What Do We Say To The God Of Death


What Do We Say To The God Of Death Meaning

It means that Yama, the God of death. Yamaraja is called the god of death. Religious belief is that after the death of human beings, it is Yamdev who punishes his deeds after death. Everyone is afraid of the god of death, but according to mythology, there was a person who did not fear the god of death at all.

And What Do We Say To The God Of Death

 Yamraj, the God of death
Yamraj, the God of death

Yama, the God of death, is considered. Yama had to come to Earth after being expelled from the Suryalok as a god, and after suffering a fierce battle with demonic forces on the EarthEarth, he also had to face death.

Vaivaswat, Yama and Yami are considered the three children of Sun God and Mother Noun, while Shani is considered the child of Sun God and Mother Shadow. The shadow noun was his own shadow.

Yami had descended on the EarthEarth in the form of the Yamuna River in the past.

The Soul Progresses In Order And Becomes The Ancestor, Goddess or Deity

It is said that Kalbrahm or that the Supreme God created man from clay, the gods from light, and the opposite powers of gods with fire. And It is also believed that any soul progresses in the developmental order to become the ancestor, goddess or deity. It is also believed that all the gods lived on the physical EarthEarth in ancient times, and they were also ruled then. There was a war between gods and demons. It is also said that the average age of humans or holy people of that period was 500 years. After knowing this, we now know the secret of the death of Yamraj, the GodGod of death.

The Secret Of Death Of Yamraj, The God Of Death

The Vedas claim that whatever is birthed, whether it is a humankind of clay, a god of light or Brahmarakshas in fire form – all need to pass away. It is various that somebody dies in 100 years and takes another birth and takes him to life for 1,000 years. He takes one more body. Similarly, like 14 Indras in the Puranas, till currently, 14 Yamaraj have additionally been done. 

According To The Puranas, Shiva Is About To Be Taken

There is a lot of difference in the perception of Vedas and Puranas. According to the Puranas, many Gods or Gods were or have been appointed by God to carry out creation. Just as Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is his follower, and Shiva is the master of all destructive powers. That is, he is the God of death and the holocaust. Hindus believe that Brahma will bring us into this world, Vishnu will sustain us, and Shiva is going to be taken.

Different God For Different Purpose

In the same way, Indra conducts rain, lightning and war. Agni is about to carry all the invoices. Suryadev is the ruler of the pure light of the world and the giver of life to all beings. All the air of the world remains under Pawan Dev. Varun Dev’s rule over the water world. Kubera is the ruler of wealth and treasurer of the gods. Mitradev acts as a liaison between Dev and Devganas. Kamadeva and Rati are the directors of all reproduction in the universe. Aditi and Diti are considered to be the goddess of past, future, consciousness and fertility.

Ganeshji Has Been Appointed As The Lord Of The Gods

Shivaputra Ganeshji has been appointed as the suzerain of the gods. He is the God of intelligence and prosperity. The antidote has two wives named Riddhi and Siddhi. Karthikeya is the GodGod of valour, and he is the commander of the gods. Narada is the sage of the gods and Chiranjeevi. They are able to travel in all three worlds. They are messengers and detectives of the gods.

Lord Hanuman, the most powerful GodGod among the gods

All the events that take place in the universe are known to the Goddess Narada. In the end, the most powerful deity in the gods, Ramdoot Hanumanji, is still sane and has the blessing of being a Chiranjeevi. He is the son of Pawan Dev. Gods who give wisdom and strength are. By taking his name only, all kinds of evil forces and crises are eradicated.

Who Is The God Of Death? 

Similarly, Yamraj is the head of death in the universe. After the physical bodies of the creatures of the world are destroyed, they take their souls to the proper place and merge the body parts into the five elements. He is the God of death. Chitragupta maintains the world’s accounting office and coordinates the headquarters of Yamaraja, heaven and hell. Apart from this, Aryaman is one of the Adityas and the ruler of the departed souls, that is, the God of fathers.

How can Yamraj, the God of death, die?

Now the question arises that how can Yamraj, the GodGod of death, die? So let’s know a legend in this regard. In this connection, we get a different description of the story. We present here briefly a report.

King Shvet

It is said that in ancient times, Shiva devotees ruled Shvet in Kalanjar. On getting older, the king entrusted Shiva to the Shiva by handing over the kingdom to his white son and setting up a Shiva lingam in a cave on the banks of the Godavari river. Now they had become Mahamuni white from King Shvet. In a deserted cave, Muni had spread the light of Shiv Bhakti. Shwetmuni had neither disease nor grief; Therefore, his age has been completed; he did not even realize it. All his attention was focused on Shiva. He was reciting Rudradhyaya with fear, and his eloquence was echoing with the eulogy of Shiva.

Bhairav ​​Hit Yamdoot(God Of Death) With A Stick And Killed Him

After the age ended, when the Yamdoots entered the cave to take the life of Muni, their limbs were relaxed at the entrance of the cave. They stood at the entrance of the cavern and awaited Shvetamuni. It is said that when the Yamdoots forcefully took Shvetamuni from there, Shiva’s Gan appeared to protect Shvetamuni. Bhairava attacked Yamdoot Mutyudev with a stick and killed him.

Karthikeya Attacked Shakti Yamaraja, Due To Which Yamraj Also Died

Here, when the time of death began to come, Chitragupta asked Yamraj – ‘Why didn’t White come here yet? Your messengers have not even returned yet. Then the trembling Yamdoots went to Yamraj and told him the whole situation. Hearing the news of the death god, the angry Yamraj came there with his army (Chitragupta, Aadhi-Vyadhi etc.) riding on the buffalo with Yamdand in his hand. Here, the councillors of Shiva were already standing there. When Yamraj started taking Shvetamuni by force, the commander Kartikeya left the power weapon on Yamraj, killing Yamraj.

Gods Praise Lord Shankar

The Yamdoots went to Lord Surya and also told the entire information. Hearing the information of his kid’s death, Lord Surya, together with Brahma and the gods, came to the place where Yamaraja died with his military. The gods then praised Lord Shankar. Then Lord Shiva appeared. In his jetty, the fallen Ganges were doing Raman, wearing snakes bracelets puffed in the arms, the necklace of Bhujang on the chest and the beauty of Chitabhasma on the body like Kapoor looked beautiful.

Lord Shiva Gave Life to Yamraj

The Gods said- ‘Lord! Yamaraja is the son of Surya. He is the Lokpal, and you have appointed him as the controller of the religion-lawless system. Their slaughter is not right. Without them, the work of creation will become impossible, so make them alive with the army or else the chaos will spread. ‘

Lord Shankar said- ‘I am also in favour of the system. We are the people who are devotees of Lord Vishnu and me, their masters. He has no right to death. It is also a sin for Yamraj and his messengers to look at him. It has also been arranged for Yamraj to pay obeisance to the devotees. ‘

Then Lord Shiva obeyed the gods and gave Life to Yamraj. On Shivaji’s orders, Nandishwar brought the water of river Gautami and sprinkled it on Yamraj and his messengers, making everyone alive. Yamraj said to Shvetamuni – ‘You have won me, invincible even in the whole world, now I follow you. Offer me Abhay on behalf of Lord Shiva. ‘

Faith triumphs

Shwetmuni said to Yamaraja- ‘Devotees are idols of humility. It is because of your fear that the Satpurus take refuge in the divine. ‘Pleased, Yamraj went to his lok. Shiva kept his blessing on Shwetmuni’s back and said- ‘Blessed is your lingopasna, Shvet! Faith triumphs.

Shiva Is Called Mahakal

Shvetamuni went to Shivlok. This place is called Mritunjaya Tirtha on the banks of Gautami. No one can win death. Brahma himself also merges into Parabrahma by death at the end of Chaturyugi. But Lord Shiva has defeated death many times, so they are called ‘Mrityunjaya’ and ‘Kaal ka Kaal’ ‘Mahakal’.


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