What Does The Bible Say About Watching Bad Things?


What Does The Bible Say About Watching Bad Things?

Watching Bad Things means lustful videos, sex movies, Pornography, etc. The Bible says nothing about watching bad things because Pornography didn’t exist when the Bible came out.

It doesn’t mention all the beautiful obscene sexual arts Greeks, Romans, Indians, and others were creating during the time.

But, now that I think about it, I can think of something about the size of the dicks of Egyptians from Ezekiel. 

If I’m not mistaken, other passages are extremely devoted to Penises and the foreskins of their owners. There’s a complete sexually explicit book I am thinking of. Also, plenty of rape and ways to do it. A king who is an exhibitionist or two. Also, a couple of scenes of homosexual sex. 

In reality, in the Old Testament is either people murdering people either by fucking or killing them, or people killing and fucking the people (except the odd ones concerning Yahweh).

When I think of it, the Bible did not have a problem with sexual violence that was hard and violent. Or sex of any kind. Maybe they took it more seriously and creatively as, say, the Greeks; however, the Hebrews also did their bit.

So, I’m guessing the Bible writers would not be against porn in general.

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What Does The Bible Say About Pornography?

What Does The Bible Say About Watching Bad Things?
What Does The Bible Say About Watching Bad Things? see above

Nothing specific. The message is to focus on renewing your mind. If your mind is filled with sexual desire and lust, it is exactly the kind of thing you’ll be filled with. 

The life of a Christian and adhering to the Bible isn’t easy. And one of the toughest aspects is to refresh your mind that is a constant process when you feed your mind with violence before you become violent. 

When you feed your mind’s to lust, and you become increasingly sexually inclined. God requires us to become spiritually conscious so that we can make ourselves ready for the coming world. 

Then, at the end of the Bible, the text says that let those who are filthy stay filthy. It is not a requirement to end up “lost,” but you will be kept in a place where this will not be a problem when you reach heaven. 

You will spend your life lusting over things that aren’t even there anymore. They will be replaced by new and improved things—much better products. We need to believe in that.

What Does The Bible Say About Watching Bad Things (Pornography)?

Pornography has been in existence in a variety of forms for quite a long time, possibly longer than the Bible, and, of course, there are some words regarding it (though they’re not “pornography” because that’s a relatively new term).

I’d suggest you go to Proverbs 5-7. They deal with a variety of cases in which “immoral women” bat their eyes at ignorant young men and then drag them to hell:

What Does The Bible Say About Watching Pornography?
What Does The Bible Say About Watching Pornography?

In these verses, Jesus’s words: You have heard it spoken by the people of old time: Thou shalt not be a sexy person: but I say to anyone who looks at a woman in lust after she has committed adultery already within his own heart. (Matt 5:27-28.)

Also, the wise ones avoid it.

What Does The Bible Say About Bad Thoughts?

People who have negative thoughts can be seen all over the Bible when you believe they are the father to act. The first instances of negative thoughts are found in Genesis chapter 3:1-6. 

The serpent attracted Eve to indulge in something to which she was not entitled. The woman, in turn, was lured and decided it was an ideal idea to share the fruit with her husband. 

Adam was a sour-hearted man when Adam took the blame of God in saying, “The woman who you gave me me the fruit, and I consumed.” Then, in Genesis 4, the disobedient couple had children, and their firstborn, Cain, was jealous of the brother Abel. God was aware of Cain’s thoughts and advised Cain to stay away from his thoughts; however, Cain did not stop thinking bad thoughts and killed his brother, who was righteous Abel.

Negative thoughts are so common in the Bible you could write a book about the subject. Take a look at Jesus’ disciples and notice the number of negative thoughts that can be seen within them. Jesus had to confront them several times over their desire to have a place as a king of God. 

Consider Judas, one of the disciples who was the head of the common purse and who complained about the price of the real nard that woman used to bless Jesus. He took money from the bag, and his desire to make money led him to commit a betrayal of Jesus in exchange for 30 silver pieces. Was he later able to consider it a good idea to turn his back? We don’t know, but we do know that the suicidal idea that drove his death.

The Bible includes a number of instances of negative thoughts and actions in both humans and spirits. We can learn from these kinds of thoughts we should avoid. 

What’s more, we can choose to be focused on the positive attitudes and thoughts within the Bible. Be aware that Romans 15:4 explains that the entire Bible written before time was written for our guidance that with the help of the Scriptures, we could find hope.



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