What Is Luke Warm In The Bible?


Luke Warm In The Bible?

I’m reminded of this verse from Revelation 3:16 when I realize I’m not hot on the hot or cold scale of God.

“So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

This is like creating God feel sick to the point that He has to vomit me out to cleanse Him from my sloppy efforts to serve Him. And then, I’d like Him to help me and apply anointing oil to boost my spirits.

Here are some of my own experiences of being lukewarm.

  1. Love the fleshly lifestyle Not taming the flesh since it requires an effort remain in touch with spirituality. Spirit that is God.
  2. I feel the Holy Ghost is urging me to the pages of my Bible and not heeding those instructions.
  3. The idea of placing family members or colleagues above Him puts Him at the lowest of the list.
  4. Then, being nonchalant when it comes to worshipping Him. All He needs to do is listen stones shout in the wilderness (Luke 19:40), and trees join with their fingers (Isaiah 55:22). They’re eager to celebrate with Him. Sadly, I’m not always.

Thank goodness, Jesus did not come to those in good health but those at ease with their sins. This is a huge comfort when my spiritual temperature does not rise over a moderately warm one.

What Is A Lukewarm Christian?

What Is Luke Warm In The Bible?
What Is Luke Warm In The Bible?

1. It’s a person who declares themselves as a Christian but does not live an ideal life that is typical of the characteristics of a Christian. They violate the Bible or make up their own doctrines to suit their personal lifestyles and refuse to believe in God’s word as authoritative or follow the teachings of Christ.

Jesus was adamant about being the most lukewarm of Christians, and he doesn’t wish to see an unbeliever be a lukewarm Christian. He wants us to be hot or cold, and being cold, at least, is real instead of being a jerk.

Revelation 3:14-16

14 These words are Amen’s authentic and trustworthy witness to God’s creation.

15. I am aware of your actions, and I know that you’re neither hot nor cold. I’d like you to be both!

16 Therefore, since you’re not hot or cold — I’m about to take you out of my mouth.

2. The term “lukewarm” refers to a Lukewarm Christian as a person who blends Law as well as Grace. Like lukewarm water, it is a mixture of cold and hot.

It does not have anything to do with Zeal or how engaged you are with studying the Bible that day or what “fire” you are to serve God. It is nothing to have to do with Busyness. And it is not related to placing Jesus on a “lower prioritization” level. It is not connected with the degree or level of “spiritual-ness” you have(apparently, it is an actual thing?). It is not about subduing your flesh which is humorous considering that you are using it to subdue it. Ironic. This is like drinking poison, hoping it to cure you.

Although many would say, it’s best to just be a small amount of ablaze to please God – “Hey, at least that’s what I’m doing” — Jesus would prefer that you were cold and stoic:

I am aware of what you’ve done. I know you’re neither cold nor hot. Oh, how I would like to be either of the two! (Rev 3:15, GNB)

To be lukewarm would mean mixing things that should not be mixed. In this case, mix the hot white faith from God with the cold requirements of the law, and you’ll be a sinner (see Galatians). Mix your husbands up by reverting to the law, and you’re in chaos with Jesus (see Romans 7). (Luke Warm In The Bible)

The condition of lukewarmness is a result of the following unhealthful activities:

  • Combining the New Covenant of Grace that of the covenant from work
  • Mixing the law of today written in our hearts the old law that was written on tablets
  • And Mixing the rest of the New with the never-ending needs of the Old
  • Mixing the irresistible promises of God with the fragile man’s promises
  • The bonds from Sinai with the freedom from Zion (Gal 4:131)
  • Mixing the ministry of condemnation (2 Cor 3:9) with the ministry of non-condemnation (Rom 8:1)

If mixing Law and Grace, It creates God feel ill, as if God is about to vomit.

Are you looking to get hot? Don’t mix grace with law. Stop living in the void in between the two covenants. Stop returning to your former husband, Mr. Law. Don’t doubt the words of God. Stop falling asleep with the servant of self-effort. And stop striving to achieve equilibrium. Stop trying to recreate the work of Christ. Christ has accomplished.

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How Can We Stop Being Lukewarm Christian?

It is written in John 14:23 ” Jesus replied: If anyone is in love with Jesus, they’ll follow me.”

Jesus is seeking obedience to His instructions. Truly Christians include those that follow the principles that Jesus taught. The non-believers Christians are those who go to church or Baptized or even say a small prayer, yet it states the following in Revelation 3:15-16 “I am aware of your actions, that you’re neither hot nor cold, and I would prefer you were hot or cold. Also, since you’re warm but neither hot nor cold, I’ll spit you out of my mouth.”

If you’re interested in finding ways to lead your life in the spirit of Jesus, take a look at the gospels in four parts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). In the process of becoming hot (enthusiastic) in your love for God, your life will become more meaningful.

Do Lukewarm Christians Go To Heaven?

I’ve heard some bizarre terms, but I have never heard of that one before.

Romans 10:9-10 King James Version (KJV)

9 If thou will declare with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved.

10 For when he believes in his heart, man is a believer in righteousness, and through the mouth, a confession is made to salvation.

This is the definition of the term Christian. There is nothing in the Bible about bizarre definitions or variations or anything else. Simply confess and believe.

It’s not dependable to trust people who inform you of what the Bible states. Many people create things because they don’t understand what the Bible says or what it means, and many create a story to not be true. You only have to go through it yourself.

Go through a chapter of Proverbs every single day. Proverbs contain 31 chapters, so you will be able to keep track of your time simply by checking the calendar. There isn’t any religion or anything within Proverbs, which means you do not need to be a believer in anything. Read the Proverbs to discover wisdom.

If you feel confident in that, study the Bible starting from Romans through 2 Thessalonians repeatedly until you begin to recall the passages. This is the part that applies to Christians. (Luke Warm In The Bible)

What Do You Think Of Lukewarm Christians?

I believe it’s a frequently overlooked concept with much more significance than we’re used to seeing it.

When the majority of Christians discuss “The “lukewarm” passage from Revelation chapter 3, they speak of being half-in and half-out in their faith. We want being “hot” in the eyes of our Lord as opposed to being “cold” because of our insanity. One who isn’t committed to being a Christian or following the same path as the world. It’s the unrepentant middle ground– it’s better to be a Christian or an unbeliever, rather than being a believer, aren’t you?

My faith journey included the time I was an agnostic following an extremely legalistic form of a belief system that didn’t reflect on me. I am now living in what I believe is a true dedication to my faith that challenges my beliefs every single day.

Every time I was asked about my life, someone would believe that I was a “lukewarm Christian.” No matter what I di,d, there was always someone who did not think it was enough. I know this because I was not the only one to say so, and I also thought similar things about others. Perhaps I was an acceptable sort of Christian. I did good things, and I had a lot of good answers. But I was not “on the edge of God” as they believed I ought to be. It was always a race to impress others with acts of faith and the proper godly things to say. (Luke Warm In The Bible)

It’s a pity that people seem to miss the message of “lukewarm” in the “lukewarm” section. Being a moderate Christian does not mean being half-Christian, and half another thing. It’s not the case that one part is good, the other side is great, and the middle is worst.

Coldwater is valuable, and it cools and refreshes you during a hot day and is even served in the beginning as a refrigerating method. Hot water can be beneficial, and it soothes and is useful for cleaning, bathing, and cooking.

Lukewarm water is great for absolutely nothing. It’s still water, but it lacks cold or hot water benefits. In addition, it could become unfit because it’s not cold enough or hot enough to stop the growth of sickening mold and bacteria.

This isn’t a random incident, and it was relevant to the period and location of the incident.

The context for the verse John refers to the residents from Laodicea, the capital city. Laodicea. The city of Laodicea was pumping their water from hot springs using a system of wood pipes. As you’ll see, the wood pipes were unproductive in keeping the hot water hot once it entered the city, leaving those who lived there with water that was suitable for hot uses or cold ones. From the outside, it appeared like they could drink plenty of water. However, in reality, they didn’t have any water to bathe in or drink up their thirst.

It is a re-enactment of the actual sinful scenario expanded in John 3:17.

You say that I am wealthy, prosperous, and have nothing to worry about without realizing that you’re apathetic in every way, pathetic, blind, poor, and naked.

The sin of these individuals wasn’t in being “half-Christian” or being 50 percent committed. They were unbelievers who had an outer layer of dedication and zeroed genuine faith commitment. The Laodiceans were proud of their accomplishments; however, they achieved little. Their ignorance of their real state of affairs was criticized, not their inability to demonstrate “full dedication to the religion. (Luke Warm In The Bible)

So What Am I Thinking Of moderate Christians?

I think showboat faith and apathy are two common issues that aren’t being addressed effectively within the church. We’re not always asking the proper questions. The risk of being uninterested is that you are comfortable with inconsistency. If I strip away the judgable and outward aspects of my faith? Am I cruising in my life, not creating anything of any lasting value?



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