What Are The 7 Rays Of God? Get The Facts


What Are The 7 Rays Of God?

Though the esoteric philosophy would say that all of creation is the one life and that this one life is manifesting as the many and that there are many divisions of that many as it manifests into the infinite variety and diversity, there are said to be seven fundamental qualities that arise from that. A simple analogy would be to look at the idea of God as white light.

Now, when we take white light, we project it through a prism. We see that it fragments itself into seven colors of the visible spectrum. Using the law of analogy, we can see the same thing playing out. The one life, the light of God, the light of the one life manifests in and as cosmos, and in the process, it becomes prismatic, and it divides itself into seven colors, seven qualities, seven states of consciousness, and that is what we called the Rays Of God.

Those seven qualities are equal in their importance to one life. As they manifest, they then intersect and interface and create different mixtures of the density of one over another. Ultimately it leads to the great diversity and manifestation that we have today. These seven qualities of consciousness are the foundation of everything in manifestation, and they are uniquely expressive of qualities of life qualities of consciousness. In a way, they are viewed as beings in their own right.

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How Are 7 Rays Of God Formed?

To further highlight that, one more feature needs to be understood as the one becomes the seven. It first becomes three before becoming the seven. The one becomes the three becomes the seven, and then the infinite number of diversities arise from that. Think of white light, as I said, going through a prism. Still, a prism is always going to manifest as a triangle.

How Are 7 Rays Of God Formed?
How Are 7 Rays Of God Formed?

You’re projecting light through a triangle of prismatic glass, which causes the division of the light into seven colors of the visible spectrum. So in that simple analogy that I’ve given, you have the one the white light, the three the prism, and the resultant seven rays of God that come through as the light passes through that prism.

So the analogy is we’re very useful in just getting a sense of the underpinning of how important the three is but even more so now as it’ll give us an understanding of where does the seven come from, where does it emerge out of, and each of these seven rays of God is in a way a deity in its own right a massive life force and each has a piece to play in the evolution of all things.

These seven rays of God have many names, and these names are really descriptive of the quality of the ray itself. But there is a set of more generically used names that are the most commonly used in this philosophy, and I’d like to share those with you. 

First Ray Of God – Will And Power

It’s the ray that impulses action and assertion. It’s often the ray that initiates action, and it’s got a generic color as well, and that’s the color red.  

Second Ray Of God – Love And Wisdom

This is a ray that tends to condition into consciousness. A tendency toward perceiving oneness and an urge toward inclusivity. It is the great ray of love, and in many ways, it is the ray that most associates itself with the idea of supporting any state of consciousness that encourages unity among things. It’s a great magnetic force in consciousness. Its generic color is indigo blue. 

Third Ray Of God – Active Intelligence And Adaptability

Its generic color is forest green, and it’s the ray most associated with intelligence itself. And it has a lot to do with manifesting. It has a lot to do with making connections. It is a philosophical ray it conditions consciousness with the versatility of thought. It also is the ray most associated with instinctual consciousness. For instance, animal instinct or an instinctual tendency within human consciousness is related to this particular ray. 

You may notice that those first three rays I mentioned correspond to the Trinity. Because the first ray corresponds to the father, the second ray of the Sun, and the third ray to the Holy Spirit. and that’s not an accident, these are called the Rays of aspect. They are the, in a way they’re the primary rays. Even though all seven are equal, these three hold a unique position among the seven because they also happen to be the perfect representatives of the Trinity in all things. 

The remaining four rays I’ll share with you are called rays of an attribute.

Fourth Ray Of God – Ray Of Harmony Through Conflict

Its generic color is yellow. And this particular ray has a lot to do with being sensitive to seeing duality and seeing opposite things and trying to find resolution and synthesis and integration of opposites. It’s also the ray that conditions it generates conflict. But it can also create oh and angst, but it can also, through that process, facilitate a finding a higher resolution that represents a higher peace.

In other words, it’s a harmony that is arrived at through conflict. It is chaos before a higher order, and it is a particularly important ray for all of humanity because humanity is the fourth kingdom of nature. And therefore, humanity as a whole has an intimate relationship with the fourth ray.

Fifth Ray Of God – Concrete Knowledge And Science

Now Fifth Ray’s generic color is orange. And this particular ray is a strong mental ray. It conditions the mind’s nature in creation. Kind of similar to the third ray, which is also a mental ray tendency. But the difference is the third ray is a ray that tries to condition into human consciousness mental versatility and abstract considerations and seeing connections. While the fifth ray is more analytical, it dissects it and tends to create a tendency to take things apart in perception to understand how things are and how they work. It’s the difference between the scientist’s v ray and the philosopher’s third ray. 

Sixth Ray Of God – Idealism And Devotion

It’s a ray with its other love ray, similar to the second ray. It emphasizes that idea of the holy urge we have. it is the ray most associated with mystical yearning. It’s the ray that also triggers desire on a lower level. It is the underpinning of all theologies in the world. So the sixth ray has a huge influence on the world, and it has had a very strong historical influence over the last couple of thousand years because it has an intimate relationship with the sign of Pisces.

Which is the sign or the age that we are now exiting. The color of it is light blue, although there is an alternative color that’s quite often used and that silvery rose. Because sometimes, the sixth ray can have a militant element to it in the case of the fighter for a cause that’s more of the silvery Rose representation. It can have much more of a passive devotional quality that’s more of the light blue emphasis. 

Seventh Ray Of God – Ray Of Ceremonial Order And Magic

And that particular ray has so much to do with conditioning consciousness around the urge to ground. It rules the physical plane. It is a lot to do with the urge to find organization. It’s a manifesting ray. It’s about making things tangibly real. There’s an emphasis on practicality with the seventh ray.

It is largely a ray that’s becoming more and more important as we move into the future because it has a deep intimacy with the Aquarian dispensation. It’s the ray that’s trying to cultivate the practical mystic. So the seventh ray is also very much related to the need and the urge to find synthesis. So on a lower level, it’s all about building detail and structure, but on a higher level, it synthesizes it as a unity, and the color violet governs it.


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