Was Jesus A Carpenter, What Did He Build?

Was Jesus A Carpenter

Was Jesus A Carpenter
Was Jesus A Carpenter

Jesus worked as a carpenter- According to the Gospels, Jesus initially used to work as a carpenter. Jesus’ father, Joseph, was a carpenter, and it is said that Jesus learned this work from him. Later the people of the city also came to know him as a carpenter.

What Did Jesus Build As A Carpenter

Not sure exactly what Jesus built in the Bible but based on what Jesus mentioned, the yokes. I think Jesus tried to say that he built the church.

Jesus Was Not A Carpenter

However, the selected translation from the Greek word “tecton” is a mistranslation of “carpenter”. In fact, “tecton” (in Mark) or “tecton” (in Matthew) is more appropriately translated into a term describing “contractor”. 

Specifically, contract as a “manufacturer” or “handyman”. Most jobs don’t necessarily require anything to do with wood.

He was basically a “Mr Fix it”. You had something that was mixed/fixed, designed, or created, and that was the person to call. 

And note, this isn’t just referring to small jobs like repairing a leaky roof or the like, although this sort of thing probably would have been part of what he did when big business was slow.

It also refers to things like the design and construction of bridges, stone temples, etc., so perhaps by today’s perception of the profession, they would mostly be called “engineers”.

Jesus Was A Carpenter, What Did He Build

Jesus Was A Carpenter, What Did He Build
Jesus Was A Carpenter, What Did He Build

There is no evidence in the Bible of what Jesus built, but in

Scene from The Passion of the Christ where Jesus makes a table.

Was Jesus really a carpenter? Complete Answer

If you are an average Christian, you’re probably thinking, of course, he was a carpenter. You downloaded what’s wrong with you but hear me out because I’ve personally found that the more you dig into a subject.

Especially when it has to do with something like ancient history or the Bible, it’s often the case that the less clear things become, the Bible didn’t drop down from heaven written in English.

It’s essentially an anthology cobbled-together collection of various books by various authors despite Christianity’s Jewish roots.

The new testament was written primarily in greek, and this confusion over Jesus as a profession hinges on a single green.

We’re catching on a noun used to refer to an artisan or craftsman or builder, especially a carpenter a woodworker in antiquity. However, tectonic could sometimes be used to refer to a mason.

It was often used to differentiate between a woodworker and a stonemason specifically and certain other professions such as a metal worker or a smith. This characteristically greek distinction can be found reflected in the set to it.

In the ancient greek language version of the Hebrew Bible, a word or name sept two a comes from the Latin for seventy because according to tradition seventy or more precisely seventy-two Hebrew scholar.

It is supposedly six from each of the twelve tribes of Israel that were commissioned by toll on me. The second Philadelphia is to translate the Torah into greek so it could be added to the great library of Alexandria the following.

Examples of the aforementioned distinction made between carpenters or woodworkers and other man-made the set to Isaiah forty-one seven, so the carpenter tectonic encourages the goats.

And he that smooth this with the hammer him that smoke the anvil and from second kings twelve eleven through twelve and then they gave them money being told into the hands of them that did the work had the oversight of the house of the lord. 

And they laid it out to the carpenters and builders that wrought upon the house of the lord and to mason’s ensures of stone and to buy timber and huge stone to repair the breaches of that simple look first-century.

Historian Flavius Josephus also uses the word taxon when recounting the same story of work being carried out on the temple in the new testament both Jesus and Joseph are just.

Broad using the word tax on although Jesus and joseph are, of course, new testament figures, it shouldn’t go without mention that thought that up to two-thirds of the roughly three hundred old testament quotes appearing in the new testament.

Originally come from the aforementioned set to a giant tech town in instances where it’s used to describe the occupation of Jesus and or joseph would eventually be translated into English language bibles as a carpenter.

The gospel of mark is not this the carpenter who checked todd in the original greek along with a definite article the son of Mary and brother of James and joe season Judas and Simon and are not his six.

Students here with them and from Matthew is not this the carpenter’s son ho to type tone is huge news some modern scholars suggest that the word tectonic as it appears in the new testament to refer to The occupation of Jesus or Joseph would be better rendered as craftsmen are a builder seen as at the time of Jesus use of the word had supposedly become more flexible and could be used to refer to either a carpenter or Stonemason. 

There are contemporary factors that come into play to suggest that Stonemason may have been a better fit supposedly; trees for woodworking in the region of northern Israel would have been relatively scarce.

According to her brave scholar, James w fleming Jesus in Jos would have formed and made nine out of ten projects from stone either by chiselling are carving the stone or stacking building.

Another factor is that at the time, the ancient town of separates less than four miles away from Nazareth was being rapidly developed by Herod anti pox, and the ruler would most likely have required the labour of a great number.

A workman from the surrounding area, possibly including joseph, the location of a giant rock quarry at the halfway point between Nazareth and satirists, seems to add further credence to this theory in the set.

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