What Does The Bible Say About Crystals?


What Does The Bible Say About Crystals?

Crystals are beautiful stones made by God. In the Old Testament, we read that the armor worn by the high priest had twelve stones on which were written the names of the tribes of Israel: “And they set in it four rows of gems. In the first line, ruby, padmarag, and laldi were installed; and in the second row turquoise, sapphire, and diamond, and in the third row Lasham, Suryakant, and Neelam; and the fourth row was studded with turquoise, onyx, and jasmine; They were all set in different gold mines” (Exodus 39:10–13).

ISAIAH 54:12

There is some evidence about crystals in the Bible in Isaiah 54:12 Verse.

ISAIAH 54:12

Crystals In The Bible KJV

In the New Testament (KJV), we read that precious stones will be used to construct the new Jerusalem. The apostle John wrote, “The glory of God was in him, and his light was as pure as jasper, a very precious stone, that is, amethyst. And its wall was connected with that of Jashab, and the city was of such pure gold that it should be like clean glass. The foundations of that city were embellished with various precious stones. The first one was of jasab, the second of sapphire, the third of redwood, the fourth of turquoise. The fifth is of onyx, the sixth of ruby, the seventh of a stone, the eighth of a pearl, the ninth of a topaz, the tenth of a clover, the eleventh of a smoker, the twelth of Yakut” (Revelation 21:11,18-20).

Do Crystals Work As Healing?

Some believe that crystals have magical powers for healing, and they use them as an alternative medicine technique to heal ailments and protect against diseases. They act as healers by allowing positive healing energy to flow through the body in the form of negative energy that causes disease.

But there is no scientific evidence for this, nor do studies prove that crystals have any medical effects. Crystals are regarded as a pseudoscience since no diseases have been caused by the energy flow that is believed to be in the body. The “claimed” successes of crystal healing can be attributed to the placebo effect.

12 Crystals In The Bible

12 Crystals or Gems In The Bible
12 Crystals or Gems In The Bible

In The Old Testament

The 12 different precious stones were used to symbolize the 12 types of Israel. These stones were embedded on the Ephod, which was worn by priests to perform the rituals. Importance of stones in the Ephod garment. Ephod breastplate has 12 stones. Each stone symbolizes each prize.

S.noOld Testament CrystalsSymbolizes
1SardiusSymbolizes Reuben
2TopazSymbolizes Simeon
3CarbuncleSymbolizes Levi
4EmeraldSymbolizes Judah
5SapphireSymbolizes Issachar
6DiamondSymbolizes Zebulun
7LigureSymbolizes Naphtali
8AgateSymbolizes Gad
9AmethystSymbolizes Asher
10BerylSymbolizes Manasseh
11OnyxSymbolizes Ephram
12JasperSymbolizes Benjamin
Old Testament Crystals

In The New Testament

New Testament also has 12 types of stones used in the foundation of new Jerusalem.

S.noNew Testament CrystalsMeaning And Characteristics
1JasperA precious stone of various colors, brown and white, symbolizes the blend atonement we have to the sacrifice.
2SapphireIt means truth, faithfulness, and sincerity. Blue was colored used by priests to show their association with the heavens.
3ChalcedonyThe most valuable gem is noted for its extreme hardness, purity, and appearance. Its light blue color symbolizes heaven and communication with God’s spirit.
4EmeraldIt is called a stone that is associated with vision and the revealing of the future, the future, the truth, and events.
5SardonyxA precious tone resembling the color of a human fingernail, it is considered as a stone of strength, integrity, stamina, and vigor.
6CarnelianCarnelian is a transparent heart fine-grained variety of organic red quartz. It is the modern Word of the stone translated as Sardius.
7ChrysoliteChrysolite’s modern name for this stone is peridot, which is a lovely transparent gem from the mineral olivine.
8BerylBeryl is a beautiful pellucid gem of bluish-green color found in Peru color of the wheels in Ezekiel’s vision of the color of the beryl stone.
9TopazIt is a precious stone that God used to decorate lucifer bluish in color. It’s a symbol of love and affection.
10Chrysoprase Chrysoprase, the stone is beautifully variegated. It promotes hope and joy and symbolizes spiritual safety, and enhances grace and balance.
11Jacinth Jacinth, a precious stone of an orange and red color, resembles the amethyst.
12Amethyst Amethyst is a gem of rosy-purple color believed by the juice to procure pleasant dreams.
New Testament Crystals

Biblical Meaning Of Crystal

They are believed to increase positivity and cleanse the mind and body of any negative energy for both emotional and physical benefits. Crystals have been regarded as an ancient form of medicine based on philosophies derived from Buddhism and Hinduism.

But according to Numerology. 8. Crystal is a Hebrew Girl Name, and the meaning of this name is ” Clear Unblemished.”

12 Stones In Bible Revelation

The twelve sacred gems in Revelation are given in the table below.

Crystals In Revelation

Many believe that there may be a connection between the apostles of the twelve and the twelve gems discovered on the wall of Jerusalem.

12 Crystals In The Bible

The Breastplate (Exodus 28,:10-30) – A square breastplate with gold embroidery was worn over the Ephod. It contained twelve precious stones in gold filigree: 1. Topaz, 2. Ruby, 3. Carbuncle 4. Garnet, 5. Sapphire, 6. Jacinth, 7. Agate, 8. Amethyst, 9. Beryl, 10. Onyx(Sardonyx) , 11. Jasper, 12. Ligure.

Citrine In The Bible

In the book of the bible, citrine is a potent cleanser and regenerator that carries the energy from the Sun. Citrine is a highly beneficial stone, and it’s energizing, warming, and extremely imaginative. It is among the crystals that don’t require cleaning.

It absorbs, transforms, and can dissipate negative energy in the ground, making it extremely protective of the surrounding environment. Citrine is among the stones that bring abundance, and this powerful stone can teach you how to manifest and attract prosperity and wealth.

Citrine is a cheerful and generous stone that encourages sharing what you have yet assisted you in holding on to your riches. It can give joy to everyone who looks at it. The negative and the gloomy are not welcome in citrine. It’s a good stone for relaxing family or group discord psychologically.

Citrine increases self-esteem and confidence and eliminates negative tendencies. It boosts individuality, increases motivation, boosts creativity, and promotes self-expression. It reduces your sensitivity, particularly to criticism, and helps you act on constructive criticism.

Citrine improves concentration and rejuvenates the mind. It is a great aid for getting over depression, anxieties, and anxieties. Citrine is a great way to calm your mind and allows wisdom to come through.

It assists in digesting information, studying circumstances, and focusing on them with a positive perspective. This stone helps to awaken the mind’s higher level. Wearing necklaces of citrine overcomes difficulties in expressing emotions and thoughts. Citrine is a stone that promotes happiness in our lives, and it helps release negative characteristics, fear, anxieties, and feelings on the deepest levels.

The Mysterious About Crystals in the Bible

The Bible does not give crystals any magical properties. So, how were crystals with healing power conceived? Those who claim that crystals have healing power are involved in the mystical. Indulgence, by definition, focuses on supernatural, paranormal, or magical beliefs, practices, or events, and it is associated with astrology, numerology, divination, oriental religion, sorcery, medium, spirits, and psychological healing.

The Bible specifically warned against the mystical. God said, “There should not be anyone among you who offers son or daughter in the fire, prophesies or believers in auspicious or inauspicious times or sorcerers.” or occultists or jugglers or witches. You can be the one asking, the one worshipping ghosts, the awakener of spirits, or both. All who do these things are an abomination before the Lord. The Lord, your God, is about driving them out of your house. sight” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

Anyone who seeks to manipulate the spirit world can be classified as witchcraft. Therefore, using crystals as magic, amulets, or talismans is mystical. The Lord forbade his people from adopting the custom of wearing amulets (Ezekiel 13:18, 20–21). And the apostle Paul said that sorcery is among the sinful works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19–21).

Precious Stones In The Bible And Their meaning pdf


Where did the precious stones and gold of the Bible come from?

Havilah was originally found in Gen 2:11-12, but it is now found all over the earth. The most valuable and long-lasting ones are found in God’s word Job 28:1-28, esp. verse 18.

What is the most valuable of semi-precious stones?

1. Citrine
Its color will indicate whether it is semi-precious. It is a reddish-orange color. It is highly valued for its transparency and beautiful appearance.
2. Tanzanite
Its rare location makes it one of the most precious semi-precious gemstones. This gemstone is found only in Northern Tanzania, and it is also known as Tanzanite. Its stunning hue is a testament to its value.
3. Opal
They are unique in their color texture, with sparks from the entire color spectrum, which makes them valuable and attractive. Black Opal is one of the most rare and valuable opals.
4. Amethyst
Another semi-precious gem is this purple-hued one. It is highly desirable because of its beautiful shades, and this stone is highly valued because of its many benefits.

What KJV Bible verses refer to crystals, precious stones, and gems?

The following phase of the KJV Bible refers to Crystals, Precious stones, Gems.
Ezekiel 28:13- This is Satan before God placed him in Eden.
1Chronicles 29:1- These were the words of King David. Because of his past as an army warrior, he has been denied permission to build Jehovah’s temple. He doesn’t feel offended but instead prepares building materials to help Solomon build his temple. Precious stones are one of them. It’s no wonder that David is called a man after God’s own heart by the Bible.
Job 28:12- Job faces one of the most difficult tests a man can face. Job didn’t have all the facts today, and he did not understand or know why these horrible things were happening.
Exodus 28:15- The Jewish High Priest’s breastplate, first wormed by Aaron and then his successors.
Matthew 7:6- Jesus compared the truth about God’s Word and God’s Kingdom to pearls. These pearls of truth are not for everyone, and even those who have a great education from a worldly perspective may not be able to surrender long-held beliefs or traditions to allow God’s truth to penetrate them. Jesus warned his followers to be careful where they put their pearls.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying crystals for aesthetic purposes, but the Bible is clear that they do not possess any magical power. Using crystals for healing is idolatrous because it relies on spiritual powers other than those approved by the Lord. And idolatry and mysticism are strictly prohibited and reprehensible in the Bible (Deuteronomy 4:15–20; 1 Corinthians 10:14–20; 2 Corinthians 6:16–17).



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