What Does Raca Mean In The Bible?


What Does Raca Mean In Matthew

“But I say to you, whoever is angry with his brother, he will be punished in the court: and whoever calls his brother unworthy will be punished in the assembly; And whoever says, “You fool” will be punished by the fire of hell” (Matthew 5:22).

Raca is the translation of Aramaic Rika, which means “of no use” or “stupid.”

What Does The Name Raca Mean?

The planet Venus rules Libra. kulswamini is considered to be the adoration of the Libra zodiac. When the sky is clear, and sometimes there are white clouds, girls named Raca of this zodiac are born in that season. There is no cleverness in these girls named Raca. Girls with these Raca names are prone to kidney, ovary, and skin diseases. In the future, girls named Raca may have poor vision and lower back pain. Girls named Raca are the idols of sacrifice.

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What Does Raca Mean In The Bible?

What Does Raca Mean In The Bible?
What Does Raca Mean In The Bible? see below

What does Raca mean in the Bible? Now when we look up this word, we discover that it is not a Greek word. It’s ancient Aramaic. So this is why, for those who may not know, many words that we may find in the Bible in Hebrew or Greek seem to be still in a foreign language. And it’s because it is in the Aramaic dialect and let me give an example just like when Jesus was on the cross, the scripture says Eli Eli lama Sabachthani which is to be my God watch out for second me.

Still, somebody said well, why does it have that we get the rest of the verses in English. And it’s because, at the time of the writing, those Aramaic words didn’t have a translation that could go into the dialect from which the text was being translated. 

So if you notice, most of the New Testament is translated from Greek. There were no Greek words at the time for the specific Aramaic words. So at the time that they were being written, they remained in their original dialect until later on when we came to the translations that now we had an understanding of it after it had already been commissioned or imprinted into a text or scripture that we can now give definition or terminology to those specific words. So in that Raca at the time it was being said was in the air made dialect not in the Greek or not in Hebrew. 

So now, we have a definition of what the word means, and when you define it, it means empty, senseless, or worthless. Now, to take that a little bit deeper, as one is saying to be empty to be senseless or worthless implies one’s thoughts or mind. So when you look, and in some instances, you can look up the word enough says empty one or someone who’s empty-headed one who is foolish according to what they know and what they don’t know. 

So now, keep this in mind even though I’m not doing the teaching, and this one is about being a fool or being foolish because the term fool means godless. So in that, as we understand this thing of being empty being simply senseless or worthless. It’s in the context of one’s thoughts. It’s in the context of one’s thought pattern.

What does the word Raca mean in Matthew 5:22?

So now I can take you to the verse where we find this specific world Raca is located. And that’s in Matthew chapter five, verse 22 in the second half of the verse says, “whosoever shall say to his brother Raca without a cause shall be in danger of the council.”

Now, whosoever shall say to his brother that he is empty or senseless or worthless is what’s being said here. This may be very profound for somebody over here because so often in our Western world culture as a cliche when people get angry with family members. They’ll be quick to say you ain’t gonna be worth nothing and see what’s happening.

You are in opposition to this particular scripture that the Lord has declared is from the mouth of Gaza. This is from the mouth of Christ Jesus. This is in the bread. So he says be careful of telling somebody they’re worthless and not worth anything. You have enunciated enunciating the word Raca upon the life of an individual’s character.

So in this, what does the verse say it not only gives you a warning regarding the meaning of this word of saying somebody is senseless or worthless or empty or not worth anything. It says we become in danger and see the word dangerous use the universe is in Oikos, which means we become liable to the counsel. 

And the word counsel is soon art on which means the assembly or the sundry on the assembly or the tribunal who renders judgment. So in that this is becoming very profound to us not only understanding what does Raca mean in the Bible so that we are not casually saying something that we’re not aware of what we’re in danger of causing to impact our lives. But to know the consequences of utilizing this word, terminology, or ideal that we keep speaking in and over individuals’ lives.


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