Was Jesus Circumcised? Know The Truth


Was Jesus circumcised? The circumcision of Jesus has traditionally been seen, as described in the famous 14th-century work Golden Legend, as the first shed of Christ’s blood, thus beginning the process of man’s redemption and demonstration that Christ was fully human and of his obedience to biblical law.

What Does Circumcision Mean?

Whom you circumcise by uncircumcised circumcision, in avoiding the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: Buried with him in baptism, in which you are also raised with him through the faith of God’s conduct, who raised the dead brought up in him (Colossians 2:11,12).

Circumcision stands for the accord between God and also his people. In the Old Testament, every man kid that belonged to God’s individuals or people was circumcised on the 8th day in the foreskin of his flesh. When the New Covenant replaced the Old Testament, the Old Testament became rotten and obsolete (Jew 8:13). But therefore, circumcision in the body was no longer required on the eighth day. Circumcision in the Body Circumcision took its place in the spirit: circumcision in Jesus Christ. But Was Jesus circumcised? What does circumcision mean in Jesus Christ?

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Christians Celebrates January 1st As “Jesus Circumcision Day,” Know Why!

Was Jesus Circumcised?
Was Jesus Circumcised? Read carefully

While many people in Western countries celebrate January 1st as the New Year, Christians also celebrate it as “Jesus Circumcision Day.” There is a belief associated with this day that Jesus Christ was circumcised on this day. It is believed that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. Although now the experts of Christianity say that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th, it is believed by tradition.

Because Jesus Christ was born in a Jewish family, his rites were performed accordingly. According to Jewish tradition, circumcision is performed on the eighth day. Hence it is believed that the circumcision ceremony of Jesus Christ was performed on January 1st. This procedure may also be called penis amputation and involves cutting off the foreskin of the male genitalia. Most of the world’s Muslims and Jews, as well as many Christians, follow this ancient tradition.

He was also given the name “Jesus” or “Jesus” on the day of his circumcision. Therefore it is an important day for Christians. The piece of meat that was separated after circumcision is said to have been preserved. Many churches in medieval Europe claimed the piece to have this piece. It was known as “Holy Prepuce.” Pilgrims from far and wide used to visit it. It was said that 10 years of sins are washed away by visiting it, and the Christian Church, on a document, attested to this sin.

But it is also true that many churches simultaneously claimed to possess this piece. So, where was the original piece? There is a doubt about it. This piece was stolen from a church in Italy in 1983 and hasn’t been seen since. So if you have any Christian friends, don’t forget to wish them “Jesus Circumcision Day” on January 1st!

What Does Circumcision Mean In Jesus Christ?

In the same circumcision with uncircumcision made without your hand, in staying clear of the transgressions of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ: Buried with him in baptism, in which also ye are elevated with him via the faith of God’s operation, who slain him Elevated from (Colossians 2:11, 12).

And also your God will circumcise your heart, and the heart of your seed, with all your heart, to love the Lord your God, as well as with all your spirit, that you may live (Deuteronomy 30:6).

He is not a Jew, who is an outsider; Neither is he circumcised, for he who is exterior real: however he is a Jew, who is in heart; And circumcision is of the heart, in fun, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of males, however of God (Romans 2:28 -29).

The circumcision of the flesh suggested God’s agreement with Abraham.

Because of this truth, that guy might stroll only in the flesh, considering that they were circumcised.

Nevertheless, with the coming of Jesus Christ as well as his sacrifice, the old commitment that was secured with the blood of pets lapsed.

The Old Testament was replaced by the New Commitment secured by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

The temple’s shroud was circumcised (rented out in 2), and the means for God did not continue to be in the body with circumcision or statutes as well as routines as well as via the high priest in the temple. However, the means for God was with Jesus Christ, High Priest of the New Agreement.

Was Circumcision A Symbol Of Purity?

Circumcision was a sign of the covenant between God and his people. It is a symbol of circumcision and purity. It symbolizes abstaining from sin (disobedience to God) and living in obedience to God’s law and his commandments.

I will certainly place my law in their hearts. God made his will known to his people by giving them his regulation. This law already existed before God had written the tablets of stone on them and gave it to his people through Moses.

The law of God represents the will of God (also read: ‘What is the rule of law?’).

Through circumcision, the male, who carried the seed, was declared clean and pure and belonged to God’s holy people. Circumcision was proof of membership in the Assembly of God (Church).

For onward there will no more come to you (Jerusalem) uncircumcised and unclean (Isaiah 52:1).

And there shall no wise one enter into it (Jerusalem) any unclean thing, neither whoever acts abomination, nor creates a lie: but those in which it is written in the book of life of the Lamb (Revelation 21: 27)

Circumcised Neglected

There was a time when circumcision was neglected, i.e., when God’s people wandered in the wilderness. All male kids, who were birthed in the wilderness, were not circumcised. When Joshua and God’s people were in Gilgal, God ordered Joshua to restore the circumcision. From that moment on, all men have circumcised again (Joshua 5:2-9).

Circumcision In The Spirit

In the new agreement, it was not the case whether a person was circumcised in the flesh or not, but if a person was circumcised in Jesus Christ, in fun. What mattered, what a person had determined his flesh; His sinful nature had become a new creation in Jesus Christ.

In Christ Jesus, neither circumcision availeth for anything, neither the uncircumcised condition, but a new animal or creature.

And as many walk according to this rule, peace be upon them, and mercy, and God’s on Israel (Galatians 6:15-16)

When the New Testament was established and the Old Testament became obsolete, the Jews forced the Gentiles, who became God’s people by faith in Jesus Christ, to circumcision in the body. They were so caught up in their traditions and customs that they thought circumcision in the body was still necessary to become a member of the Assembly of God (Church).

Then some people came from Judea and taught the brothers, saying, You cannot be saved except by being circumcised after the way of Moses (Acts 15:1).

But Paul pointed out to them that it was no longer appropriate. The circumcision of the flesh belonged to the Old Testament and was not part of the New Covenant.


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