What Does The Bible Say About Christmas?


What Does The Bible Say About Christmas?

Christmas is a festival celebrated in the name of birthdays and was not celebrated by the early disciples of Jesus. Nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned that Jesus or anyone else celebrated Christmas. Keeping all these things in mind, millions of Christians worldwide believe that they should not celebrate Christmas.

The date of Jesus’ birth is not given in the Bible, nor does it say that we celebrate his birthday. The Encyclopedia of McClintock and Strong states, Christmas was not started by God, nor is it mentioned in the New Testament.

Instead, the history of Christmas suggests that its origins are associated with the customs of non-Christian religions. The Bible tells us that if we don’t worship God in the way he wants us to be, it offends him.​—Exodus 32:5-7.

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas?
What Does The Bible Say About Christmas?

History of Christmas Rituals

  1. Celebrating Jesus’ Birthday: Early Christians did not celebrate [Jesus’] birthday because they believed that the custom of celebrating any person’s birthday was non-Christian.—The World Book Encyclopedia.
  2. December 25: There is no evidence that Jesus was born on this date. Church leaders may have chosen this date because non-Christians celebrated their festivals on or near this date, the last weeks of December.
  3. Giving gifts, feasting, having fun: The Encyclopedia Americana states, “Saturnalia was a Roman feast, celebrated around December 15. Most of the Christmas rituals have been derived from that festival, which used to be fun, such as holding big feasts, celebrating, giving gifts, and lighting candles. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that during Saturnalia, “all work and trade were stopped.
  4. According to The Encyclopedia of Religion, Christmas Lights: Europeans used to decorate their homes in late December with “lights and evergreens of all kinds.” One of his motives for doing this was also to drive away evil spirits.
  5. Mistletoe, Holly: The ancient priests believed that the mistletoe tree had magical powers. The evergreen tree holly was worshiped to assure that the sun would return.—The Encyclopedia Americana.
  6. Christmas Tree: Worshiping the tree was common among non-Christians in Europe, and the practice continued even after their conversion to Christianity. Putting a yule tree at the door or inside the house during festivals in winter proves that tree worship is still practiced.—Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Millions of people all over the world believe that the Christmas festival is celebrated to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But just think, did Jesus’ disciples ever celebrate Christmas during his time? What does the Bible say about birthdays? Knowing the answers to these questions will also help you to understand whether Christians should celebrate Christmas.

First, nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned that the birthday of Jesus or any other servant of God was celebrated. The Bible mentions only two men who celebrated their birthdays. They both did not worship Jehovah God (the biblical name of God), and something bad happened on both of their birthdays (Genesis 40:20; Mark 6:21). 

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Christ’s disciples who lived in the first and second centuries considered it wrong to celebrate birthdays, which were “the custom of other religions.”

On What Date Was Jesus Born?

The Bible does not specify the date on which Jesus was born. McClintock and Strong wrote in the Encyclopedia, “The day on which Christ was born cannot be ascertained from the ‘New Testament,’ nor by any other means.” If Jesus wanted his disciples to celebrate his birthday, he would have made sure that they knew his birth date.

Pay attention to one more thing. Nowhere in the Bible is it written that Jesus or any of his disciples ever celebrated Christmas. The New Catholic Encyclopedia states that the celebration of Christmas was first mentioned in the calendar of Philocalus. 

This calendar was an almanac of the Romans, whose information dates back to 336 CE. This suggests that the first mention of Christmas occurs centuries after the entire Bible was written and Jesus died. That is why the Encyclopedia McClintock and Strong states, “Christmas was not started by God, nor is it mentioned in the New Testament.” 

What Day Did Jesus Command His Disciples To Observe?

Our Great Teacher Jesus told his disciples what they had to believe. These things are recorded in the Bible. But he made no mention of Christmas. 

Just as a teacher wants children not to go beyond what he has instructed, so Jesus wants his disciples to “not go beyond what is written” in the Bible.—1 Corinthians 4:6.

But there is an important day that Jesus’ disciples celebrated, and they were well aware of that. That is the memorial ceremony of the death of Jesus. Jesus himself commanded them when and how they should celebrate this ceremony. There are clear instructions in this regard and the date of his death.—Luke 22:7, 19; 1 Corinthians 11:25.

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas And Easter?

Christmas, celebrating Christ’s birth, Jesus, and Easter, which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, are the two biggest celebrations of Christianity. For a lot of Christian faiths, Easter is thought to be the more significant occasion. One out of eight Christians who observe Christmas (12 percent) declares that it’s not important to them.

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas Tree?

Then you will take the very first day to enjoy the fruits of magnificent trees, palm trees, and branches of willows and leafy trees of the brook. And you’ll be joyful before God your God for seven days. Many believe that this verse signifies the tree is a celebration symbol derived from the reverence of God.

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas Gifts?

Gift-giving dates back to pagan ceremonies that were held in winter. When Christianity brought these practices to celebrate Christmas, the rationale to give gifts was changed toward The Three Wise Men, the Magi who handed out gifts to the baby Jesus.

Is Christmas Biblical or Pagan?

Although December 25 is the day that Christians commemorate Jesus’ birth Jesus Christ, the date and a lot of the customs we’ve come across to Christmas were derived from pagan practices celebrating the winter solstice.

Is Celebrating Christmas A Sin?

Of course, it’s not. Enjoy any day you want for any reason you’d like. It’s a short time on earth, so enjoy every minute of it. Everyone celebrates their birthdays (even when it’s only looking at it and eating some scones at the bakery for breakfast), So why not celebrate the birthdays of others? I am a fan of many holidays that are from the past. 

I’m from Ohio, and I observe Johnny Appleseed Day by getting an apple fritter at Donut Shop. I enjoy apple fritters as well as cherry pie! I also celebrate Gen. Washington’s birthday with an apple pie at the nearby bakery. 

There is no place in the Bible or the Creeds and in the Catechism or any other than the most absurd doctrines of cults that do not allow human beings to enjoy the joy of doing something extra special every day that is special to them, even on days that no one else knows about. Do you want to celebrate the day when the pills finally started to kick into my system, and I finally slept the night?

Indeed, the Bible and the Creeds and the Catechism don’t need to observe such holidays as personal ones. They are not even public holidays. Are you not a fan of Independence Day? Don’t go out and watch the fireworks. Don’t love Christmas? Then stay at home and avoid watching holiday programs on television, and don’t consume cookies. 

What do these cult sin apologists have to say about eating a cookie on December 26? That is St. Stephen’s Day. Do you think about buying an ice cream cone on August 23? It’s my birthday. 

In reality, every day is a holiday of someone else’s. How do you stay clear of “celebrating” them? Phooey! I’m baking shortbread this morning; stop in and enjoy a bite. I won’t look at the calendar, so we can pretend there isn’t anyone who is celebrating something today somewhere.

My rule was in the room for staff. If someone puts meals on the tables in the room for staff to celebrate anything or anything, I’ll eat it!

There is a reference to eating plenty of food and drinking sweet wine -it’s a great idea every day! A great idea, especially for a cold Christmas Day!

What Does The Bible Say About Christmas Trees KJV?

According to KJVYour God, for which thou must create. You must not make a grove of trees next to God’s altar. While this passage doesn’t relate specifically to Christmas trees, it makes an effort to mention the trees in the vicinity of that altar Lord.


1. What is Christmas according to the Bible?

Answer: Christmas is celebrated to mark Christ’s birth Jesus Christ, who Christians believe to be God’s Son. God. The name Christmas comes directly from Mass of Christ (or Jesus). … The people, especially children, are also fond of Christmas because it is a time to present and receive gifts!

2. Is it biblical to celebrate Christmas?

Answer: Although Christmas isn’t listed anywhere in the Bible, it is customary to commemorate the first appearance of Christ and the birth of His son. When the shepherds heard that Jesus was born, Jesus They prayed to God and then announced to all the people around them that Jesus was Jesus, the Messiah of the world was here.

3. Is it a sin to put up a Christmas tree?

Answer: Then you must not plant thee an acre of any tree near to the altar of the LORD God of Israel, for which is the place where thou must make. The Bible speaks of people planting trees close to the holy spot of God, meaning that you cannot put anything in the holy area that would distract the focus away from God.


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