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Mystery of the 10 plagues of Egypt|10 Plagues In The Bible

In today’s article, we will discuss a great topic, 10 plagues in the Bible, which is from the Old Testament. When we read the Old Testament, we find an event of God’s arm and power in the book of Exodus; In the book of Exodus, we see how God chooses Moses as a special prophet, a special prophet, to bring His people Israel out of Egyptian slavery, Pharaoh’s bondage.

When God chooses Moses to deliver his people, God prepares Aaron with Moses to perform great miracles before Pharaoh and lead the Israelites away. But before that, Moses and Aaron are what we read in the book of Exodus in the fifth chapter. They go to Pharaoh and ask Pharaoh, beseech Pharaoh, free our people who are, so that we can go out to our God and us. that we glorify. But what is Pharaoh’s answer? We can read this.

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Exodus 5:1-2 If you continue to read, you will find, “After this Moses and Aaron went and said to Pharaoh, “This is what the God of Israel says, let my people go, that they should feast for me in the wilderness.”

victim Of 10 Plagues In The Bible
Pharaoh, victim Of 10 Plagues In The Bible.

Pharaoh said who the Lord is? I do not know the Lord, and I will not let the Israelites go. So here we can see how Pharaoh, who is in his pride and authority, says, I do not know who your Lord is, and I will not let Israel go. But God planned to somehow free the Israelites from slavery in that land of Egypt, and Moses worked for that.

Pharaoh did not repent even after talking a lot. Pharaoh did not leave them. That is why God brought ten plagues to the land of Egypt to reveal his power and these 10 plagues of the Bible, if you are a Christian, are from a Christian family. So you must have been studying in Sunday school since childhood, or if you are a new believer, then at some point you must have heard these things in the church, and everyone who is a Christian knows about these ten plagues of Egypt, which are called 10 plagues in the Bible.

To save the people of Israel, God’s judgment on the land of Egypt from ten terrible types of calamities.

So what are these ten kinds of calamities? We need to study this. We simply see it as God is bringing plagues one after the other so that Pharaoh and the people there see the power of God, and what is finally, after the tenth plague, Pharaoh fears to free the people there. Gets ready.

But whenever God does any work, They do the work not only to show the people, to reveal their potential but there they do it for a greater purpose. Now, these ten plagues reveal the power of God, but if you look at these ten plagues one by one, why does the water turn red? Why did the frog come? When you see all these things, then we will come to know that at that time, there were all these things related to their gods and goddesses in the land of Egypt.

So this is what we are going to see in this article. You must be wondering what is this? Important topic, so what I am going to tell you in this article; For what reason did God bring upon the land of Egypt each calamity, and what is the background of each calamity? Why brought the same kind of calamity and no other. So we’ll look one by one, and in the end, you’ll find that God has a goal, a background, and a purpose in every action. To show such power, our God does nothing to show that power.

So let’s go through the 10 plagues in the Bible one by one and see what they are and why they happened?

1) Blood

Turning Water to Blood
Turning Water to Blood

The people of Egypt believed in a river god named Nails, i.e., Hapi. So the first plague in the Bible that struck the Egyptians in the book of Exodus; We read (Exodus 7:17) in which God, through Aaron, referred to the same Nile River as the Nile and Hapi. To show his power by doing justice to him, the river was completely reddened and killed, and all the animals were fish.

But the magicians of the land of Egypt tried to do the same thing to imitate him, but the plague of God that came on that river lasted for seven days, and that red blood flowed all over the Nile; From which it became known that their God Nails, who is God, was a liar and “who is the Lord of Israel, whom Pharaoh asked over him? He was judged, and his power was shown.”

2) Frog

The people of Egypt also believed in a deity named Aniket. This Aniket God was identified with his head like a frog. It is known from him. So to prove this Hacket god to be a false god and to prove that the God of Israel is the true God, the second calamity of God came to the frogs; And we can read about the Egyptians (Exodus 8:1-15) where God brought many frogs through Aaron in the second plague;

The one who came out of the Nile, in everyone’s house, in everyone’s mines, everyone in everyone’s clothes from the little person to the big person got upset and there even the magicians of the land of Egypt who are there tried to imitate something. But he could not do anything against the power of God and that arm of God, which led to God’s judgment on Hecate; To prove who Jehovah is? Because that Pharaoh asked who the Lord is, I do not know.

3) Lice Or Gnats

The people of Egypt believed in a god named Gab, who was considered to be the meaning god for the Egyptians, that is, the God of the earth. In this third plague, which we can read (Exodus 8:16-19), God sends out mites, that is, small worms, all the soil particles that are there, they become mites and cover the man. And the whole animal sits on top of it. Here Pharaoh’s magicians also try to imitate this. But when it is not from them, he says that God has a hand in this. So “Yahweh showed his arm by proving to be a liar even the god named Gaab” because Pharaoh asked who he was? Lord, I do not know.

4) Dance

The fourth calamity happened to the Egyptians of Danso. That is, you can say that the fly flies. You can read about these calamities (Exodus 8:20-32). Among the many gods and goddesses, the Egyptians also believed in a god named Khepri. This God named Khepri, his head was a fly or a fly. Now by bringing this calamity, God did another miracle before Pharaoh; That the people of God Israel were not affected by these dances, this flying fly did not affect them, but it completely covered all the Egyptians, completely filled them, and it was just justice on that Creepy God. He is a liar because the Pharaoh asked who it was? Lord, I do not know.

5) Animal Epidemic

Even after four terrible plagues, Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go, due to which God brought the fifth plague on the land of Egypt, and we can read about this disaster in this plague (Exodus 9:1-7). God brought all the livestock of Egypt, that is, all the animals, cattle, bulls, cows, donkeys, and camels, and destruction on them, and the people of Egypt believed in a god named Hathor.

The deity named Hator is the God of the sky and the God of all living beings. And his form, which is like that of a cow and used to believe in another deity whose name is Apis and that God is in the form of a bull. So the Supreme Lord, by bringing destruction to all these animals, proved that the God named Hator, the deity is also a liar. Because Pharaoh raised the question, Who is Jehovah? I don’t know.

6) Boils

Pharaoh’s heart became hard; Because of this, the sixth plague came upon the land of Egypt. We can read about this sixth plague (Exodus 9:8-12). In this plague, God started bringing boils and blisters to every people of the land of Egypt. In whose body all the boils started coming, and the people of Egypt started feeling the pain and destruction.

This justice was done directly by the Egyptian God, whose name is on the one hand, the Egyptians used to ask the deity in Sekhmet, and they believed that the Sekhmet god would cure any disease. But these Sekhmet gods could not do anything about this calamity that came from God. This clearly proved who Jehovah is. Because Pharaoh asked who is it? Lord, I do not know.

7) Hail and Fire

Hail and Fire
Hail and Fire

As Pharaoh’s harshness grew, so did the hardships of the plagues, and with that, we go into the seventh plague we find in Exodus (Exodus 9:13-35). In this calamity, God hails from the sky, and The hail was so heavy, it was so heavy that due to which many of the Egyptian people and the animals there, all the trees there, all the people started dying, and all of them started getting destroyed. The people of Egypt believed in another god named Shu and another god named Osiris.

The Shu god was believed to be the one who controls the whole world, that is, the environment, and Osiris, who is the God of farming; The hail showered from God has proved that the environment has no God but Jehovah. And all the fields were destroyed. There was no god named Osiris or Aesis to save that field. This was the seventh calamity in the land of Egypt.

8) Locust

The people of Egypt believed in a god named Serapis. They believed that Serapis, this God, would protect their land from locusts, that is, from the invasion of Locust; Will not allow their fields and land to be spoiled. And this was the eighth plague on the land of Egypt when Pharaoh consistently refused to let the Israelites go. We can read this (Exodus 10:1-20), where God fills the whole land of Egypt with locusts, and there the destruction caused by the locusts is what the Egyptians had to see. Because Pharaoh asked who is it? Lord, I do not know.

9) Darkness

The ninth plague came of darkness over the land of Egypt, and darkness fell over the whole of Egypt. We can read (Exodus 10:21-22) that this calamity came to the land of Egypt because the people of, and this calamity of God proved it.

That the power of Jehovah is over their creation and that there is no god named Aten and Attum who can control the sun or whether he is the God of the sun or that the light is in his control, the whole land of Egypt is covered in darkness, and the Pharaoh knows Come on, who is Jehovah? I do not know because he had asked the question, who is Jehovah? I do not know.

10) Death Of The Firstborn

The last calamity, which was the most terrible, dangerous, and horrific calamity which, shook the whole country of Egypt and spread the shadow of death in the houses of the whole country Egypt. In this calamity, God sent the command of destruction on all the firstborn of the land of Egypt…

Due to which all the people of Egypt who are the first born started dying, and this justice and this calamity on all the Gods and on the Pharaoh who considered himself as God at that place. And through these ten calamities, God proved that He is mighty, there is only one God, and there is no other God to be questioned except Him.


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