Virupaksha Temple Hampi


Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Virupaksha Temple Hampi
Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Temple Virupaksha is a sacred place and historic site located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in Hampi, Karnataka state. Built during the seventh century, this temple was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its history and beautiful architecture. There is also a rich 7th-century inscription on the temple walls, which presents evidence of its rich heritage. This ancient temple is dedicated to Viirupaksha, one of the forms of Lord Shiva, also known as “Prasanna Viirupaksha Temple.” The temple also houses beautiful statues of several deities along with the main deity, which depicts mythological stories of many deities through artifacts.

If you want to know about the architecture and history of the Viirupaksha temple, go to the Hampi temple of Karnataka once, but before going on your journey, you must also read this article in full, which includes the history, architecture, and Viirupaksha temple of Viirupaksha temple. You will get to know the complete information related to the journey of

History of Virupaksha Temple

The history of the Virupakshaa temple dates back to around the seventh century. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, the Virupakshaa temple was built in the name of Lokmahadevi, the queen of Vikramaditya II, to commemorate the king’s success in a battle over the Pallavas of Kanchi. At that time, the construction of Virupakshaa Temple started as a small temple and was later developed into a huge complex during the Vijayanagara rule. There is also evidence that Hoysala and Chalukya sovereignty made additions to the Virupaksha temple during later years.

The original art, craft, and culture of the temple flourished during the fourteenth century during the reign of the dynasty. But this beautiful architecture and creations were destroyed and crushed by Muslim intruders.

But even after the destruction of Hampi in 1565, the devotional group of Goddess Pampa and Virupakshaa did not cease, and temple worship was performed, which is still performed today. The temple underwent extensive renovations in the early 19th century, which included paintings of towers and roofs.

The Architecture Of Virupaksha Temple

The Viirupaksha temple is built in the South Indian style. It has three gopurams; Of which the eastern Gopuram is the largest, the other two are the smaller Gopurams to the east and the inner northern part of the temple complex. The Gopuram, situated at the eastern entrance, is nine storeys and is 50 meters long. Beautiful sculptures of several Hindu deities embellish the outer face of the Gopuram. Entering from the eastern entrance through Gopuram, you will step into the outer courtyard, which houses several sanctuaries for the younger deities.

The Bhuvaneshwari temple in the complex has ornate pillars and intricate stone works, which highlight the architecture of the Chalukyan period. Along with the main deity in the temple, there are beautiful sculptures of several deities which depict mythological stories of the deities through artifacts. Many ruins can be seen outside the temple, which is called ruins of an ancient marketplace near the temple.

Celebrations And Celebrations At Virupaksha Temple

The famous Virupaaksha temple is famous for its architecture and rich history, as well as the celebrations in the temple, which are celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. These festivals also play an important role in the attraction of Virupaaksha Temple, which is visited by tourists from all over the world, so let us know below the major festivals and celebrations celebrated in Virupaaksha Temple –

Rath Festival

The chariot festival held in the months of March or April at Virupakshaa Temple is the main festival and ceremony of Virupaksha Temple, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. In this festival, an idol of Lord Virupaksha is placed on a beautiful wooden chariot decorated with flowers and lamps, and a huge procession along with a chariot journey is taken out. The songs and chants sung in the procession are considered to symbolize the marriage celebration of Pampa, the goddess of Lord Virupaksha.

Virupaksha Rath Festival

In the month of December, the temple again celebrates the marriage of Virupaksha and Pampa, called the ‘Phalpooja Utsav,’ which attracts a huge crowd of devotees. The festival is celebrated from 3 to 5 November.


Shivaratri Festival is a famous festival held in Virupaksha Temple, which is celebrated with great fervor as the birth anniversary of Lord Shiva, which is attended by a large number of devotees and tourists from various corners of the country. Tell us that this festival usually falls in the month of February or March.

Tips For Visiting Virupaksha Temple

If you are planning a trip to Viirupaksha temple with your friends or family, then follow the tips given below during your journey –

During the visit to Viirupaksha temple, pay attention that it is not allowed to wear shoes in the temple, so take off your shoes outside the temple or leave it in your car.

Please tell that photography of idols is not allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum, so do not try to take photographs of idols during the darshan of the Viirupaksha temple.

If you are going to visit the Virupaksha temple on hot days, then notice that the temperature here is slightly warmer than in other places, so visit the Virupaksha temple wearing caps, sunglasses, and light clothes and, if possible, Viirupaksha in the winter season. Plan a visit to the temple.

Note that there is no fee for visiting or entering the Virupaksha temple, so do not pay money to enter or visit the temple in Viirupaksha temple.

Virupaksha Temple Timings

9.00 am to 1.00 pm

5.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Entry Fee Of Virupaksha Temple

Whatever devotees and tourists are searching the entry fees of Virupaaksha temple, let us tell them that there is no fee for visiting and entering the Viirupaksha temple; here, you can roam the temple without paying any fee.

Places To Visit Around Virupaksha Temple

Situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in the state of Karnataka, Hampi is a historical site surrounded by Viirupaksha Temple as well as many famous temples, 500 ancient monuments, bustling streets markets, bastions, treasures, and delectable relics that you can visit in Virupaksha Temple. Can go for a walk.

Vitthal Temple

Hampi market

Elephant stables

Queen’s bathroom

Matang Hill

Lotus Palace

Monolith bull

Big lingam

Monkey temple

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Dorji Bear Sanctuary

Hemkuta Pahari Temple Complex

Hazara Ram Temple

Archaeological Museum

Best Time To Visit Virupaksha Temple

The winter season (October to February) is the best time to visit Virupaaksha Temple; during this time, the weather of Hampi is quite pleasant and favorable for travel. Most of the major festivals of Virupakshaa Temple are celebrated in these months, which makes it more suitable for visiting Virupaksha Temple. In summer, the weather of Hampi is very humid and hot, so during this time, we will advise you to avoid visiting the Virupaaksha temple.

Hotels To Stay In Hampi

Hampi is a major historical and tourist destination of the state of Karnataka, where thousands of Indian and foreign tourists are recorded every year. Due to this increasing tourism, all budget hotels, homestays, and guesthouses are available in Hampi today, which you can select to stay in your visit to Virupaksha Temple.

Heritage Resort Hampi

Shankar Homestay

Gopi Guest House

Hyatt Place Hampi

How To Reach Virupaksha Temple Hampi

The Virupakshaa temple is connected to all parts of the state and country through Hampi, where flights, trains, or road routes can be reached by traveling to anyone.

So let’s know how we can go to Virupaksha temple Hampi by flight, train or road –

How To Reach Hampi By Air Route

If you choose the air route to Virupakshaa temple Hampi, then let us tell you that the nearest airport to Hampi is Jindal Vijayanagar Airport Bellary Airport, 35 km from Hampi. Are at a distance of. You will come out of the airport and reach Virupakshaa temple Hampi through local means running here.

How To Reach Hampi By Train

Hampi has no railway station, but the nearest railway station is Hospet Junction, which is just 13 km from Hampi. Are at a distance of. Hospet junction is connected to Karnataka and many major cities of the state by train; hence it is very easy to travel to Hampi by train. After landing at Hospet Junction, tourists can travel by bus or local vehicles to visit Viirupaksha Temple.

How To Reach Hampi By Road

If you have selected the option of traveling by bus or road to visit Viirupaksha Temple Hampi, then you are very well connected by road to major cities like Hampi Banglore, Pune, Mumbai, and Bellary. Buses are also operated from almost all the cities of Karnataka to Hampi from which anyone can travel easily. If traveling to the Virupaksha temple from the nearby city, you can also take self-driving or hire a taxicab.


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