What Does Heaven Look Like According To The Bible?


Heaven: It’s not what you think. Most people typically think of Heaven in one of two ways:

  1. Either it’s a place with a bunch of angels with wings playing harps and an old guy with a white beard where they’re all hanging out on a bunch of clouds. 
  2. It’s a place where everyone’s worshiping Jesus 24/7, saying Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Still, these people have a hidden fear they’ll eventually get bored with worshiping Jesus 24/7 for a billion years. 

Well, neither of these portrayals are what heaven really looks like? Nor are they what the earliest Christians believed. So let’s see what the Bible and Christianity say about What Does Heaven Look Like? What is heaven like as described in the Bible?

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What Does Heaven Look Like According To The Bible?

What Does Heaven Look Like According To The Bible?
What Does Heaven Look Like According To The Bible? see below

The Bible says Heaven will eventually be on a renewed earth. Yeah, you heard that right, a renewed or recreated earth as part of the new heavens/new earth terminology used throughout Scripture. So this renewed and redeemed universe will occur when Jesus returns to make all things new and permanently removes the stain of sin which corrupted his originally good creation. 

Most scholars believe heaven on this new earth will have a great capital city with buildings, art, music, and lots of people fellowshipping and engaging in productive activities as we’ll be able to use the skills we acquired during our lives and even learn new skills in heaven. 

The New Earth will be a beautifully renewed and redeemed earth, completely healed from its brokenness and decay. It will have trees, rivers, and mountains. And, of course, there will be no more sorrow, crying, mourning, pain, sin, or death but only perfect peace, beauty, love, wholeness, and a permanent sense of complete fulfillment and joy. 

But before I go any further, I need to clarify something: the heaven we would go to if we died right now is not the permanent heaven on the new earth where we will live forever. The intermediate heaven is where we are immediately present with Christ when we die. Still, eventually, we will be a part of the permanent heaven when we receive our resurrected and imperishable bodies and live on the New Earth in our new bodies, and that will be when Jesus returns to the earth to make all things new.

The Biblical Definition Of Heaven

The word Heaven is, by definition, the place where God lives on his throne. So Rev. 21 tells us this ultimate heaven will be where the dwelling place of God comes down out of heaven and onto a renewed earth. Even Christ’s name Immanuel is symbolic here as it means God with us. He will not snatch us away from his creation, which he originally said was good. Still, He will finish the redemption process and renew and redeem his good creation back to how it was always supposed to be before sin corrupted it. 

So, if we were to die right now, what does heaven look like right now? It is true we would go to heaven and be with Christ in a spiritual place without suffering (to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord), but that is not where we will live forever. This intermediate heaven is not Purgatory either, which is a false doctrine think of it as a place of WAITING, waiting for Jesus to return to his creation to make all things new. Still, many scholars believe time will probably seem to fly by during this waiting period as we wait for Jesus to return.

So just like Jesus was buried in the tomb but was quickly resurrected on the third day, we too will eventually be resurrected in new bodies to live on the new earth in the permanent heaven when Jesus returns to make all things new.

What Does Jesus Look Like In Heaven?

What Does Jesus/God Look Like In Heaven?

How does god look like in heaven? God does not have an appearance in paradise. Paradise is infinite, as well as time does not pass within. So no light trips within Heaven. This suggests that human beings in Heaven are not able to see anything due to the fact that the light never enters their eyes. So God in paradise lacks a look human eyes can discern.

What Does Heaven Look Like According To Different Religions?

1) What does heaven look like in Judaism?
Judaism is considered to be one of the oldest religions in the world. This religion is the religion of Israel, and Hebrew speakers and its holy book ‘Tanakh‘ is considered an ancient part of the Bible.
Judaism is believed to be 3000 years old, but despite being so old, this religion has no complete definition of heaven. This is the reason why heaven has different meanings in this religion. Based on beliefs, according to the Jews, a Messiah comes after the death of a man, and according to tradition, the soul of that dead body goes away after giving a new life.

2) What does heaven look like in Zoroastrianism?
It is believed that if any religion has given the correct and first definition of heaven in the world, it is Zoroastrianism. According to this religion, heaven is a place with a big and beautiful garden, around which walls are built. Zoroastrianism believes that after death, all souls go to heaven. But how long it takes them to reach there depends on the sins and virtues they have done.

According to Zoroastrianism, the story of a person’s death reaching heaven is quite interesting. It is believed that on the fourth day after death, a bridge is shown for his soul to go to heaven. If he has done good deeds in life, then that bridge becomes big. On reaching the other side of the bridge, he is met by a beautiful woman who takes him to the ‘House of Song’, where he awaits the final leg of his journey. Finally, he is admitted to heaven on the last day, where all kinds of happiness are provided to his soul.

3) What is the real heaven look like in Christianity?
According to Christianity, heaven is the place where God and angels reside. Another belief in the context of heaven in Christianity is that it is the place where all the souls who have earned virtue on earth reside. But this too is only for some time, because after that, they are sent to lead human life on earth again.

4) How does heaven look like in Islam? Paradise Of Islam
Heaven is defined in detail in the Quran, the holy book of Islam. According to the Quran, a heaven is a place where the soul of a man goes when the virtues performed by him outweigh his sins. That is, when the weight of good becomes more, then the person attains heaven.

Heaven is also believed to be a magnificent garden where souls rest throughout the day on a comfortable rug. The holy book Quran also mentions the kind of clothes the souls wear when they come here. According to the Quran, souls in heaven wear green clothes and silver ornaments.

5) What does heaven look like in Hinduism?
The four major Vedas of Hinduism, considered the basis of this religion, does not describe heaven or hell. But the definition of heaven has been given in the Upanishads written based on these Vedas. According to this, there are many different types of worlds above the earth, one of which is the heavenly world. God himself and the deity group reside in the heavenly world.

In various religions, based on the merit of a man, his life is considered successful by sending him to heaven, but in Hinduism, the second name of heaven is ‘Moksha‘. Moksha is what makes a person’s life successful after death. Because after going to heaven, the cycle of life and death starts again, but the attainment of salvation is the real happiness of a soul.


What is heaven called?

1) Heaven is the abode of the Lord God (Matthew 6:9)
2) Heaven is called a bed ( Matthew 3:12 )
3) There is building in Heaven (2 Cor. 5:1)
4) Heaven is called the Father’s house (John 14:2)
5) Heaven is called the place of salvation (Heb 4:9)

When was Heaven created?

Heaven is the first creation by God. Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (English KJV) Heaven was created billions of years ago done by God. Similarly, the earth has also created millions of years ago.

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a very holy place. Our eyes scientists Beyond the telescopic instruments of the sky above the Ganges, such a There is a place where humans and every planet of this world, The Almighty who created the shadowy galaxies o space, Omnipresence, all-time, all-presence, the Lord, the creator of the world, resides. (What Does Heaven Look Like?)
(1 Kings 8:30) The majesty and majesty of Heaven are indescribable.
(Cor. 2: 7-9) means that man is not the whole universe by his conscience.

What is the size of Heaven?

The size of Heaven is limitless. There is an outpost on the throne of Heaven and the earth’s feet. When a man reaches the knees of the Lord, that is the feet. I can’t find out the place even after sitting on the post. If so, then the expansion of the place where Bhir God is sitting, How to measure (Jeremiah 31:37) Whoever God wants heavenly. And may this God give Heaven and glory.
According to Revelation 21, many people call the New Jerusalem heaven. Let’s assume that the New Jerusalem is not Heaven but believers in Heaven itself.
For us, there is a city under construction in which Jesus Christ
Getting the building ready for residence. ( John 14:1-3 )

What’s in Heaven?

In Heaven is the throne of the Supreme Lord, on which He is seated.
There are tall buildings in Heaven. Life is a river of water for 12 months. There is 12 kind of fruit-bearing chest (the chest of life).
Air-conditioned environment. Neither cold nor hot nor raining. There is no sun and moon. Only the effulgence of God is illuminated.
There is also a new Jerusalem under construction in some parts of Heaven itself. (about which we will understand in detail later)

How many Heavens are there?

The apostle Paul was one event taken up to the third Heaven.
(Acts 14:19-20 Acts 22:17) These two verses state that the third is Heaven. It means that there must be the first and second are Heaven.
1) The first Heaven – the star in Heaven, i.e., the atmospheric above the earth, the circle in which ships and airplanes fly.
2) The second Heaven – the star system in Heaven, i.e., above the atmosphere as far as the stars, constellations, satellites, Ganga found in space and the place at which man is making many discoveries and sending satellites and spacecraft for exploration.
3) Third Heaven – the constellation above Heaven where the Supreme Lord resides God’s Heaven. (Matthew 6:9)

Where is Heaven?

Heaven is beyond space to the far north. That is, the North Pole of the Earth is probably upwards. Upwards in the same direction.

Who lives in Heaven?

1) God the Father lives in Heaven. ( Matthew 6:9)
2) Jesus lives there (Acts 3:21, Matthew 16:19)
3) Heavenly angels live there (Matthew 18:11, Matthew 26:53)

Which person will get Heaven after death?

1) According to John 3 of 16, everyone is a resident of Heaven.
2) One who believes and is born of spirit and water. John 3 of 5 also follows Christ by repentance.
3) If a man does not get Heaven by his actions, then it is the love of God that He gives to a human being through the form of Jesus.
4) He enters from Heaven through mercy. God does not want any man should go to hell, but he wishes every man had a son.
5) But having faith has eternal life. (John 3 of 16) (What Does Heaven Look Like?)

How long is the time of Heaven?

Heaven’s time is infinite will have life. (John 3 of 16)

Heaven is the real and eternal home?

The Bible is very clear about heaven being the real and eternal home. The world we live in is temporary; This is not our home; We are going through this right now. When life gets difficult, remembering that it will pass and an eternity of peace, love, and glory with our Lord gives you the strength to get through. Continue to move forward. 
“But we are citizens in heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ is. We eagerly await his return, as our Savior. (Philippians 3:20)

How will our bodies be in Heaven?

Our body in Heaven will be a glorified body. As Lord, the body of Jesus had become a glacial body, and he crossed the closed gate and joined the disciples.
Came in the middle In the same way, we will be glorified and become members of Christ.
Will be At that time, we will be seen as the angels and, at the speed of the mind,
will walk and touch each other as Thomas did the Lord Jesus Christ on unbelief after Christ rose on the third day had touched.

Why was heaven created?

The reason for the creation of God’s Heaven is the creation of human beings, and the angels were to be gathered in their presence and had fellowship.
Satan was the archangel before the creation of man, whom God He was a righteous angel but (Ezekiel 8:14,13) He is the beauty of himself and the credit.
The desire to be higher than God, full of arrogance (Isaiah 14:13-14, Ezekiel 28:15-18), whose Because he was sent from Heaven by God along with his fellow messengers was fired. (Ezekiel 28:16-17 Revelation 12:4) The Pride of Satan’s Heart Keeps Him From the Company of God. Otherwise, he would have remained in the presence of the Lord.
Cause God created man (Adam Hawa) in the Garden of Eden because Eden tried to sabotage God’s plan and seduce a man by thoughts and remove him from the company of God Diya (Genesis 3 Chapter) In. This way, a man turns away from God.
Sin began to die. That is why human beings enjoy the qualities of the Supreme Lord.

What are the 3 levels of Heaven?

The closest thing that Scripture says about the different levels of heaven is found in 2 Corinthians 12:2, “I know a man in Christ; fourteen years have passed, not knowing flesh, not knowing flesh, God knows.” is—such a man was taken up into the third heaven.” Some interpret it to indicate that it refers to 3 levels of heaven, with one level for “super-dedicated believers”, or for Christians who have attained higher levels of spirituality, One for “ordinary” believers, and one for believers who have not served God faithfully. It is not a Scripture-based ideology.

What kind of body will we have in Heaven?

We will have physical bodies. We will not be taken to heaven as spirits or something like that. The bible indicates that we will have physical bodies. Take Jesus, for example. After he ascended to heaven after his resurrection and then came back down to earth, he told the apostles in luke chapter 24:39, “Behold my hands and my feet that it is I myself handle me and see for a spirit hath not flesh and bones as ye see me have”. Jesus was in His glorified body, and people were able to touch him. Therefore, he had a physical body, and the bible says he was the first fruit of those who died.



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