What Is A Threshing Floor In The Bible?


What Is A Threshing Floor In The Bible?

Today is about the threshing floor. The Bible talks about the threshing floor from the Old Testament through to the New Testament. And many times used as a symbolic thing where God talks about separating the wheat from the chaff. And just real quick, I guess, background on the threshing floor and what the wheat and the chaff represent. 

When farmers would bring in the wheat from the fields, they would throw the sheaves of wheat onto the threshing floor or the bunches of wheat they would throw them onto the threshing floor. They would either have animals come in and tread on the wheat, come in with wood things, and beat on the wheat until the little kernels. Or whatever it was, they were growing. It could be what it could be something else. 

But the good part the grain would fall off of the stalks, and the bulk of it would land on the threshing floor. Still, some of it would get stuck within the stalks of whatever was they were growing, so to avoid wasting the good harvest wheat, whatever it was doesn’t matter what it was, but they didn’t want to waste the good stuff. 

So what they would do at this point is take the stalks that they had been beating with the sticks and whatever else they beat it with, and they would throw it into the air. And they would throw this up in the air repeatedly and let the wind blow the chaff, which was this stuff that was no good that would blow the chaff away and all the good stuff the kernels or wheat or whatever it was would fall onto the threshing floor. 

And that would be harvested and picked up, which would be used later on to make whatever they need to make, whether it’s flour or anything related to the crop they were growing. 

What Is A Threshing Floor In The Bible
What Is A Threshing Floor In The Bible

So today’s message from Pastor Ali has to do with the threshing floor. And it has to do with the season that the church is in right now and how God is cleaning the church and removing the good. 

He’s separating the good and the bad, and he’s removing the bad, and he’s making sure that the good stays and see as the church you know we may feel sometimes like we’re being tossed up in the air. And that’s because we are in a symbolic spiritual sense, and that’s part of God’s cleaning and cleansing process for the church. 

Because God wants a bride who is pure and clean, so if we just sit and we never get, we never get tossed up into the air, and we never get put onto the threshing floor. The chaff will mix in with the wheat, and pretty soon, we have what we call an unholy mixture. 

So God is shaking the church, and he’s picking us up, and he’s he sometimes, like I said, feels like we’re being tossed in the air.

The Power Of The Threshing Floor

1 Chronicle 21: King David sins against God, causing pestilence to descend upon the nation Israel. He was then led to Ornan’s Threshing Floor, where the wheat harvest was separated, and the chaff was sorted – the site of Israel’s deliverance.

Threshing Floor Prayer

Do not let us become discouraged in doing good. If we keep our eyes open, we will reap the rewards at the right moment. Lord, I am once more meeting you at the threshing floors because of your tender mercy. Show me through this process of refinement what honours You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

David And The Threshing Floor

David asked Ornan to give him the site for the threshing floor so that he could build an altar to Hashem there. Ornan instructed David to “Take it for yourselves and let my Lord, the King do what is right before his eyes. It is your right to take it for me at the total price so that the plague from the people will stop.

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1. What is the purpose (Definition) of threshing?

Answer: Threshing is the procedure of removing the edible part of grain or other crops from the straw. This is the next step in grain preparation after reaping. The bran is not removed by threshing.

2. What happened on the threshing floor in Ruth?

Answer: Ruth, a kinsman to Naomi, gathers barley stalks from the Boaz field to secure food. Naomi informs Ruth that she needs to find “rest” for Ruth, which means “security”. Marriage provided security at that time. Ruth tells Boaz to take her to Boaz in the evening while he’s still at the threshing floor.

3. What is the significance of the threshing floor of Araunah?

Answer: Araunah asked David, “Why has my lord king come to my servant?” David answered, To purchase threshing floors from you to build an altar for Hashem so that the plague may stop. Araunah then told David that he should take it and give him what he saw fit.

4. What is the threshing floor in Hebrew?

Answer: Goren in Biblical Hebrew is the lexeme of threshing floors.

Threshing Floor Pictures

Here are some pictures of the threshing floor

Threshing Floor Pictures
Threshing Floor Pictures
Threshing Pictures
Threshing Pictures


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