Was Jesus’ First Miracle Fake Or Real?


What Was Jesus First Miracle

Now it is the third day when Nathanael becomes one of Jesus’ early disciples. Jesus and at least the heads of those early disciples north of his home region of Galilee. (What Was Jesus First Miracle)

Their destination is the city of Canaan, the hometown of Nathanael. Cana can be found in the hills north-east of Nazareth, where Jesus grew up. He is invited to a wedding feast in Cana.

Jesus’ mother has also come to the wedding. As a friend of the family of those getting married, Mary has been involved in helping care for many of the guests. 

That’s why she is quick to notice one little thing, which she tells Jesus: “They have no wine.” – John 2:3.

Mary suggests that Jesus do something about his lack of alcohol. Jesus responds to his objection by using an idiom. (John 2:4) As God’s appointed King, Jesus is to carry out his activities as directed by his Heavenly Father, not by family or friends. 

What Was Jesus First Miracle
What Was Jesus First Miracle

Mary wisely left this in the hands of her son, simply telling the minister: “Whatever he tells you, do.” – John 2:5.

There are six stone water jars, each of which can hold over ten gallons (40 L). Jesus instructed those present: “Fill the jar with water.” 

Then Jesus says: “Now take something out and take it to the director of the feast.” – John 2:7, 8.

The director of the wedding feast congratulates the groom on high-quality wine.

The director is impressed by the fine quality of the wine but is unaware that it has been produced miraculously. 

Calling the groom, he says: “Everyone else drinks fine wine first, and when people are drunk, inferior. You’ve saved fine wine so far.”- John 2:10.

This is the first miracle that Jesus performs. His disciples are strengthened when they witness this miracle. 

Next, Jesus, his mother, and his half-brothers travel to the city of Capernaum on the northwest shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

John 2:1-12 introduces us to the many miracles that the Lord Jesus performed regarding his earthly ministry. This incident of history teaches us many things, things that if we apply to our lives, we will benefit greatly from it.

Here are some things we can learn from Jesus’ first miracle, which was the turning of water into wine at a wedding in Cana, Galilee. Let’s talk about them and see how we can apply them in our lives.

Jesus Turned Water into Wine Three Lessons

1) Jesus Was Invited

In this passage, we’ll look first at why the Lord Jesus was there. In John 2:2, we read,

“Now, both Jesus Christ and his disciples were invited at the wedding.” The important point is that Jesus was invited. 

The first miracle he performed was because he was invited into the lives of those who benefited from it: the couple who were the Vedas.

Friends, if we need a miracle from the Lord, we have to call upon Him. We’ll need to invite him. We can’t expect him to create a miracle that we’ll notice if we don’t even let him in our lives.

2) He Was Told The Problem

Next, aside from inviting Christ Jesus into our daily lives, we must be sure to tell us what we need. In John 2:3, we read,

“The mother of Jesus spoke to them when they ran out of wine, “They have no wine. “

Notice how the miracle happened in the moment of deprivation. How many times have we Christians felt that God did not give us what we needed or wanted? Well, did we ever tell him what we needed in the first place? 

Or do we expect him to give us what we need without even asking for it? James 4:2 says, “…you don’t have, because you don’t ask.”

3) What He Does Always Outweighs What We Can Do

Towards the end of the account, John tells us that what Jesus did with plain water exceeded the wine that the bridegroom himself prepared. Upon tasting the wine made by Jesus, the owner of the feast told the bridegroom.

“Every man starts with fine wine. When guests have drunk enough, the wines become less good. You’ve had good wine so far!” (see John 2:10)

The master of the feast was astonished. The groom didn’t even know how it happened. But we all know: Jesus turned water into wine.

Friends, may Jesus always do all that we can. Whether it’s striving to live a holy life, serving Him in service, serving others, or simply taking care of our own families, Jesus gives us better than Himself could possibly do. Will help.

What Was Jesus Second Miracle

What Was Jesus Second Miracle
What Was Jesus Second Miracle

Jesus’ healing of the royal official’s son was the second miracle that appears in the Gospel of John (John 4:46–54). The incident takes place in Cana, although the officer’s son is in Capernaum some distance away.

Jesus said that unless you see signs and wonders, you won’t believe.

The royal official said, Sir, come down before my child dies.

“Go,” answered Jesus, your son will live.

The man accepted Jesus’ word and left. While he was on his way, his servants informed him that his son was alive. 

When he asked when his son had recovered, they said to him, “Yesterday at one o’clock in the afternoon, his fever had subsided.

Then the father knew that this was exactly the time when Jesus told him, “Your son will live.” So he and all his household believed.

A similar episode appears in the Gospels of Matthew 8:5–13 and Luke 7:1–10 as Healing the Servant of the Centurion. 

While Fred Craddock regards these as a single miracle, RT France regards them as separate miracles. [1] [2]

Significance Of Jesus First Miracle

According to Bill Day, this miracle could also be seen as an antitype of Moses’ first public miracle of turning water (the Nile river). This would create a symbolic link between Moses, the first saviour for the Jews in their escape from Egypt, and Jesus, the spiritual saviour for all people. An accepted Jesus’ word and fled.

Jesus First Miracle In Luke

Jesus’ first miracle in Luke was to make water a fine wine. On two separate occasions he fed bread and fish to thousands of people. Even after this, a lot of food remained.

Jesus First Miracle Age

Jesus’ first miracle age was 33 years. He was 33 when he performed the first miracle in public.


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