What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics


What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics

(Lyrics What A Friend We Have In Jesus)

What a friend we have in Jesus all our

Sins and griefs to be


Which to care


Everything to God and bread

Oh, what peace we often

Oh, less pain women

All because we do not get


Everything to garden

We travel entertain

Is there trouble anyway

We should never be discouraged

Take it to the Lord in prayer



Fred so fake boom will all our sorrows

She Jesus knows our every

Take it to the Lord and burn are we weak

And heavy


But rhythm, oh okay

Precious Savior steal the red


The Lord

Do your friends despise forsake


The Lord in prayer

His arms he’ll take and shield here


He will find a Solis day; maybe he will

Fight us always there

What A Friend We Have In Jesus Story Behind The Hymn

What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics

Point seventy-five years ago, two businessmen stood on Porto street corner in Canada wherein they saw a young man carrying a saw and coming that way. One of them said I should hire him to cut woods for my winter.

But the other man replied, I know him. He doesn’t work for money. He only helps those who are not in a position to pay him. And He helps the destitute, the physically handicapped, and the poor. 

That young man and that young woodcutter was none other than joseph m Scriven, born as the son of a captain in the British royal Marvins in Ireland in 1819. In 1844 after receiving his university degree from trinity college in London. 

Oh, he was so desperate to spend the rest of his life in his hometown. He was all the more interested in his childhood love between he was going to be engaged in matrimony as a teacher with a noble background. Everything seemed fine until her tragedy struck. 

A day before their marriage, he and his fiancee had planned to meet up at the river barn. As she was on her way to the destination point, her all started. Unfortunately, she fell and now knocked on by unconsciousness she drowned in the river. 

Later Skrivan arrived at the spot, to his surprise to see only remains. Between grief-stricken having lost all his hope, he decides to turn to his almighty for consolation and guidance. He makes his mind to go to Canada and settle there for the rest of his life. 

In 1845 he arrived in Ontario in Canada to spend the rest of his life there. He settled in the towns of Porto on the shores of Lake Ontario. 

Here he devotes himself to the teachings of the sermon on the mount. He dedicates his life to the poor and the helpless. 

And he made a special vote a vote that he had devoted himself to poverty by selling all his position for the week. It has been said that he never denied a request for help.

He always was busy helping the poor, the sick, and the widow. He was also known as the good samaritan of the village. As days passed, he was hired as a tutor in a retired sea captain’s house to teach his children. He fell in love with Elizabeth after he met her.

But just weeks before, she was to become joseph’s craven’s bride. She suddenly suffered from pneumonia. 

Unfortunately, a second strategy struck in a matter of weeks, Elisa tight with all the pain, he doesn’t lose his hope because he had learned to cure with all the trials of life since Joseph had made a close friend, a close friendly relationship that is Jesus

Ten years later, Scriven received word that his mother had very ill. The man who had been in a vo poverty was unable to pay. Home to help and care for a dear mother heartsick and feeling a need to reach out to her. 

He wrote the story of his life in three short verses which he called and what we know as today what a friend we have in Jesus.

Scriven later spoke with me about the song. Several of his friends gave me a copy, and one of them bought it. 

Carried a copy to a music publisher within two years, by the grace of God, the little poem of inspiration had been published and coupled to a tune written by an American lawyer, Charles converse.

Later on, the great American evangelist Dwight l moody gave the song a national platform. Today we have two monuments erected in his honor, and each has the first stanza of his song engraved on it.

What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics In Nepali

What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics In Nepali
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics In Nepali

Hāmrō sabai yēśū mā ēka sāthī cha

pāpa ra du: Kha huna


jasakō khyāla garnē


bhagavāna ra rōṭī kō lāgī sabai

ōha, hāmī prāya: Kastō śānti

ōha, kama pīḍā mahilāharu

sabai kinabhanē hāmī pā’um̐dainauṁ


bagaicā kō lāgī sabai

hāmī manōrañjana yātrā

jē hōs samasyā cha?

Hāmī kahilyai nirāśa hunuhunna

prārthanā mā prabhu kō lāgī yō linuhōs



phrēḍa yati nakkalī būma hāmrō sabai du: Kha hunēcha

unī yēśūlā’ī hāmrō harēka kurā thāhā cha

yasalā’ī prabhumā linuhōs ra jalā’unuhōs hāmī kamajōra chauṁ

ra bhārī


tara laya, ōha ṭhīka cha

bahumūlya muktidātā rātō cōrī



kē tapā’im̐kā sāthīharu tyāgna tiraskāra garchan


prārthanā mā prabhu

usakō hāta uhām̐ linuhuncha ra yahām̐ ḍhāla


uhām̐lē ēka Solis dina pā’unuhunēcha; sāyada usalē garnēcha

hāmīlā’ī sadhaiṁ tyahām̐ laḍnuhōs

What a Friend We Have in Jesus in the Bible?

BIBLE VERSE Philippians 4:6″Be anxious about nothing, but in all matters by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let’s ask God to fulfill our requests.” HYMN LIES – Jesus is our Friend and can help us bear our sorrows and sins. Never let yourself be discouraged. It is a good idea to pray for the Lord.

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What A Friend We Have In Jesus Who Wrote The Song?

William Bolcom
Charles Crozat Converse,
Wrote A Friend We Have In Jesus.


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