍabhēdī 92 virāvī 93pramāthī

94 vicitra kuṇ‍ḍalōṁ sē suśōbhita pramatha 95 dīrghabāhu 96 vīryamāna dīrgharōmā (dīrghalōcana)

97 kanakadh‍vaja (kanakāganda) 98mahābāhu vyūḍhōrū 99 kuṇ‍ḍāśī (kuṇḍaja)

100 virajā

Dhritarashtra In Mahabharata

Dhiritarashtra was Pandu’s elder brother. His hundred sons became known as Kauravas. In a major war like Mahabharata, though the Kauravas did injustice, Dhritarashtra’s sympathy remained with his sons. Despite being a veteran, the just thing did not come out of his mouth. He sent a message to the Pandavas through Sanjay that the Kauravas have an unlimited military force, so they should not fight the Kauravas. Yudhishthira asked Sanjay that by what deeds of the Pandavas did he realize that those people are ready for war? Shri Krishna said – If there is no loss of the rights of the Pandavas, it is best to have a treaty in both.

Otherwise, the religion of the Kshatriya is to die for war to attain self-rule. He did not attempt to explain the Kauravas message as he had sent it to the Pandavas. Vidur (Dhritarashtra’s younger brother) also explained to Dhiritarashtra how they expect peace after delivering the Pandavas? Pandavas will fight against injustice. Dhiritarashtra could not prevent his sons from fighting due to future fears. It happened the same. All the Kauravas were destroyed in a possible Mahabharata war. Most of the soldiers and Panchalas of the Pandavas were destroyed. After Duryodhana’s death, Dhritarashtra became determined to give up his life.

Bhim’s Metal Idol Crushed

Dhritaraashtra was furious with Bhima to kill all his sons, especially Duryodhana, mercilessly. After the war finished, the successful Pandavas reached Hastinapur for an official transfer of power. The Pandavas embrace and honour their uncle. Dhritarashtraa embraces Yudhishthira wholeheartedly. When Dhritarashtraa approaches Bhima, Sri Krishna realizes the danger and asks Bhima to move an iron statue of Duryodhana’s Bhima (used by the prince for training). Dhiritarashtra squashed the statue to items and also broke down sobbing. His rage left him broken and also defeated. Dhritarashtra apologized for his stupidity and wholeheartedly embraced Bhima and the other Pandavas.

Dhritarashtra Was Blind Not Only With Eyes But Also With Mind And Intellect. 

Cohabitation With A Slave

Gandhari’s sons were called Kaurava sons, but none was Kauravanshi. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari had 99 sons and a daughter called Kauravas. Gandhari received the boon of being a daughter-in-law from Ved Vyasa. Due to this boon, Gandhari got 99 sons and a daughter. All the above children were born after two years from the pools. Gandhari’s daughter’s name was Dushala. When Gandhari was pregnant, Dhritaraashtra cohabited with a maid, which led to the birth of a son named Yuyutsu. In this way, the Kauravas became hundred.

Waged War In The Love Of The Son 

Dhiritarashtra was doing injustice to the Pandavas in Putramoh, but Bhishma remained with him because of his loyalty to the king and the king throne. Dhritaraashtra, in his son-fascination, destroyed the entire dynasty and country. Dhiritarashtra could have curbed his son’s stubbornness and guilt if he wanted to, but he did nothing of the sort and indirectly gave Duryodhana the wrong to err. Due to the extreme injustice done to the Pandavas, the Mahabharata war took place. If Dhiritarashtra had been a judge on the throne, this war could have been avoided. Vidur told Dhritarashtraa several times about policy and imperfection, but Dhritarashtra deliberately ignored Vidur’s words.

Dhritarashtra’s Silence During Chir Haran 

Bhishma and Dhritarashtraa remained silent even during Draupadi’s rip-off, and due to this, Lord Krishna had to decide to stand against the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war. The rip-off was such an incident of Mahabharata, due to which the feeling of hatred towards the Kauravas became permanent in the minds of Pandavas. It was an incident that led to the fire of vengeance.

Sin Of Previous Birth

It is said that Dhritarashtra was blind since birth due to sin committed in a previous life, and all his sons were killed. Dhiritarashtra was a very ruthless and cruel king in his former birth. When he went on a state tour with his soldiers, he saw a goose resting with his children in a pond. He immediately ordered the soldiers to remove the eyes of that goose. The soldiers followed the king’s orders. Taking out the goose’s eyes that was hurting with pain, the king went ahead with his soldiers. That goose died due to unbearable suffering. Seeing this incident, his children also died. While dying, Hans cursed the king that you will have the same predicament as me. Due to this curse, Dhritaraashtra was born blind in the next life, and his son died in the same way as Hans.

Introduction: Satyavati had two sons named Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. Chitrangad was killed while fighting Gandharva. Vichitravirya had two wives, Ambika and Ambalaika. Vichitravirya had no children and died of Tuberculosis and died. At the behest of Satyavati, Ved Vyasa rejoined Ambika, but after Ambika closed her eyes, she was born blind son named Dhritarashtra. After this, Veda sent Vyas to the younger queen Ambalika. Seeing Ved Vyasa, Ambalika became pale with fear, due to which a son suffering from Pandu’s disease was born.

Seeing this, Satyavati once again sent Ambika to Ved Vyas. Ambika did not go herself and sent her handmaid to Ved Vyas. The maid delightedly greeted Ved Vyasa, which led to the godly Vidur from the maid’s womb. All three were followed by Bhishma, just like the Rajputs. Dhiritarashtra blind, and Pandu was made the successor. Due to a curse, Pandu went to the forest with his wife Kunti and Madri when Dhiritarashtra was placed on the throne.

Know The Secrets Of Dhritarashtra’s Relationship With Gandhari

It is said that Gandhari forced Dhritaraashtra into marriage. The reason for this was Bhishma. Gandhari’s sons were called Kaurava sons, but not one of them was Kauravanshi. Dhritaraashtra and Gandhari had 99 sons and a daughter called Kauravas. Duryodhana was the largest of all the Kauravas. When Gandhari was pregnant, Dhiritarashtra cohabited with a maid, which led to the birth of a son named Yuyutsu. In this way, the Kauravas became hundred. Yuyutsu en left the Kaurava army and joined the Pandava army.

Gandhari received the boon of being a daughter-in-law from Ved Vyasa. Two years were spent even after conceiving, but no child of Gandhari was born. Angry at this, Gandhari hit the box with a loud punch on her stomach, which led to her miscarriage.

Ved Vyas knew this incident immediately. He came to Gandhari and said – ‘Gandhari! You have done a lot wrong. My given groom never goes wrong. Now, get a hundred kunds ready soon and fill them with ghee. ‘

Ved Vyas sprinkled uncontrolled water on the body of flesh originating from Gandhari’s womb, which resulted in a hundred pieces equal to the tip of the thumb of that body. Ved Vyas placed those pieces in the hundred pools made of Gandhari and went to his ashram after ordering them to open them after two years. Duryodhana was first born two years later from the pool. Then from those pools, the remaining 99 sons of Dhritarashtra and a girl named Dushala were born.

Why were the Kauravas not Kauravas? 

The son born to Shantanu and Ganga is called Devavrata. When this Devavrata took the vow of being celibate for life, he came to be called Bhishma. All that knows it behind this pledge was the hand of Shantanu’s second wife, Nishad Kanya Satyavati. Satyavati wanted her son to sit on the throne. Satyavati was a virgin when she had a son named Ved Vyas. Then Satyavati received two sons from Shantanu. The disease killed the first son, but the second son, Vichitravirya, definitely lived for some time.

Vichitravirya Family

Vichitravirya had two wives Ambika and Ambalaika. If both were not having any son, then obeying the mother of Ved Vyas, Satyavati, said, ‘Mother! You should tell both those queens that they will pass naked before me so that they will conceive. ‘

First, the elderly queen went to Ambika and then the younger queen to Ambalika, but Ambika closed her eyes due to fear of her glory, while Ambalika was pale in fear of seeing Vedvyas. After returning to Ved Vyas, he said to Mata, ‘Mata Ambika will have a very bright son, but due to the defect of closing the eyes, she will be blind while Ambalika’s womb will produce a son suffering from pandas.

Knowing this, mother Satyavati ordered the elder queen Ambika to go to Ved Vyasa again. This time the elderly queen did not go herself and sent her handmaid to Ved Vyas. The maid passed in front of Ved Vyas without any hesitation. This time Ved Vyas came to Mata Satyavati and stated, ‘Mom! From this house maid’s womb, a very strategic child birthed in Veda-Vedanta will be born. After claiming this, Ved Vyas went to do penance.

Dhritarashtra Mother

Dhritarashtra was born from Ambika, Pandu from Ambalika and Vidur from Maid. All three were the children of the sage Ved Vyas. Now you think that when one of these two sons did not have a son in Dhiritarashtra, 99 sons and one daughter were born by the grace of Ved Vyas.

Dhritarashtra Death

After the Great War of Mahabharata, the bereaved blind king, sister-in-law Kunti, and brother Vidura, along with his wife Gandhari, left Hastinapur for Tapas. It is believed that all of them were trapped in a forest fire and attained salvation.


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