What Is Jesus Real Name In The Bible


What Is Jesus’ Real Name In The Bible?

What is Jesus’ Real name? We need to get past all the people who get angry and upset. People who don’t say or do the things they feel they should. 

Just a few verses. 

Ephesians verse 31 is the first. Get rid of bitterness and rage, anger, harsh words, slander, and other evil behavior.

Ephesians 4, verse 2, says to be totally humble and gentle, be patient with one another in the love of Christ.

It’s evident in church comments when people disagree about things and get angry and agitated.

But if you do that, then you forget about one of the most important laws of God:

Matthew 22 verse 37 states that you will love the Lord your God with your whole heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment, and it’s the second.

These two commandments, which hang all the law & the prophets, require that you love your neighbor as yourself. 

It’s not easy to love your neighbor the same way you love yourself. Our sinful nature makes us very selfish. But we must try. Remember, our fight isn’t against each other. It is against spiritual forces.

Remember that it’s more important to win someone than to win your own selfish point. It’s about being spiritual and caring for the person you love. Once they understand that you care about them, you will win them over, and they will want to hear your thoughts.

Then they are more open, all right, so enough said about that.

What is Jesus’ real name? 

What Is Jesus' Real Name In The Bible
What Is Jesus’ Real Name In The Bible

The Bible was written in two languages: the Old Testament is in Hebrew and the New Testament is in Greek. 

Let’s start with the Old Testament. What does God have to say about himself? If someone asked you what your name was, God replied: What did God say? You might recall the question Moses asked.

Exodus 3 verse 13. Moses then said to God, “Yes indeed,” when he came to Israel’s children to tell them that the God their fathers had sent him. Then, they ask me my name. What should I answer? Moses was then told by God, “I am Whom I am.”

Moses then said to God, “Yes indeed,” when he came to Israel’s children to tell them that the God their fathers had sent him. Then, they ask me my name. What should I answer? Moses was then told by God, “I am Whom I am.”

This is my name forever and my memorial to all future generations. You will now see that God gave Moses three answers. He said, “I am Who I Am,” and he sent me to you.

You should know that the English word Lord is the Hebrew word Yahweh, which is spelled with four letters ending in ‘YHWH.’ You should also know that most Jews revered God’s name. They were afraid that they might lose it.

When they read or wrote it, they would say “ADONAI,” which would mean my Lord.” The English Bible also followed this pattern. They simply translated Yahweh with Lord in capital letters.

But god proper name is ‘Yahweh’ and is mentioned six thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight times in the Old TestamentThe name Elohim can also be called Elohim and is used more than 2,600 times.

Then, another name that you may have heard is “Jehovah.” Now, where did this name come from? ‘Jehovah’…? Well, you should know that the Hebrew text of the past did not contain vowels. That’s why the four letters you have are the only ones you have.

Consequently, ‘Jehovah’ is derived from trying to pronounce YHWH as well as the vowels in the word ADONAI. But God’s name is I am. I am who I am. 

It is important to note that the Bible describes a person’s name using a name. God uses different names to describe his character. 

God’s name does not consist of one name. It is the same as all that is written about him and his creation in the Bible. 

Let’s take a look at some names that the Bible has forgotten first. EL ELOAH – God, “mighty prominent” ELOHIM – God, “Creator powerful and strong” El SHADDAI – “God Almighty,” The Mighty One of Jacob ADONAI: Lord Yahweh Yahweh Jehovah Lord Yahweh JIREH, the Lord will provide. YAHWEH RAPHA: The Lord who heals. YAHWEH NISSI: The Lord is our banner. YAHWEH MKADESH is the Lord who sanctifies and makes holy. 

YAHWEH SHALOM: The Lord our peace. YAHWEH ELOHIM is the Lord God. YAHWEH TSIDKENO is the Lord of our righteousness. YAHWEH ROHI is the Lord, our Shepherd. YAHWEH SHAMMA is the Lord.

YAHWEH SABOATH, The Lord of Hosts. EL ELYON, the Most High. AL ROI: God of sight. EL OLAM is the everlasting God. EL GIBHOR is the name of the Messiah, the mighty God.

These are derived largely from nature. Apart from that, they can be described through human emotions and experience. God can be described as a lion or an eagle, a lamb or the Sun. A light, fire, fountain, rock, shield, tower. There are many more, and they all reveal something about God’s character.

We will never understand all of God’s attributes, but we can only grasp what he revealed to us through Scripture. 

Is it wrong to call God “God”? No. He is the only God. There is only one true God. 

Isaiah 44 verse 6 states: I am first and I am last. Besides me, there is no God. If you pray and call God the only God, God will not be offended. He will know you are talking to him, of course. Scripture doesn’t say that it’s wrong to call God, Lord, or God in another language. 

It is not okay to make up things or add rules to Bible.1 Timothy 2, verse 5: There is only one God and one mediator between Gods, men. This mediator is the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as a ransom to all. 

Then, where did the name Jesus get its origin? Some people believe that Jesus isn’t his real name. You can’t call him Jesus. It is not Jesus. If you translate it, it will be his real name. Jesus’ true name is ‘Yeshua. “Remember that the New Testament does not exist in Hebrew. It is in Greek. What do you get when you translate the Hebrew name of Yeshua into Greek? It’s yes. I don’t know if you pronounce it that way, but I’m trying.

But, then? When you spell it in English, it is Jesus. Romans 10, verse 13, says that anyone who calls upon the name of God will be saved. It doesn’t matter if you call God in Hebrew, Greek, English, Afrikaans, or Chinese. God will judge the heart and not the appearance.

The doctor believes that men judge one another based on their appearance. Even Christians can sometimes be harshly critical of others.

God is able to see your heart. He will respond if you are sincere and honest.

What Is Jesus’ Real Name In English?

What Is Jesus' Real Name In English
What Is Jesus’ Real Name In English

His Real name could be Joshua. The name Jesus wasn’t created out of creativity but translation. Yeshua, translated into Greek from which the New Testament is derived, becomes Iesous. In English, this is “Jesus.”

Jesus Real Face

Jesus Real Face
Jesus Real Face

How Did Yeshua Become Jesus?

Because of the many translations that the Bible has been through, the term “Jesus,” which is now the name for the Son Of God, is being used. His Hebrew name was Yeshua which is short for Yehoshua. Yeshua, translated into Greek by the New Testament, becomes Iesous. In English, this is “Jesus.”

Yahshua Is Not Jesus

Yahshua is A proposed transliteration for the Hebrew name Jesus of Nazareth. Christians and Messianic Jewish consider Yahshua to be the Messiah. The name means Yahweh (Yah), salvation (Shua).

Is Jesus The Real Name Of The Messiah

A transliteration of Jesus of Nazareth’s Hebrew name, Yahshua, is considered by Christians and Messianic Jewish Christians to be the Messiah. The name Yahweh (Yah) is salvation (Shua).

Full Meaning Of Jesus

Jesus [masculine noun] Jesus Christ. Jesus – noun pulling [L. Isus Hindi Jeshua, Joshua; Arabic Jesus; Tul 0 Sanskrit Ish] Jesus Christ. Masculine Jesus (Jesus Christ).


1. What are Jesus and God’s real name?

Answer: Because of the many translations that the Bible has been through, “Jesus,” the modern name for the Son Of God, is now used. His Hebrew name was Yeshua. This is an abbreviation of Yehoshua. It can also be translated as “Joshua.”

2. Can we go to Heaven with tattoos?

Answer: Having tattoos doesn’t disqualify you from going to Heaven. It is strongly forbidden by the Bible and can cause skin problems in the future.

3. Did Jesus have a child?

Answer: The book that claims Jesus was married with children — and the author who wrote it. They want to talk about Christ. The authors want to talk about Christ.


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