What Does God Look Like In The Bible?


What Does God Look Like?

Answer from scripture What does God look like? No one has seen God with their own eyes. (Exodus 33:20; John 1:18; 1 John 4:12) The Bible declares that it is true that God exists as a spirit which is a form that the human eye cannot see. (John 4:24; 1 Timothy 1:17).

Angels can see God because they, too, are spirit creatures. (Matthew 18:10) Furthermore, some humans will be resurrected to heaven after death. They will be given a spiritual body. Then they too will be able to see God (Philippians 3:20, 21; 1 John 3:2).

What Does God Look Like In The Bible?

What Does God Look Like?
What Does God Look Like?

What does God look like? In this article, I’ll answer that question from a biblical perspectiveGod is Spirit in John chapter 4 verse 24(John4:24), so his appearance is not like anything we can describe. 

Exodus Chapter 33, verse 20, says you will not see my face as anyone can see myself and be alive. Being sinful human beings, we are unable to see God as he is in his total splendour. His glory is impossible and too beautiful to be seen even by a sinful human.

The Bible describe God as being present to humans in various ways. These stories do not have to be interpreted as providing a detailed description of what God appears like, but rather as God showing himself for us to be revealed in a manner that we can comprehend. What God appears like is beyond our capabilities to comprehend and describe. God shows us glimpses of what God looks like to reveal truths about himself, but not always to give us an image of him in our minds.

Two passages that powerfully describe God’s amazing appearance are Ezekiel chapter 1 verses 26 through 28 and Revelation chapter 1 verses 14 through 16

Ezekiel Chapter 1 Verse 26 to 28 states that above their expanse was what appeared like a throne made of sapphire. And high on the throne was a figure as a human. From his waist upwards, I noticed that he appeared to be a glowing metal that was glowing with fire. When he came down, the look was that of the fire of heaven, and a bright light filled the air around him. As if cloudy skies with rainbows during a rainy afternoon, similarly, the light is surrounding him.

Revelation chapter 1, verses 14 to 16proclaims that his hair and head were as white as wool, white as snow. His eyes were like a burning fire. His feet were the glowing bronze of a furnace, and his voice was as loud as water rushing. He carried the seven stars with his left hand, and from his mouth was a sharp sword with two edges. His face was as the sun shining with all its glory.

These verses are Ezekiel’s and John’s most successful attempts at describing the appearance and appearance of God. They were required to use symbolic language to convey the fact that human language does not have words. 

For instance, what looked to be like his appearance, etc. If we are in heaven, we will be able to see him in his appearance, for instance, in the first John chapter 3 verse 2Sin will cease to exist. It will become possible to be able to see God as he is in his full glory.

What Does God Look Like To A Child?

Children will believe the stories their parents give them, at least up to a certain point and until an age. After that, they can decide what they want to believe.

What Does God Look Like According To The Bible?

What Does God Look Like In The Bible?
What Does God Look Like In The Bible?

God Is A Spirit (John 4:24).

The Bible tells us that God is a spirit creature. (2 Corinthians 3:17) He is greater than us. It is impossible for us humans to see God. In 1 Timothy 1:17, it is written that he is the king of the ages, the imperishable, the invisible. The Bible also says: No one has ever seen God (1 John 4:12).

Our creator is so great that we can’t even imagine what he must have looked like. Isaiah 40:18 reads: To whom you will describe God and to whom will you liken him? Although we are in awe of God’s magnificent creation, Almighty God is more than just creation (Isaiah 40:22, 26).

But many intelligent beings can see and talk to God. How? Because they, too, are spirit beings and live in heaven. (1 Kings 22:21; Hebrews 1:7) They are called angels. Jesus Christ said: Angels are always before the face of my heavenly Father (Matthew 18:10).

What Does God Look Like Ezekiel?

God was also visible to humans through vision. For example, when the Bible says that Moses, Ezekiel and the other Israelites saw God, they saw the God of Israel in vision. (Exodus 24:9-11) Similarly, at some places in the Bible, the prophets see Jehovah. (Isaiah 6:1; Daniel 7:9; Amos 9:1) In the account of these prophets, a reading of the adjoining verses reveals that they had a vision of God and not directly. (Isaiah 1:1; Daniel 7:2; Amos 1:1).

What Does God The Father Look Like?

The word ‘see’ is sometimes used in the Bible to refer to knowledge or understanding of God(Isaiah 6:10; Jeremiah 5:21; John 9:39-41) When a person gains an understanding of God and understands his qualities, then he begins to believe in God. And in this sense, he can see God with his mind’s eye. (Ephesians 1:18) The Bible gives some methods for gaining such faith, which is listed below.

  1. We can learn about many of God’s qualities, such as love, generosity, wisdom, and power, by carefully observing all the things that God has created. (Romans 1:20) When Job’s attention was drawn to the things of creation, it seemed to him that God was before his eyes (Job 42:5).
  2. Get to know God by studying the Bible. The Bible assures us, If you keep on looking for him [God], he will find you (1 Chronicle 28:9; Psalm 119:2; John 17:3).
  3. Learn about God from the life of Jesus. When Jesus was on earth, he very well represented the person of God. So he could say, He who has seen me has also seen the Father (John 14:9).
  4. Jesus said, Happy are those who are pure in heart because they will see God. Live you’re the way God intended for you to live. Then you will be able to see the blessings God bestows on you. And as we discussed earlier, some humans who live by God’s will be resurrected in heaven. There they will see God (Matthew 5:8; Psalm 11:7).

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What Does God Look Like In Revelation?

Many Christians believe that the kingdom of heaven is in heaven, but the Lord’s Prayer says, Let your kingdom come. As in heaven, let you will be done on earth (Matthew 6:10). The book of Revelation also says the world’s kingdom has become of our Lord and his Christ (Revelation 11:15).

Did Moses see God?

In ancient times, God sent angels to humans. These angels spoke to humans on behalf of God. (Psalm 103:20) For instance, God once spoke to Moses through the flames of a bush. The Bible says that Moses, who was afraid to look at God, covered his face. (Exodus 3:4, 6) Moses did not see God, as reading the surrounding verses shows that he saw the angel of God (Exodus 3:2).

Similarly, when the Bible says that God spoke to Moses’ face to face, it means that God spoke to Moses as if to a close friend. (Exodus 4:10-11 (Exodus 4:10, 11; 33:11) Moses did not see the face of God since he received details from God by angels. (Galatians 3:19; Acts 7:53) Despite this, Moses’ faith was so strong that the Bible describes him as standing firm, looking at the invisible God (Hebrews 11:27).

Just as God spoke to Moses, so God spoke to Abraham through angels. Granted, a superficial reading of the incident may make it appear that Abraham did indeed see God. (Genesis 18:1, 33) However, by reading the surrounding verses, we can learn that the three men who visited Abraham were angels sent from God. Abraham knew that he had come from God. So he spoke to the angels as if he were speaking to God (Genesis 18:2, 3, 22, 32; 19:1).


1. How is God described?

Answer: God is generally considered to be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and omnipresent in addition to being eternal and necessary for his existence. In the religion of theism, God is the creator and maintainer of the universe, and in theism, God is the creator and maintainer of the universe.

2. What does the real God look like?

Are you curious about how God is? Answer: Every quality and sign of perfection was displayed by Jesus. Also, test Jesus. See how he treats victims. But the reality is that God is a spiritual force. God follows everyone based on karma.

3. How does God look at us?

Answer: When God is looking at us, he can see our weaknesses and faults; however, instead of making us sink in them, he’s created a plan to protect us. As long as the enemy calls to us and scolds us, God is gracious and calls us to repent and accepts our forgiveness. God Has a Great Heart for His Believers.

4. How does God appear in the Bible?

Answer: In the book of Exodus, God appeared in the form of a burning bush and as a pillar of cloud during the day and the pillar of flame at night. God showed up in the form of a “whisper” to Elijah and through visions to prophets. The Lord showed up to King Solomon in a dream and promised to grant King Solomon’s request.

5. What does the Bible use to describe God?

Answer: Scripture contains numerous names of God. The most important names in scripture (Old Testament) are God the Exalted and High One El-Shaddai and Yahweh. Within the New Testament: Theos, Kyrios, as well as Pater (pater, i.e., Father in Greek) are the primary names.

6. What colour is God in the Bible?

Answer: BLUE The blue represents God as well as his moral code (cf. Luke 9:35; Rom. 1:4). The symbolism is related to heaven and water, representing the divine covenant between God and the entire creation.



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