Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India.


Historic Temples Comprise Inside Them… Hundreds Of Years Of Historical past and Mysteries. My name is Taris. I am a history teacher. This website totally taught interesting things about history. So, today I am going to talk about the Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India. if You are interested in history and historical things, please read my daily article.

1.Konark Sun Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Konark Sun Temple

Constructed In 1255 C.E, The Temple Is Situate In Konark, India. The Temple Is Design As A Chariot With 24 Wheels Pulled By 7 Horses Part Of the Temple Construction Collapsed. Or Was Destroy In The 17th Century C.E. It Is Believed The Collapsed Construction Had A 52 Ton Magnet. At The High This Magnet Induce The Essential Statue (Idol) To Levitate In The Air The Wheels Of The Temple Are Really Sundials. Exact Time Can Be Calculate By The Shadows Forged By The Spokes.

2.Brihadeeswara Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Brihadeeswara Temple

Constructed In 1010 C.E, The Temple Is Situate In Tanjore, India. It Is One Of The Largest Temples In India Roughly 130,000 Tons Of Granite Was Use In The Construction.
The Kumbam (Round Apex Construction) Is Carve Type a Single Granite Rock It Weighs Roughly 80 tons. and Sits Atop The Temple Tower The Vimanam (Temple Tower) Is 66 Meters (216 Ft) Excessive. How Did Staff 1,000 Years In the past Manage To Elevate An 80 Ton Carved Stone. This Excessive… Without Any Cranes Or Lifting Machines, Still Stays A Mystery.

3.Veerabhadra Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Veerabhadra Temple

Constructed in 1530 C.E., The Temple Is Situate in Lepakshi, India. The Temple Has Round 70 Pillars Supporting the roof Nevertheless One Nook Pillar In The Corridor Does Not Relaxation On the Floor. In 1910 C.E., A British Engineer Tried to Uncover The Secret Of The Hanging Pillar. He Managed to make a nook Of the Pillar contact the floor. However this made the ceiling to misalign and distorted the fresco work what retains This Pillar Hanging From The High Still Stays. A Thriller And Then There Is The Massive Footprint In The Stone In The Temple. The Footprint Is 3 Ft, Lengthy A Trickle Of Water Flows into It From Underground Conserving It Moist.

4.Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Padmanabhaswamy Temple

There Is No Actual Date Of Origin Of This Temple. The Temple Is Situate In Thiruvananthapuram, India. It Is The Richest Temple In The World Gold And Jewels Price $ 22 Billion Are Save In Underground. Vaults Only 5 Out Of The Eight Vaults Have Been Open Until Date Vault B In The Temple Is The Most Mysterious. And Stays Unexplore A Chamber In The Vault Is Sealed With An Huge Iron Door. The Door Has Two Huge Cobras Paint On It. With No Means Of Entry It Is Claim That the Door Can Only Be Open By A Mystic Chant. It Is Believe That Opening This Chamber Any Different Method Would Deliver Great Misfortune.

5.Kailasa Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Kailasa Temple

Kailasa Temple most mysterious temple out of 10 Mysterious Temples in India. Precise Date Of Construction Of The Temple Is Unknown Inscriptions On The Walls Can Be Trace To eighth Century C.E. The Temple Is Situate In The Caves Of Ellora, India. The Temple Is A Megalith – Carve Out Of A Single rock. It Might Only Have Been Construct By The Vertical Excavation Technique. Carvers Began At The High Of The Rock And Excavat Downwards. The Temple Is Twice The Space Of The Parthenon In Greece And 50% Taller. It Has The Largest Cantilever Rock Ceiling In The World. Roughly 400,000 Tons of Rock Needed to Be Eliminate From The Site. How Did Staff, 1000’s Of Years In the past, Utilizing Only Hammers, Chisels And Picks Handle To Carve Out This Temple Stays A Mystery.

6.Karni Mata Temple

10 Mysterious Temples in India
Karni Mata Temple

Situated In Deshnoke, Close to Bikaner In Rajasthan, India The Temple Deity is Karni Mata – A 15th Century C.E. Female Hindu Warrior Identifie Because the Temple Of Rats. There Are Roughly 20,000 Rats, That Stay In The Temple. The Rats, Known as – Kabbas, Are Thought of Holy And Are Protectd Legend has It That An Military Of 20,000 Abandoned In A Battle. And Had been Curse To Flip Into Rats. There Are A Few White Rats Out Of The 1000’s Of Black Ones. These White Rats Are Believe To Be The Manifestation Of The Temple. Deity Herself Consuming Meals Nibble By The rats Are Consider To Be An Honour. If A Rat Is Killed, It Is Changed By One Made Of Silver.

7.Kamakhya Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple most mysterious temple out of 10 Mysterious Temples in India. Situated In The City Of Guwahati, In Assam, India. The Temple Is One Of The Oldest Of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The Temple Is Devote To Goddess Kamakhya Devi… Additionally Identified As The Menstruating Or The Bleeding Goddess Not like Different Temples There Is No Idol Or Picture Of The Deity to Worship As an alternative. There Is A Rock Fissure In The Form Of a Yoni (Vagina). The Goddess Yearly Menstrual Cycle Is Celebrate In An Annual Summer time Festival Symbolically. Menstruation Is A Symbol Of A Lady’s Power To Give Life And This Female Energy Of Giving Life Is Celebrate By way of The Temple And Its Deity.

8.Kaal Bhairav Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Kaal Bhairav Temple

Situated In The Holy City Of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. The Temple Is Devote To Kaal Bhairav – The Guardian Deity Of The City. There Are 5 Tantric Ritual Providing Make To The Deity … Of These, Four Choices Are Now Only Make In Symbolic Rituals. The fifth Providing Of Liquor – Is Provide By A whole bunch Of Devotees To The Deity Distributors Outside. The Temple Sell Bottles Of Alcohol To The Devotees. Even The State Government Has Set Up License Liquor Counters Although There Are No Official Figures, It Is Estimate That … Hundreds Of Litres Of Alcohol Are Provide To the Deity Each day.

9.Ananthapura Lake Temple

 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple most beautiful temple out of 10 Mysterious Temples in India. Situate In The Ananthapura Village In Kerala, India. The Temple Is Believe To Be The Original Seat Of Shri Ananta Padmanabha Swami. The Temple Has Been Constructe In The Center Of A Small Lake Since Historic Times. The Waters Of The Temple Are Residence to BABIA – The Temple Crocodile The Crocodile Is Think of To Be The Native Guardian Of The Temple. There Has Been No Instance Of Any Devotee Being Ever Harm By The Crocodile. It Is Claim That The Crocodile Is Vegetarian And Doesn’t Eat The Fish In The Lake. The Crocodile Was Shot Lifeless By A British Soldier In 1945 C.E. Legend Has It That A New Crocodile Appeared Within the Lake And … The Soldier Died Of Snake Bite Shortly Afterwards If You’re Lucky, The Crocodile Can Nonetheless Be Seen In The Lake.

10.Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India
Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Situated In Dausa District Of Rajasthan, India. The Temple Is Well-known For Its Stay Exorcisms Of Evil Spirits The Temple Is Devote To The Hindu God – Lord Hanuman Legend Has It That The Temple Deity Has Divine Powers … To Treatment Any Black Magic Or Evil And Demonic Possessions 1000’s Of Devotees Go to This Temple Each Yr … To Rid Themselves Or Their Loved Ones Of Ghosts, Demons And Evil Spirits The Temple Exorcises The Affect Devotees – Most Of Whom Are In A State of Trace A Go to To This Temple Is Not For The Faint-Hearted. It Is Believe That As soon as You Leave The Temple, You Must Not Turn Again.

Today we have known the Top 10 Mysterious Temples in India. In all this, I find Kamakhya Temple more mysterious than all. What do you think? Which of these temples is the most mysterious?



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