What Is God According To The Bible?


What Is God?

God is the supreme supernatural power who is considered to be the creator and ruler of this world. The concept of God in most religions is linked to the creator of the universe.

God is omnipresent as if there is God in every particle everywhere in the world. God is a belief, a hope, a mind, a peace. And God, Allah, the Almighty, God, God is only one language, we all pray to him who created the whole world, who is the master of the entire creation, pray to him, we all pray with a sincere heart in our way. From body to soul (spirit), let us all pray (worship) to the true God, from Him who created us all, tell your children, we must pray (worship) to God, if we do not like any religious place, then in our way. Pray (Ibadat) Pray with sincere heart and heart. Do not listen to humans. Accepting prayer (Ibadat) is in the hands of our master, the master of the entire creation is the best.

God is three in one and at the same time one in three – the Father, the Son of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Who Is God According To Christianity

Supreme God in Christianity According To The Bible

What Is God According To The Bible?
What Is God According To The Bible? see below

When we talk about the Supreme God in Christianity, these questions automatically come to our mind-

  • Who is God?
  • Why do we need to know about him?
  • Are God and Jesus the same?
  • Has anyone seen God?

These questions remain a mystery to all of us. But here, all these will be answered with proof. All over the world, people search for God, whether believers or atheists. Everyone needs God, whether for wealth, mental peace or salvation. This article will be the complete solution for you if you want to reach God and attain complete salvation.

But first, let us give you a brief overview of Christianity.

Followers of Jesus Christ are known as Christians. Jesus was born around 6 BC, and it happened in Bethlehem. And his mother was Mary. Christians believe that Jesus was born through an immaculate conception by an angel, and Mary and Joseph were Jews. Jesus was given the knowledge of Scripture.

Much of Jesus’ life is told through the four doctrines of the New Testament Bible, known as the Legal Doctrine, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

There are references to Jesus working as a carpenter as a young adult in the New Testament. It is believed that he began his ministry at the age of 30 when he baptized John, who, upon seeing Jesus declared him to be the Son of God, christened him.

When Jesus grew up, spirits entered his body, prophesied and performed miracles. Jesus preached about a god. As Jesus continued to preach, the crowd grew and began to call him the Son of David and the Messiah.

The Jews and Persians had heard this and accused Jesus of possessing the power of Satan and of calling himself King of the Jews before King Pilate. Pilate publicly abdicated his responsibility yet ordered the crucifixion in response to the crowd’s demands. Roman soldiers whipped and beat Jesus, placed a crown of thorns on his head, and drove him to Mount Calvary.

There he was crucified and hanged on a cross. At the time of the crucifixion, all souls left the body of Jesus. When he died, he was brought down and buried in the grave. But surprisingly, after three days, the tomb was found empty. He had left the tomb and appeared first to Mary Magdalene, then to Mary, his mother, and his followers.

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Was it Jesus who came out of the grave?

The answer is no. He was not Jesus, who emerged from the grave, but he was the Supreme God Kabir, who appeared as Jesus to uphold the faith of his followers. Otherwise, all those followers would have lost faith in God, and he would have become an atheist.

Many other mysteries about Jesus and God will be revealed in this article.

What Does The Bible Say About The Existence Of God?

Let’s discuss the existence of God in the Bible. The Bible is a collection of three holy books- Torah, Injil and Zabur. In both Christianity and Islam, it is believed that the first human created by God was Adam and that we are all his sons and daughters. In his lineage, many prophets were born. Some of them are Hazrat Dawood, Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Isa.

  • Dawood or David received the Zaboor book.
  • Moses received the Torah.
  • Isa or Jesus received the Scripture from Kaal Brahm (Satan), whom he (Kaal) considers the formless God because He gave the verses of the Torah, the Zabur and the Gospel through AIR.
  • Hazrat Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was born about 600 years after Christ. He was born Jewish. Later he got the knowledge of Quran Sharif by Jibreel, which was sent by the same God Kaal Brahm and then, Mohammed preached about Islam.

The disciples of Moses are called Jews, the disciples of Jesus Christ are called Christians, and the disciples of Mohammed are called Muslims.

About 40 percent of the knowledge in the Quran Sharif is equivalent to the knowledge of the Bible. (Kabir Sagar, Chapter 14, Mohammad Bodh, Page No. 6)

There are many examples in the Bible that attest to the existence of God. Christians believe that God existed even before the birth of Adam. All Creation (Genesis)

God Himself created it. In the New Testament of the Bible, Christianity has a trinity that preaches the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Millenniums have told about all three, and it is believed that the Supreme Soul is separate from the above three.

Below Are Some Bible Verses That Prove The Existence Of God

At the start, God established the heavens as well as the Earth (Genesis 1:1)

And without faith, it is impossible to please God, for whoever comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who persevere in seeking Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Since creation, His invisible attributes, His eternal power, and divine nature have been observed, being understood through what is created so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20).

What can be known about God is common to them because God has shown it. Since the world’s creation, His ultimate power and divine nature have been invisible, though He is understood and seen through the things He has created. So they have no reason to be excused (Romans 1:19, 20, 20).

Fools think in their minds, “There is no God.” They are corrupt and commit abject things; nobody can do what they want. God looks down upon mankind from heaven to see if any wise ones seek God, and they have all turned away. They are all equally misguided; no one does good, no, not even one (Salm/Psalm 53:1-3).

The above verses prove that the Holy Bible accepts that God exists, created the entire universe, and is indestructible and divine. They are fools who say that there is no God.

Fables in World Christianity (Christian Mythology)

There are five myths that Christians believe in. Open one after the other.

  • God is formless
  • Jesus is God
  • there is no rebirth
  • God orders Christians to kill and eat animals
  • Adam was the first human

Myth 1 – God is formless in Christianity

World Christianity’s belief in God is indestructible is contrary to Scripture, Holy Bible. In Genesis, on the sixth day, God created human beings in His form in creation.

Holy Bible – Genesis – The Sixth Day of Creation

1:26 – Then God said, “And now we will create humans; they will be like us and look like us. They will be in charge of birds, fish, as well as all animals, both wild and domestic, both small and large.”

1:27 – It’s why God created humankind and created them to be like Him. He made them male and female,

These passages from the Holy Bible prove that God is not indifferent to form.

Genesis – Holy Bible

3:8 – That evening, they heard the Lord walking in the garden and hid among the trees.

3:9 – However, God told the man, “Where are you?”

3:10 – He said, “I heard you walking in the garden. I was afraid and ran away from you since I was naked.”

3:22 – And Jehovah God designed long-sleeved clothing to Adam and Eve of skin so that they would be able to wear them.

Holy Bible – Genesis

18:1 – Then, by the oath taken by Mamre, the Lord was revealed to him (Abraham) while he stood at the entrance of his tent during the scorching heat of the day.

18.2 – He (Abraham) turned and looked around, and he kept looking. Three men stood in front of him. When he saw them, He rushed through the tent’s entrance to meet them and then bowed to the ground.

18:4 – Bring the water to wash and clean your feet. Relax under the tree.

18:5 – Since you’ve walked in to see your servant, I will deliver you a piece of bread to refresh yourself

Myth 2 – Jesus Is God In Christianity

It is one of the most popular myths within Christianity, which claims that Jesus is believed to be God. Jesus was a prophet with some supernatural powers sent to this earth by Kaal Brahm, and he was sent from Vishnu Lok. (Kabir Sagar, Mohammad Bodh, Jabrut, Mokam 3)

Jesus the Prophet read Kitabah. His name is Injil Kitabu.

Salamalek tah hum kina, dasta bose he got up lena.

Vishambhar Rai is sitting in Tehwa, the same pair and the same digging.

This is Vishnupuri, brother. Yame also has a backbone.

Vishnu is the head of this. Listen to Mohammed Gyan Vigyan.

In the Christian Trinity, which refers to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Jesus was the Son of God. Here are a few Bible scriptures that demonstrate that Jesus was the Son of God and was sent by God to preach the gospel of God.

Hebrews 1:5 – Has he ever said to some angels, “You are my son, I love you very much”? And then, “I will be his father to him, and he will be a son to me”?

Matthew 17:5 – As the speaker talked in the dark, a cloud of light engulfed him. While it remained in the cloud, said, “This is my dear Son. I am happy with him! Listen to him!”

Mark 1:11- And a voice came from heaven: “You are my beloved son, I am very pleased with you.”

Luke 20:13 Luke 20:13 “The proprietor of the vineyard said to him “What do I do? I will send my beloved Son; perhaps they will honour him.’

In these verses, it is told that God sent Jesus to convey the message of the Perfect Divine, and he was the Son or messenger of God.

Similarly, in Hinduism, it is believed that Shri Krishna gave the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

It is written in the Bhagavad Gita that only the Supreme God is worshiped.

The people who worship Brahma Vishnu or Shiva are fools.

But the priests of Hinduism could not understand the verses of Gita properly, and they started worshiping Shri Krishna instead of Supreme God Kabir.

Myth 3 – There Is No Reincarnation In Christianity

In both Islam and Christianity, It is believed that there is no reincarnation. The belief is that all humans will be dead in the same way as this universe continues. Let them be buried in the grave. When doom comes, the dead (men and women) will be brought out of the graves, and God will account for their deeds.

Those whose deeds are according to the four books (Jabour, Torah, Injil and Quran Sharif) will remain in heaven. Anyone who does not adhere to these four rules will go to hell for eternity. In the next few years, the creation will be destroyed forever.

This assumption is wrong because when Hazrat Muhammad was taken to heaven by Jibreel, he saw David/David, Moses, Jesus, Abraham etc. If we believe the statement above, then Jesus, Moses etc., should have been buried in the tomb. How did they go to heaven if they were to remain in the grave until the doom? This proves that heaven and hell exist and a reincarnations of the soul.

Myth 4 God gave an order to Christians to slaughter and eat animals

God is merciful and merciful. Humans, animals, and even microorganisms are his children. How can he command the other child to murder the other?

God has created grass and leafy vegetables to feed animals, grains, fruits and leafy plants to provide food for us humans.

Holy Bible – Genesis

1:29 – I’ve provided every kind of grain and different kinds of fruits to you for eating;

1:30 – But for all the wild beasts and birds, I have provided grass and leafy plants for food- and it was done.

So I ordered them to be vegetarian.

When the Supreme God was restored to his throne, Satan then sent his spirits, who could enter Jesus Christ’s body Jesus Christ and make prophecies.

In the Bible, Corinthians 2:12-17, there is evidence that spirits entered the body of Jesus.

14 But thank you, God, who always takes us captive in the victorious procession of Christ and uses us to spread the fragrance of his wisdom everywhere.

17 Unlike many, we do not break God’s word for profit. However, in the case of the Messiah, we can speak with sincerity before God since He was the Messiah sent by God.

This proves that some spirits spoke in Jesus. Some said the words of God without any adulteration. But some spirits manipulated the words of God. These spirits have given instructions to kill the animals and eat them, and they were not the words of Jesus.

Myth 5 – Adam Was The First Human In Christianity

Both Christians, as well as Muslims, believe that Adam was the first human being. But not true. Once upon a time, there was a sage named Manu, and his Son was Ikshvaku. In his clan, there was a king named Nabhiraj.

King Nabhiraj’s Son was Rishabhdev, who was the founder of Jainism. Rishabhdev’s soul was reborn as Adam. This illustration is derived from the holy text of Jainism”Come to know Jainism “Come to understand Jainism” from page 154.

This proves that there were humans even before Adam and Hua. When Lord Jehovah or Kaal Brahm sent them to this earth, most of the place was non-residential, and he was sent to a secluded place, isolated from everywhere. All Christians, Muslims and Jews are grandchildren of Adam, and this is why they believe that Adam was the first human, which is not true.

More Than One God In The Bible

The God in the Bible is not one. There are others like him. So he cannot be the Supreme Lord.

Holy Bible – Genesis 3:22 – Then God said, “Look, man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. And now, let him reach out his hands there and take it from the tree of life, Eat more, and be immortal forever.

God said, “Now these men have become like one of us and have the knowledge of what is good and what is bad.

Points to consider.

After eating the fruits of knowledge, God says humans have become like us. If these people were to eat the fruits of the earth from the garden, they’d be immortal, just like us. The key statement here is “one of us.”

God, who is saying this statement, also refers to other gods of equal status, so he uses the sentence “one of us” to imply that he is not alone, and there are others like him.

Holy Bible – Genesis 18 – Three Visitors

God is not alone in the Bible and others like him, and therefore he cannot be the Supreme Lord. 18:1 – The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance of his tent in the heat of the day.

18:2 – Abraham looked up and found three men standing nearby. When he saw them, he ran to meet them from the entrance of his tent and bowed down to the ground.

18.3 “My Lord,” declared Abraham, “if I can see a great deal of grace in your eyes, Do not leave to your servant.

18:4 Let him bring some water so that you can wash your feet and rest under the tree yourself.

18:5 And I will bring some bread so that you can refresh yourself. That is why you have passed the path of your slave, and once you have that, you can continue on your way.

“Yes,” he replied, “you can do as you said.”

Here God has come with his two friends. This proves that there are more gods like him, which falsifies the Christian belief that Jesus is the only God.

18:22 And the two men turned

and went to Sodom, but Abraham stood before God.

This Bible verse also proves that God is in human form, and he is standing, talking and eating the bread offered by Abraham. So it concludes that God is in human form.

As of 18:22, three people are mentioned and addressed as “they” in the Bible.

Also, there is a reference to 3 people in the Holy Bible, Genesis 19:1 to 19:25.

This again proves that there are others similar to him. These three gods are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, sent by Kaal Brahm.

Who is God in the Bible?

After reading about Jesus and Jehovah as not perfect God, the question arises here.

Who is the Supreme God?

The Holy Bible answers this question. Let’s find out.

IYOV 36:5 – Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

See, Kabir is God and does not hate anyone; He is Kabir in Ko’ach Lev (power to understand).

Translation: God is Kabir, and he does not have any hatred for anyone. Kabir belongs to Kabir and is unwavering in his goal.

All Bible translations Kabir is the most frequently used word. Kabir has been translated into “powerful” as well as “great,” while Kabir is the name given to the Godhead.

Conclusion: This verse in the Bible shows Kabir is the Supreme God. Kabir is the supreme God. One who initiates a Purna Saint sent by Lord Kabir and worships him (God Kabir) attains complete salvation. After attaining salvation, the souls live in peace forever in the eternal place Satlok. The seat of God is located in Satlok.

Lord Kabir had met Jesus and took his soul to Satlok. Then, God Kabir showed them to their ancestral ancestors David, Moses, Abraham, etc. Then, they were shown to their ancestors in Pitru Lok. And Then God took him to Satlok. But Jesus did not believe in Lord Kabir, and he did not believe that he was the Supreme God, but he accepted that God is one. When he returned from Satlok, he preached about one God and talked about salvation. After the crucifixion, he only asked forgiveness for all his children’s harsh deeds/ sins.



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