What Does The Bible Say About A Two Faced Person?


What Does The Bible Say About A Two Faced Person?

Here are three signs, God is warning you that someone is a two-faced liar, and thus they should be avoided. So let’s discuss below what does the bible say about a two-faced person.

1) Suppose someone has shown you that they are jealous of others and selfishly ambitious.

what does the bible say about a two faced person
what does the bible say about a two faced person? see below

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God is warning you about a two-faced liar. one of the warning signs that God sends us, but we often overlook, is the signs we see someone committing against other people. When someone is not sinning against us, but they are sinning against others, we can be lulled into the lie that this person is still safe to be around, but this is simply not true. 

James 3:16 explains, “For jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.” 

Don’t be deceived if someone in your life has shown an unhealthy pattern of being jealous of others and selfishly ambitious. Just know that this person won’t stop with you. You just haven’t gotten in their way. Meet, as soon as you have something they want or you become an obstacle blocking them from their goal, they will also betray you. 

A two-faced liar acts deceitfully because they care more about the outcome than the process. They believe the ends always justify the means, even if they have to do evil things to get what they want. They care more about possessing things and gaining earthly prestige than they do about loving God and people. 

2) If someone is trying to control you in the present by making appealing promises about the future, this is a sign God is exposing a two-faced liar.

Sin appeals to our flesh because it makes a promise to us about future pleasure. Do this temptation whispers, and you will experience the pleasure that you seek. This is the same method manipulators use as well. They know they can’t force you to do what they want, so they need to convince you to do what they want, and to do that, they make promises about the future. They listen to you, observe you, and eventually discover what you want. And then they make a promise to you that if you do what they say now, they will give you that thing you want later. 

For an example of the false prophets, Jeremiah 14 13-17 states, “After that, I said ah lord god behold the prophets say to them you will not see the sword neither will you have starvation yet I will give you ensured peace in this area. Consequently, thus states the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy on my name although I did not send them and who state sword and famine will not bump into this land by the sword and scarcity these prophets shall be taken in.

The false prophets knew what the people wanted to hear, so they pretended God told them to say exactly that. Be careful you have not been swept away by those who are telling you what you want to hear. 

Perhaps a man is promising you that if you just have sex with him now, he will marry you later. Perhaps a woman is promising you that if you just keep emotionally investing in her now, she will commit to you later. Perhaps a pastor is promising you that if you give financially to him now, God will finally answer that prayer you have but only after you give to him. 

Whenever someone promises to give you something in the future, if you only give them something that they want right now, this is often a sign they are a two-faced liar and should be avoided. 

3) A two-faced liar is often marked by smooth talk and flattery. Manipulators have no shame.

They will even present themselves with false humility while building you up with deceitful praise. As Romans 16:17 -18 describes, “I appeal you brothers to watch out for those who trigger division and produce barriers contrary to the doctrine that you have actually been educated avoid them. for such individuals do not serve our Lord Christ but their very own hungers as well as by smooth talk and also flattery they trick the heart of the naïve.”

Don’t be one of the naïve. Avoid the person who is using smooth talk and flattery to simply get what they want from you.


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