What Does The Bible Say About Politicians?


4 Principle What Does The Bible Say About Politicians?

What does the Bible say about Politicians and Politics? In other words, how are we supposed to respond to the current culture and to all the craziness that’s going on in the United States?

And so, I want to give you four principles to help you understand this problem. We see four things in Scripture about how we should respond to politics and how we should respond to the government. 

1st Principle we must submit to our authorities. Now we find this in a couple of places in Scripture. First and foremost, we see it in the life and the Ministry of Jesus. 

If you remember, in Matthew chapter 22, verses 17 through 21, the Pharisees come, and they set a trap for Jesus, and ally asked Jesus, hey, the teacher should we pay the tax or not. And they’re trying to trick Jesus, and Jesus says, okay, give me a coin. 

What Does The Bible Say About Politicians?
What Does The Bible Say About Politicians?

Now show me on that coin whose inscription and whose likeness is on that coin and he asked them, and they say well it’s Caesars, and he says, Then Give to Caesar the things Caesar does and give to God the God’s will. Now what Jesus says here is fascinating because he sets up two things in this statement. 

The first is that we must submit to God, but the second is also that we must obey the government, and we can’t just remove one of those elements Jesus thinks we should do both of them. We should submit to God, and we should obey the government. 

Now Paul steps in Romans chapter 13, and he even gives us a clearer example of beginning in verse one, and I want to read this for you okay because I think this text is really helpful. Verse 1: Everyone should remain under the control of ruling authorities, as there is only one authority, the one that God is establishing.

God has established the existing authorities; consequently, whoever rebelled against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted. If they do, they will be in the spotlight and face a snare as the person in the position of authority is God’s servant to your benefit.

So what Paul is saying here is that in a general sense, God has established authority, and he’s established the government to bring about his justice on earth and that we have a responsibility to submit to it as if we were submitting to God. We have a responsibility to do what the government commands us to do and to obey the laws. 

2nd Principle is this we must respect our authorities. Now we find this in a couple of places in Scripture as well in the New Testament. 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 17 says to show respect to everyone honor the king and then again Paul says in Romans chapter 13 and verse 7 give to Everyone who you have when respect is respected, and respect is an honor, then honor.

Now Paul’s point here isn’t that we get to choose who we do this for or that we do it based on our feelings but rather that if the office and institution demand respect and honor, we give it because of the office and because of the institution. 

So he’s not saying, hey, you guys can go out and pick and choose who you respect and who you don’t, who you honor and who you don’t. If you don’t like this leader or that leader, you don’t have to respect your honor. That’s not what he’s saying. 

He’s saying that if there’s an institution that demands respect and honor, we give it as if we were giving it to Christ that we fulfill our obedience to Christ. 

3rd Principle is this we must pray for our authorities. Now I say this because I think we forget this as Christians, and I think it is a vital component of Scripture that we take the time to pray for those in authority over us.

First, Timothy chapter 2 and verses 1 through 2 tell us that we’re to pray for everyone but specifically for all Kings and for all those who are an authority over us.

So God has told us, hey, pray for all of your leaders that I’ll give them the wisdom to do what’s right and to obey my law. 

4th Principle, we must speak well of our authorities. the fourth Principle is this, and I want you to catch this one because I think this is probably the most important today. Titus chapter three, verses one through two paul’s discussing governing authorities and submitting to them. 

In the context of that, he says we’re responsible for submitting to our authorities. Still, he also says we’re responsible for slandering no one. That is, we’re not to say anything vicious or malicious about anyone who is in authority. 

Now that doesn’t mean we can’t disagree with policies. It does mean that we shouldn’t be making personal attacks on people’s character or their intentions. 

We shouldn’t be taking cheap shots at them, cursing them out, or saying anything of that nature. We should be speaking well of authority people remembering that what Paul and Jesus said is true that God put those people in authority. And so that’s what the Bible has to say about politics or Politicians.

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Bible Verses About Politicians And Governments

First Timothy Chapter Two Verses One And Two.

First of all, I urge prayers, supplications of intercession, prayers, and the offering of thanks to all people for the kings and all those in charge to lead a courageous and peaceful life in integrity and godliness.

Psalm 22 Verses 27 And 28.

All the ends of the earth will be reminded and turned to the Lord. All peoples of the world will worship the Lord since the kingdom belongs to the Lord, and he is also the ruler of the world.

Acts Chapter 5 Verse 27 And 29.

They then brought the apostles to the high council, where the high priest questioned the apostles, but Peter and the apostles said that we should follow God instead of any authority of humankind.

Romans Chapter 13 Verse 1.

Let every soul be subordinate to the greater powers because there is only one power: that God. God, the powers in play are the ordained power of God.

First Peter Chapter 2 Verses 13 To 15.

submit yourself for the sake of the Lord to all human institutions, whether to a king, as the sole authority, or to governors appointed by God to be punished of those who commit evil and the praise of those who are righteous.

This is the intention of God to silence the foolishness of men by acting in the right way.

John Chapter 19 Verses 10 To 11.

So Pilate told Jesus, “Why don’t I respond to me? Do you realize I am the one who has the power to release you or execute you?

Jesus replied, pilate, you would not be able to rule over me had it not been handed to you from above. This is why the person who handed me to you is responsible for a more serious crime.

Romans Chapter 13 Verses 3 To 4.

Since the authorities are not able to cause fear to those who are doing the right thing, however, for those making mistakes, Would you prefer to live in peace and not be afraid of the authorities? Make sure you do the right thing, and they will be able to respect you. 

The authorities are God’s representatives who are there for your benefit; however, if you’re performing a wrong act, naturally, you should be worried as they have the ability to take action to punish you. They are God’s servants who are sent with the sole goal of punishing those who are guilty of committing a crime.

What Does The Bible Say About Government Laws?

What Does The Bible Say About Government Laws?
What Does The Bible Say About Government Laws?

Romans 13:1 – 2 states: Be obedient to the authority, as God is the one who established it. There isn’t a government anywhere which God has not put on the scene. Thus, those who do not adhere to the laws of the land refuse to follow God and will be punished accordingly. Come their way.

What Does The Bible Say About Politics And Voting?

What Does The Bible Say About Politics And Voting?
What Does The Bible Say About Politics And Voting?

God calls us to participate in the political arena as Salt of the Earth and shining light of this planet (Matthew 5:13-14). The flourishing of our planet is, at least in part, our duty. If I’m the sole light in a dark space, it is mine to blame.

Bible Verses About Presidential Election And Politicians

Bible Verses About Presidential Election And Politicians
Bible Verses About Presidential Election And Politicians

Matthew Chapter 22 Verse 14.

For many are called, but few are chosen. However, only a few are selected.

First Thessalonians Chapter 1 Verse 4.

We know that brothers are beloved by God that God has chosen you.

Romans Chapter 8 Verse 33.

Whoever will bring any charge against God’s chosen? It is God who is the one to justify.

Romans chapter 11 verse 29.

The gifts and the call of God are unchangeable.

Romans chapter 11 verse 5.

There are two of them at present and a third that was chosen by grace.

First Timothy Chapter 2 Verse 4.

The one who desires that all mankind be saved and brought to know the truth.

Galatians Chapter 1 Verse 15.

However, he was the one who made me different before my birth and who embraced me with his grace.

Romans Chapter 9 Verse 18.

Therefore, he is able to have mercy on whomever he wants and makes him hard on whoever is his preference.

John Chapter 6 Verse 37.

Everything the Father has given me will be mine, and whoever arrives towards me will not be able to keep them out.

Romans Chapter 9 Verse 16.

Therefore, it relies not on the will of humans or effort but on God, who is merciful.

First Peter Chapter 5 Verse 13.

She who is at Babylon who is also selected sends greetings to you, and the same goes for Mark, my son.

Luke Chapter 6 Verse 13.

When the time came, he gathered his followers and selected from the 12 who he called apostles.

John Chapter 10 Verse 15.

Just as God knows me, I know him, and I give my life to those who are sheep.

Acts Chapter 17 Verse 30.

God did not see the time of ignorance, but now God commands everyone to turn back to him.

John Chapter 6 Verse 65.

And he stated that this is the reason I said that nobody could be a visitor to me unless my Father gives the right.

First John Chapter 2 Verse 2.

Jesus is a sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of all the world.

Luke Chapter 18 Verse 7.

Will God provide justice to His people who call to Him throughout the day and at night? Do you think he will delay his justice for them?

John Chapter 17 Verse 2.

You have given him the authority over all flesh to grant eternal life to everyone whom you have granted his authority.

Amos Chapter 3 Verse 2.

I have only known you out of all the families in the world. So I’m going to be adamant about all your sins.

Ephesians Chapter 2 Verse 8.

Because of grace, you’ve been saved by faith, and this isn’t your own fault. It is the grace of God.

John Chapter 6 Verse 44.

Nobody can be a visitor to me until the Father who has drawn me is drawn to him, and I will bring him up on the last day.

John Chapter 3 Verse 16.

for God was so devoted to the creation that he chose to give his sole son so that those who believe in him would not die but be eternally alive.

The first chapter of Peter Chapter 1 Verse 20.

He was a stranger before the creation of the world but was revealed in the final days for your sake.

Ephesians Chapter 1 verse 5.

He was destined to us for adoption as sons by Jesus Christ according to the intent of his will.

John Chapter 17 Verse 9.

I am praying for them. I can’t make a prayer for all the people in this world, but for those, you have blessed me with because They are theirs.

2nd Peter Chapter 1 Verse 10.

This is why brothers are more careful in making their calling and election secure. If you are able to demonstrate these traits, then you’ll never be a victim.

Isaiah chapter 45 Verse 4

for my beloved friend Jacob as well as Israel, my chosen ones, I refer to you by your name. I give you my name even if you don’t know me.

Ephesians Chapter 1 Verse 4.

As he made us his own before the beginning of the world to make us pure and unblemished before God in his love of God.

Ephesians Chapter 2 Verse 10.

We are the workmanship of God created in Christ Jesus to do good works that God had in mind before so for us to do these.

Romans Chapter 8 Verse 7.

The mind of the flesh is opposed to God since it does not comply with God’s laws, and it is impossible for those who live that are in the flesh to be pleasing to God.

Second Timothy Chapter 1 Verse 9.

Who has saved us and gave us holy callings not because of our actions but due to his own motive and grace that He gave us by Christ Jesus prior to the age of ages began?


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