Vrishaketu Relation With Karna in Mahabharata


Who Was Vrishaketu

Vrishaketu was the son of Karna, who survived after the Mahabharata war. After Karna’s death, his wife Rushali had sati with Karna’s pyre. After the battle of Mahabharata, when the Pandavas came to know that Karna was his elder brother, Vrishketu fought many wars under the patronage of Arjuna.

Karna had two marriages. Karna’s first wife was Rushali, and his second wife’s name was Supriya. Supriya is rarely mentioned in the Mahabharata. Karna had 9 children from Rushali and Supriya. Vrishsen, Vrishketu, Chitrasen, Satyasen, Sushen, Shatrunjaya, Dwipat, Prasen, and Bunsen.

Story Of Vrishaketu

This is the story of Vrishketu, son of Karna. He was the only surviving son of Karna and Vrishali. That is why when Arjun came to know that Karna was his elder brother and he had killed his brother and nephews, he was sad and regretful. He adopted Vrishketu, the only surviving son of Karna as his child and provided him with the proper knowledge and guidance. Vrishketu thought that Arjuna must have hated him because he is the son of Karna, but when he saw how unhappy Arjun was, he also forgave his uncle. Krishna also loved him a lot because he respected Karna very much.

Karana And Vrishketu


Vrishketu is one of the characters of Mahabharata who will survive even after the war. Karna had taught him to run Brahmastra and weapons, but after the Mahabharata war, Sri Krishna refused to give this knowledge to anyone. When the Pandavas knew that Karna was their elder brother, they accepted Vrishketu as their son and made him king of Indraprastha. Vrishketu’s eight brothers – Vrishsen, Chitrasen, Satyasen, Sushen, Vanasen, Dwipal, Prasen, and Shatrunjay.

Knowledge Of Vrishaketu

Vrishketu was the last person on earth who knew using Brahmastra, Varunastra, Agni, and Vayastra. This knowledge ceased with his death because Krishna had forbidden him to tell this secret to anyone.

Vrishketu Close Friendship

Vrishaketu was very close to Ghatotaghach’s son, and the two had a very close friendship. Both of them had come from Bhadravati for the Ashwamedha Yagna of Shyamakarna Ashva Yudhishthira. He was the only horse of his race, and the king was unwilling to give it to the Pandavas. He brought the horse to defeat Bhadravati’s army.

Vrishaketu And Arjun Story

Vrishaketu and Arjuna were killed to death by Babruvahana in Manipur. But when he came to know that Arjun is his father, he took the Nag Mani from Ulupi and gave life to both Vrisketu and Arjuna, and it was possible for the two brothers to meet.


There was a war between Karna’s son Vrisketu and Babhruvahana. Vrisketu was killed in this war. Lord Krishna revived Vrishketu at the request of the Pandavas.

Why Babruvahana killed Vrishaketu?

Babruvahana did not fight on behalf of the Kauravas. He did not participate in the battle of Kurukshetra. He had a good relationship with the Pandavas and killed Arjuna because Arjuna himself wished. They wanted to be free from the curse of Vasu. Babruvahana did not kill Vrishketu, nor did he fight anyone else.

Ulupi Provoked Babruvahan To Battle

Arjuna had a son named Babruvahana from the princess Chitrangada here. Babruvahana was the king of Manipur at that time. Ulupi also instigated Babhruvahana to go to war with Arjuna. Babruvahana agreed to the battle at the behest of his father, Arjun, and stepmother Ulupi.


Arjuna, the chief of the human folk, who killed the enemies of the latter, attacked the Vrishasena on the battlefield, seeing that Vrishasan killed the horses of Madrikumar Nakula. Among the whole army, Lord Krishna was significantly injured. Vrishasena was standing in front of Karna at that time.

Vrishasena was the son of Karna and a mahayodha and skilled archer of the Kaurava army. Karna and his son were slaughtered at the hands of Arjuna on the 16th day of the war.


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