What Does The Bible Say About Lust?


What Does The Bible Say About Lust?

I’m confused about the concept of lust. Does that mean we can’t be attracted to women? What is the difference between natural sexual attraction and lusting that seems to be wrong in the Bible? What Does The Bible Say About Lust? Well, that is a great question. I’m glad you asked it. It’s not an easy one. That’s something that can sometimes make us feel a little bit awkward. But this is a great question.

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Because I think there’s well just as you’re confused, I think there’s often some confusion about this. So let’s talk about these different things. 

Let’s go back to the Bible, and we’re going back to the Ten Commandments. So this is an exodus chapter 20. God is laying out the Ten Commandments, and what is number 10? this is kind of the overlooked commandment, in my opinion. 

What does he say you shall not covet your neighbour’s house you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife nor his male servant nor his female servant nor his ox nor his donkey nor anything that is your neighbours. Why, what is wrong with coveting? I mean, what does it mean to covet my neighbour’s house. So let’s say that my neighbour has a really beautiful house. 

All right, and I start coveting what am I doing when I’m coveting my neighbour’s house. I’m having thoughts like this: why does he get to me and have such a nice house? What makes him so special is that he gets to have that house, and I don’t write that is the crux of the matter. Why does he get that? And I don’t get that. 

All right, then I go to the next thing don’t cover your neighbour’s wife hey he’s got a really beautiful wife. Why does he get to have that beautiful wife? And I don’t get to have that beautiful wife. You see, what happens is that when I start coveting somebody’s stuff, really when I’m lusting after something. 

I think there’s something out there that I want, and I cannot have, and it’s not fair this is kind of the standard two-year-old tantrum I want it now, and we throw a fit, but you know there are some times I would not give my kids when they were little I would not give them certain things because they were not healthy for them. 

But other times, and, a lot of the time, they just had to ask me and not have a tantrum, and I was happy to give them those things. So let’s go back to our neighbour’s house, and our neighbour’s wife, my neighbour has a gorgeous house why does he get to have that gorgeous house why don’t I get to have that gorgeous house.

Well, look, the house that you’re looking at, your neighbour’s house is already taken a right he lives in it. But you know what, there are other houses out there, and if you ask your father, he just might give you one too right instead of having a tantrum about it. 

Saying you know wolf Lord other houses up there may be one for me, and he’s like yeah actually there are other houses, and I’m willing to work with you so that we can get you a beautiful house. And I want to bless you with a beautiful wife. 

So this is what happens as we started thinking that it’s a zero-sum game that you know if he if my neighbour has it then I don’t get it I’m missing out I’m being cheated God’s not giving to me. So what happens with lust is that we start looking at a woman or sometimes a man, whatever it may be in our modern world. 

We start saying I want that I’ve got to have that that should be mine I deserve that. And instead of asking the Lord, Lord blesses me with a wonderful wife. Yes, I want her to be pretty alright, and because I do, you built me with natural sexual desires. So that is something that is a gift from you. But I want to use it in the right context. And so it’s operating in the right context that gods like go for it.

So the marriage bed is holy. So within the context of a marriage, you can go for it. You can enjoy the wife of your youth. The Bible tells you to enjoy her body. Paul makes sure the man is to enjoy her body because it belongs to him, and she’s to enjoy his body because it belongs to her. 

So within the context, the right context, it’s a beautiful, wonderful thing. But when it’s in an incorrect Tonk context, and I’m just kind of lusting, I just know you’re lusting, and I’m just coveting things and wanting things that are not mine, I don’t have any right to those things. It will end in pain and misery, and that is why God tells us not to lust. 

Not only after people or women but also after you know houses and other things because of what happens. I was meditating some time ago about coveting if I covet long enough and focus on it. 

I stood, you know, let’s take my neighbour’s house again. If I keep saying, why does he get to have it, and I don’t. What that’s gonna do is it’s going to eventually manifest in my life.

Suppose we go back to the other Ten Commandments, especially the latter ones that deal with humans. I might start breaking one of those other Commandments cause it’s interesting there’s no specific commandment, or there’s no specific penalty against coveting. That you know if you covet, you know you get twenty lashes or something we’re not told that right. 

If you cover it, you have to repay. There’s nothing about that but what happens is that coveting will lead me to break one of the other Commandments. So let’s think about it. 

You know, if I’m coveting my neighbour’s wife, I’m lusting after her, and I continue to lust after her one of the actions I could potentially take is that I go and I commit adultery. That’s a real problem if I commit adultery because I’ve taken what belongs to another man, in this case, his wife and I’ve now appropriated her. I’ve stolen her for myself.

I’ve taken what was holy between them, and I’ve now interjected myself and put myself in a very bad situation. Let’s take his house. It’s hard to steal a house, necessarily. You know why he gets that, and I don’t know, so that could lead to many things.

But it is certainly possible, you know I could do some kind of contriving scheme to make him lose it. I could also kill him. And you know I could kill him and then take it right that’s what I have done to vote as he just killed him. I wasn’t a vote, or I think it was no, but he just killed him. 

I want you at once is a vineyard, and he was coveting his vineyard, so jess was like, don’t worry honey. I’ll find a way to do it. And so that’s exactly what she did. She buys by his coveting she was then inspired to bear false witness against him. she against the vote. She was then she then had him murdered, and of course, then they stole his vineyard. 

So by coveting, we’re gonna eventually, if we continue to practice the coveting, we will break one of the other Commandments. Now it’s also interesting in the light of neuroscience. We understand now that we continue to focus on actually begin to grow neurological pathways in our brains. 

So if we continue to focus on a particular thing now, this can be a very good thing, right? Professional athletes, people who are Olympians they’re training there. They’re focusing on their mind and by doing mind training. The science scientists at a study have proven that there were four different groups of people. 

So there was, you know, one that only did physical one that did different numbers of things. But the ones that did a lot of mental training performed the best, all right. They performed the best because of the mental training.

 So when you’re lusting, you’re doing mental training, but it’s bad training. Because that training will eventually lead you to do an action that is not healthy that will lead you to potentially actually doing real adultery, potentially stealing someone’s wife or their fiancee or someone’s future wife or something like that. 

It may cause you to lie about it. It could cause you to murder. There are so many different scenarios, and I can’t, you know, list them all here, of course, but that’s what happens when we lust.

So we want to be careful to not lust cuz it’s not healthy, it’s not good for us, not that God’s trying to, you know to be a killjoy and you know, and it’s not that you can’t appreciate women. You certainly can, but you’ve got to be careful all right to not, you know to take it too far. 

Let me just say something else about this does topic. Just because you get a thought in your mind, it doesn’t mean that you’re lusting. It’s when you have some kind of a, you know, an x-rated thought that stays in your mind, and you continue to own it and embrace it that’s when it becomes a problem. 

So just because you have a fleeting thought, you know if it comes through and it fleets in and let it fleet out okay hey you’re not wanted okay just here’s the door see you later. 

So don’t stress about, you know, random thoughts. I would encourage you, though, to use your know focus on what is good, alright, so don’t focus on. I can’t lust. That’s like thinking doesn’t think about pink elephants. What do you think about pink elephants? 

So you’re never gonna beat this thing by saying I got to stop lusting because you’ll never do it, but what you want to do is focus on righteousness, focus on what is beautiful, think you know in your mind, try to imagine God. What does he look like? 

You know what is he’s on his throne he’s got this raiment of light what could that be like you know what might it feel like to be in his presence and lose yourself in that because ultimately when you’re lusting, there’s something beautiful in this case a woman. She’s beautiful, and you’re attracted to that beauty, but there are other things like God’s Beauty that are wonderful. 

So if we could start to train our minds all right, we start to find victory but not trying to overcome the bad stuff but by folk on the good stuff. And be you know be that that athlete that’s going to meditate on those things on the good things. 

Whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is true, meditate on these things Paul says, and the peace of God will be with you, and so that’s what we want to do. 

John is not saying you can’t enjoy women. He created them, and he has them on for you all right, and that’s the beauty. So but you have to appreciate that woman’s beauty within the context of a committed relationship, and then it’s a wonderful thing, but if it’s just here and there, it will lead to depression. 

It will lead to it could lead to very, you know, more physical. You know manifestations, which could include adultery. It could include stealing, murder, all kinds of bad stuff.

Biblical Interpretation Of The “Lust Of The Flesh”

What Does The Bible Say About Lust?
What Does The Bible Say About Lust?

What does the Bible say about overcoming Lust or Lust of the flesh? My flesh is filled with Lust and desires and can also be referred to as my will.’ My intention is to please myself without weighing the right thing to do before God.

They can take a variety of shapes. The Lust to be envied is an example of the reason I’m tempted to give in to discontent and resentment because other people seem to have greater advantages than me.

Or laziness. The urge to not let go of the time and energy I have to someone else. My lusts always put me in the center more than God or anyone else. It is not about the external circumstances or what others are saying or doing.

He writes in James 1:14 that everyone is enticed when attracted by his desires and lured.

These trigger a response to the Lust in my body, which results in the feeling or thought of the urge to.

Satan is also aware of my desires and lusts, and he attempts to “push my buttons.” If these desires and lusts are stimulated,

Then I am in that moment of being enticed. And then, I am faced with a decision to make.

The desire – that means the response to my desires and lusts is not identical to committing sin. James goes on in chapter 15 when desire has been born and given birth to sin.

It’s not until I have acquiescence to my own will or my desires and Lust that it is a sin. This means that I am able to also conquer these desires.

Since the desires and lusts reside within me, I am able to deny them with the help of The Holy Spirit. It isn’t possible to always be able to do something.

Regarding the external circumstances regarding the external situations, but I am able to choose what to do with the response to the desires and lusts in my body.

This is the subject Paul says in Galatians 5:24. Christ’s followers have crucified the flesh through its passions or lusts and desires.

The person who is crucified dies. The same is true for the crucified, and Paul employs this image to demonstrate what happens to the desires and lusts of those who do not agree with him.

Be careful with them and do not with them, and don’t give in to them.

This way, I am able to lead a life of triumph throughout my life and lead a pleasing life for God. I am a brand new person.

Bible Verse About Lust And Marriage

Colossians 3:5

You must be executed, therefore those who belong to you in the world of sexual immorality, sexual insanity, love of depraved passion, covetousness, and evil desire that is idolatry.

1 Corinthians 6:13

Food items for the stomach and the belly for food; however, God will destroy both of them. However, your body will not be used meant for sexual immorality, but for God the Lord as well as the Lord for the body.

1 Corinthians 6:18-20

Avoid sexual immorality. Each crime a man commits is outside the body. However, the one who is sexually immoral commits a sin against his body. Did you know the body of yours is a temple to the Holy Spirit that is in you and that you are a gift to thank God? You’re not your own because you were purchased by a price. Therefore, you should praise God in the body as well as in your spirit that is God’s.

1 Corinthians 10:13

There is no temptation that has taken you beyond what is typical for a man. God is faithful and will not let you be enticed beyond what you can handle. However, if you are tempted by the temptation, provide the escape path so that you are able to take it.

Put on the entire armor of God to be in a position to resist the devil’s tricks when our struggle is not against blood and flesh rather against principalities, the powers of the world’s rulers of dark ages, and against the forces of spiritual evil in the heavens. So put on the complete armor of God to be capable of overcoming in the day of evil, after all, you have done to remain.

Ephesians 6:11-17

Stand there with the belt of truth at your waist and wearing the righteousness breastplate and having adorned to your feet the perfection for the gospel of peace before all else, you have taken an armor of faith which you’ll be able to ward off all the fiery darts from that evil spirit. Also, take the armor of salvation and that sword of spirit that is God’s word. God.

Galatians 5:16

However, I suggest you walk in the spirit, and you will not be able to satisfy the desire of the flesh today the actions of the flesh.

Galatians 5:19-21

The deeds committed by the flesh are evident are sexual immorality, adultery, idolatry, uncleanness, lustfulness, violence, sorcery, hate, and jealousy. They also unleash outbursts of conflict, anger, rivalries, and heresies. 

Envy commits murder, alcohol orgies, and others like these that I warn you about in the same way that I warned people who engage in these kinds of practices would not have the privilege of inheriting God’s kingdom.

Hebrews 13:14

The marriage ceremony should be celebrated in honor among all, and the bed should be uncontaminated. However, God will decide on those who are sexually unmoral and indecent.

James 1:14-15

Each one of us is at risk to be enticed by his own desire and is enticed. Then, the Lust, it is conceived, will result in sin, and once it has grown to its fullest, it results in death.

Every person who commits sin also commits lawlessness, which is lawlessness. We all know that Jesus Christ was revealed to wipe away our sins, and in His presence, there is no sin. Anyone who remains in his presence doesn’t commit make a mistake. Anyone who sins hasn’t been in his presence and hasn’t met him.

1 John 3:4-10

Little children, don’t let anyone school you wrong. Whoever is upright is righteous as long as the righteous are. Sinners are from the devil, as Satan has been guilty of sin since the beginning and continues to do so until the final. Jesus Christ, the Son God God, was revealed to us so that He would stop the devil’s work. Devil.

Anyone who is born from God does not commit sin since the seed of God remains in his body, and he isn’t able to sin since God is his birthright. God. In this way, those who are children of God are revealed, as well as the children of Satan are revealed. If you don’t practice righteousness, you are not from God, nor is he who does not care for his brother.

1 John 2:16

For all that is in the world The for all that is in the world, the Lust of Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the joy of living isn’t just the father’s, but the entire world.

Philippians 4:8

Lastly, I say to you, brothers I say, whatever is real, whatever is worthy, whatever is pure, whatever is pure, whatever is beautiful, whatever is in good taste in the event that there is any virtue, and If there is any praise take a moment to think about these things.

Psalm 119:9-10

How does a young man maintain his life pure by adhering to your words? I’ve been searching for your guidance with all my heart. Do not let me wander away from your commands.

Psalm 119:37

Take my eyes off of the things that are worthless. Remind me how you think.

Romans 8:6

The mind of the flesh is death, but that of the spirit is peace and life.

Thessalonians 4:3-5

This is the desire of God your salvation, to abstain from sexual immorality. Each person in your life knows how to manage his body in the name of sanctification and honor and not in the desire of Lust and Lust, as do the people of the Gentiles that don’t have a relationship with God.

2 Timothy 2:22

Escape from the lusts of youth but seek righteousness, faith, and love. You will find peace for those who seek the Lord from a sincere heart.


1. What does God say about Lust?

Answer: Get rid of sexual imprudence. Other wrongs a person commits are not within the body. However, if one is sexually indecent, commits a sin against their physique. All that is in this world which includes the craving for blood and flesh as well as the desire of the eyes and the Lust for a living — is in no way a gift from God and originates out of the universe.

2. What is God’s punishment for Lust?

Answer: People who are lustful — those who commit the deadly sin of Lust will suffer in Hell by getting covered in flames and brimstone.

3. Does God forgive Lust?

Answer: The sin of the Lust of a person is a frequent issue for a large number of Christians. And President Carter is on the right track. God has forgiven him and will forgive him. In actual fact, God’s expectation is for us to resist temptation and seek help from him with the release of sinful desires.

4. What does the Bible say about resisting Lust?

Answer: Do not love the world or everything in this world. If someone loves the world, their love for God isn’t in the person. The reason is that everything in the world–the desire from the body, the desire of our eyes, and the joy of our lives–doesn’t come from God but rather from the world.

5. Why is Lust bad?

Answer: Lust makes people deceivers, frauds as well as manipulators. Their behavior towards others is motivated by their desire to gain. Like an addict will do anything to get what he wants as a person who is sucked in the desire to be a part of everything to satisfy their self-gratification.

6. Why is Lust a sin?

Answer: Aquinas states that sexual sin is the result due to “voluptuous emotions” and argues that sexual pleasures “unloosen the human spirit” and defy reasoning (pg. 191). However, sexual activity for pleasure is considered lustful and, therefore, a crime. Anyone who makes use of his body for sex is in violation of the Lord.

7. What are examples of Lust?

Answer: Lust can be described as an intense desire to do something or meet the other. One example of Lust could be the sensation a person gets when he sees the most beautiful supermodel. Lust is an intense desire to own a stylish new automobile. To feel a strong desire, particularly one sexual.

8. How do you fight Lust?


  • Set boundaries for yourself.
  • Create a List of the reasons not to.
  • Identify your triggers.
  • You can find healthy and effective ways to be engaged.
  • Rekindle your love for your partner of choice.
  • Relaxation techniques can aid in unwinding.
  • Join a self-help group.
  • Ask for help If you’re spiritual or religious.
  • Ask for advice from spiritual or religious leaders.
  • Practice mindful meditation.
  • Be aware that your sexual thought and emotions can be normal.
  • Speak to a counselor in case you’re overwhelmed.
  • Consult your physician for a prescription when nothing else seems to work.



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