What Did Buddha Say About Jesus


What Did Buddha Say About Jesus

True Buddhists believe highly in Jesus Christ, because of the nature of their religion. The Lord Buddha taught us that all religions were good and we should learn the most from them. After that, one should become the harbinger for our own salvation by self-effort.

What did Buddha say about god?

According to Buddhism, there is a doctrine that samsara (cyclical rebirth) teaches that there are deities or divine beings. Buddhism does not consider any of these gods to be creators or eternal. However, they can live very long lifespans.

Was Jesus A Buddhist Monk?

Was Jesus A Buddhist Monk?
Was Jesus A Buddhist Monk?

Jesus spent much time in the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet in the Himalayas, before returning to Israel. Where he studied Gautam Buddha’s path to Nirvana. 

Before starting the journey towards the west, the Buddhist bhikkhus of India had given some clear instructions to Jesus that you must die. 

So the Buddhist bhikkhus who wished him well in India gave him the medicine of the Himalayas in the form of a healing substance.

It was given to them clearly instructed that whenever it appears that your death is now certain, then you should have a trusted disciple ask him to pour this substance on his body. 

After taking off his body from the cross Mary Magdalene applied the same fluid on the body of Jesus for three consecutive days and then he was healed and headed towards India.

Christians misled the public by saying this incident by saying that Jesus went to ‘heaven’, while Jesus came to India after coming down from the cross. 

Saint Matthew and Saint John, both were Christian preachers and were eyewitnesses of Jesus, but they did not say about going to heaven in their writings because they knew that Jesus did not go to heaven and went to India. 

Only Saint Mark and Saint Lucas have said about the ascension of Jesus Christ, while both of them were not present there at that time. 

It has been confirmed by Saint Irenaeus of Leon of the 2nd century that Jesus did not leave his body at the age of 33, nor did Jesus go to heaven. Even today, the Vatican has hidden many facts related to Christ while playing the game of religion.

It also comes to the fore that Jesus came to India with his mother and wife ‘Mary Magdalene’, later one of his daughters ‘Sarah’ is also said to have reached India. 

The tomb of his mother Mary is still in Kashmir, “Jesus in India” The basic basis of the books of all the authors regarding this subject has been Tibetan Buddhist literature. 

The world’s most popular book is Jesus Lived In India, by Holger Kersten, with this book and the archaeological remains, other authors wrote their writings and I am running my pen based on these books!

Emperor Ashoka’s grandmother Helena, who was the wife of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya and the daughter of Greek Seleus. Helena was the world beauty of that time and was the owner of beauty. 

Certainly, Emperor Ashoka must have had a connection with his grandmother’s family. 

Emperor Ashoka has been an ardent follower of Buddha and transmitted the Buddhist global moral code of conduct to every corner of the world, in this view the impact of Buddha’s teachings on the descendants of Seleucus, there is no need to worry much about this.

Emperor Ashoka sent Ther bhikkhus to every corner of the world. Some of these missionary Thera monks went to Alexandria (Egypt) and did the work of medical service, preaching the Dhamma with true dedication and also reached Greece. The monks were called Therapeutae by the people of that time. In Prakrit Pali, the pronunciation of this word is ‘Theraputta’.

After BCE (BCE) Jesus came to India and he died in Srinagar. It is not a dispute that the truth of this dialogue should be accepted that Jesus was a Buddhist bhikkhu and he contributed heavily to the Fourth Buddhist Council. 

It is also learned from Christian ecclesiastical literature that to influence the formation of the Christian ecclesiastical Christianity, the Therapeutae transmitted the therapy of the bhikkhus. 

The name of the home of Jesus became Nazareth and the name of the home of Jesus from this Nazareth word was identified as Jesus-Nazareth, which is related to Ther-‘Therputta’ and Ther-‘Therputta’ (Nazareth) literature itself is the epitome of Christian and Greek literature. 

It is deposited in the root. Our aim is only to take up the literature of AD and give importance to its present utility by doing a comparative study with the literature of BC.

What Does The Bible Say About Buddhism?

The Bible does not mention the Buddha. A vague reference to wise men from the East who came to Jesus’ aid sometime in the first year of Jesus’ life is made. 

These men are usually believed to be Magi, Persian Astrologers, and part of the Zoroastrian faith. However, it is possible due to the lack of details that it may have been an international/interfaith group of eastern wise men. 

It was impossible to rule out the possibility of Buddhists among these wise men. Gautama, himself, would have been 500 years too young to be one of these sages. 

Later Jewish and Christian literature of the middle ages tells stories about Buddha, which places Buddha as a teacher or sage of the Judeo-Christian tradition. 

Some Christan texts and the Talmud include Aesop’s Fables, which some Buddhists consider true stories about Siddhartha’s past lives as animals, into their corpus. 

They are however not all interpreted in the same way. A minority of Christians and Jews believe in reincarnation, but this isn’t conclusively proved (in any way I have seen) that it was due to contact with Buddha.

However, the documents of the Kaifeng Jewish Community compare Confucianism and Judaism. Many Jews have begun to study Buddhism in recent times. 

They might also have their own interpretations of scripture that attempt to incorporate Buddha into Scripture. Many works contain similar quotes to those of Jesus and Buddha. 

Some are strikingly alike, while others only superficially. Despite being great minds, their differences can make them incompatible.

Jesus was a Buddhist Monk Named Issa

The book claims that Jesus was not crucified, but rather died as a Buddhist monk living in Kashmir. Kersten claims that Christ did not die on a cross, but he survived and returned home to India. 

According to Mr. Kersten, Jesus, then called “Issa” in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, lived to old age as a Buddhist monk.

Does Buddhism Conflict With Christianity

Despite superficial and non-scholarly analogies Buddhism and Christianity are fundamentally different. They have fundamental differences at their deepest levels. These include monotheism’s centrality in Christianity, Buddhism’s orientation toward non-theism, and its rejection of the idea of a creator god. This is contrary to Christianity’s teachings about God.

Buddhism And Christianity Similarities

Buddhism And Christianity Similarities
Buddhism And Christianity Similarities

There’s a lot of similarities between ancient Christianity and Buddhism, of course, Buddhism is older by the way but that doesn’t matter Buddhism is also an ancient tradition. 

It has many different schools that developed over the centuries. It has ancient textual traditions some people say that I don’t necessarily know this to be true that Jesus spent his dark years as they call. 

When we don’t know where it was in the Himalayas and there were legends about this and Ladakh in India but I think more he spent those years in the Middle East with the secret societies like the essence and Sufis. 

But we’ve seen their books like Buddha and Christ are brothers by the great contemporary Vietnamese Zen master took that on that work worth reading Marcus Borg dr.

Marcus Borg the philosopher has written a beautiful book about Buddha and Jesus. Also, there’s a lot of similarities in terms of the teaching of love and compassion and through treating everyone the same. 

And treating them as your own family and empathy and feeling what they feel and be moved to help them and that the last will come first humility and unselfishness, selflessness and so on. 

And even surrender when Jesus talks about not my will but think this is exactly what Buddha means by letting go of by non-attachment. 

One of the core principles of Buddhism attachments letting go letting be where we will report lies when we let go and I throw about death but so many go to death without letting go of our egotism and so on and being more in the flow and the nowness in the divine holy eternal now. 

Did Jesus Study Buddhism?

Six years he spent in Puri and Rajgirh near Nalanda. This is the ancient seat for Hindu learning. 

He then went to the Himalayas and spent time at Tibetan monasteries studying Buddhism. At the age of 29, he returned to Jerusalem via Persia.

Can You Believe In God And Be A Buddhist?

Buddhists strive to attain a state called nirvana. They follow the example of Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha who sought Enlightenment in the sixth century BC. 

No belief in a personal God. Buddhists believe that there is no fixed or permanent truth and that all things can change.

Do Buddhists Believe In God?

Do Buddhists Believe In God
Do Buddhists Believe In God?

Buddhism followers don’t believe in a supreme God or Deity. Instead, they focus on attaining enlightenment, which is a state of inner peace or wisdom. 

The spiritual echelon is where followers are said to experience nirvana. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is seen as an extraordinary man but not a God.

FAQ About What Did Buddha Say About Jesus

What Did Buddha Say About Jesus
What Did Buddha Say About Jesus

1. What did Buddha say about God?

Answer: According to Buddhism, there is a doctrine that samsara (cyclical rebirth) teaches that there are deities or divine beings. Buddhism does not consider any of these gods to be creators or eternal. However, they can live very long lifespans.

2. Did Jesus and Buddha meet?

Answer: Historical evidence shows Jesus was familiar with Buddhism. If Jesus didn’t go to India, at least India would have gone to Judea and Jesus. Other evidence, although apocryphal at best, suggests that Jesus spent most of his so-called lost years outside Judea. He may have been studying Buddhism in Kashmir.

3. When did Jesus meet Buddha?

Answer: Buddha was born in 623 B.C. which is 623 years earlier than Jesus. There is no way Jesus could have met Buddha. There were interesting relationships between Jesus and Buddha. According to nonbiblical historical accounts, Jesus was not born in Judea.


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  2. The Holy scriptures state in John 1:1 that Jesus is God.
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  3. I was raised as a Southern Baptist. I studied Witchcraft as a religion at age 13. I studied Buddhism at the age of 16, which is not a religion but a path to learning. As you stated Buddha was not considered to be a God. I did some general studies of 6 different religions at the age of 20. I don’t profess to be an expert on any of these. Now consider myself an Omnist, a believer in all religions while recognizing that they don’t all contain the truth. The information you’ve shared here is not anything I have read before. It explained so much to me, it made what I had learned previously make sense! Cannot begin to express my appreciation & admiration of your knowledge & the sharing of it! Usually will end with “Be Blessed”, but you are a blessing to all that are fortunate enough to share in your knowledge through your writings! I’m fascinated & will pursue more. Thank you for being a blessing!!


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