What Religion Does Not Celebrate Christmas?


What Religion Does Not Celebrate Christmas?

Jesus Christ is also in the Quran, then why don’t Muslims celebrate Christmas? Here are eight reasons why Islam Religion does not celebrate Christmas.

  1. December 25th is a special day for people living in western countries, and people of Christianity celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus.
  2. This festival has nothing to do with any other religion. Even the people of the Muslim community do not celebrate Christmas. Yet his faith in Jesus is visible.
  3. In the Muslim community, Jesus is considered the prophet of Christianity. The names of Jesus and Mary have also been mentioned in the Quran, despite this in the festival of Eid and Christmas.
  4. Jesus is called Jesus in the Arabic language. Even today, boys are named Isa in Muslim families. According to a BBC report, his name is in the Quran.
  5. It is interesting to know that only one woman’s name is mentioned in the Quran, and that woman is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Virgin Mary is also called Maryam in the Arabic language.
  6. There is a whole chapter in the name of Maryam in the Quran, in which the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is told. In many Muslim families, girls are also named Maryam.
  7. Although the word Muhammad or Islam is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible, a 17th-century sculpture depicts the Prophet of Islam in a Belgian church.
  8. However, at present, Christianity does not support such thinking. People may not celebrate Christmas, but wish Christians on this festival.

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Five Reasons Why Black People Shouldn’t celebrate Christmas

What Religion Does Not Celebrate Christmas?
What Religion Does Not Celebrate Christmas? see below

Number one, Christmas is a pagan holiday. 

Christmas is a pagan. Satanic holiday Christmas is what people celebrate today started in ancient Babylon with a man named Nimrod who had a relationship with his mother. 

After he died, his mother had another son and said it was the spirit of Nimrod. There are many accounts of this story, and one of them is that his spirit returned as an evergreen tree over time.

The custom of Christmas is to throw the Yule. The fire will be lit on Christmas Day. The Christmas tree will also be covered in decorations and surrounded with presents representing the new life of the resurrected also, and it represents sun worship. 

So the date of December 25th was a day that many people worshipped many different gods because it was the first day of the winter solstice, which brought for longer days. This practice got passed through ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome to America. It was thrown in with the pagans, especially in the Roman Empire, where they put it into Christianity, and therefore, they didn’t have to change anything. 

They just hopped in and started worshipping these gods because these were the gods that they worshipped all the time anyway, so yes, Christmas is a pagan holiday, and black folk doesn’t understand what they are worshipping when they go and buy presents put a Christmas tree in their house and think that they’re worshipping something when they have no idea what they are worshipping.

Number two, Christmas has learned in slavery by black people learned all the holidays they celebrate today during slavery. Many books document what the slaves did on holidays when the slaves first came to America. 

They didn’t have these customs, and they didn’t have these celebrations, and they took them up by being here and being a slave. 

There are perfect examples of slave accounts telling you that it was a good time when it was Thanksgiving and Christmas because they had days off they would get a day off from their slavery just like you get a day off from work in today’s time, they would get eat food that they never ate before, and the would have kids drunk. 

They would dance and sing similar to what black people do today regarding these holidays given to them by their oppressor. If it wasn’t for slavery, black people wouldn’t even be celebrating this holiday today in current times. 

Number three, it’s not Jesus Christ’s birthday.

See what a lot of people think the misconception is that it’s about Jesus Christ’s birthday wolf, it’s about Jesus Christ’s birthday shouldn’t you be getting Christ a present instead of getting yourself a present and getting everyone else off present Christ was born in the springtime during the Passover not in the dead of winter in December.

Number four, Santa Claus, is fake.

You are lying to your kids like you’re talking about some man coming down your chimney and bringing presents when in reality, you are the one that’s working and slaving hard to get the presents. 

We must be aware of the harm we’re doing to the children of our household when we tell our children the story of a mysterious fat man that comes down the chimney to hand them gifts. 

Not only that Santa Claus is based on a real black man in Russia, Saint Nicholas now Saint Nicholas was a saint and what he did was he would go to orphanages and give presents to orphans to the poor go you ever heard Saint Nick that’s where Saint Nick come from from a black man named Saint Nicholas and

Number five, you’ll save so much money not celebrating these holidays not only that these are presents that are not genuine because you’re doing it because of a so-called that in reality, you don’t even know why you are celebrating it. 

You say, oh, it’s for the kids. It’s for this it’s to show my love show how I’m thinking I am you’re doing something that you feel compelled to do because everybody is doing it you didn’t spend all this money on an expensive toy that they don’t even play with a lot of the toys that you purchase will be broken before the year ends but you feel compelled that you got to do it you got to show everybody that your child got toys. 

Your child shouldn’t feel negative when they are outside and see other children playing with toys, which is why most black parents become into bankruptcy and leave their homes. It was a mess for the Christmas season, like there are gifts you can get throughout the year, but black people will go crazy and go into a frenzy over so-called deals for Christmas.

So these are the five reasons why I don’t celebrate Christmas, and while I think black people shouldn’t celebrate Christmas, I upkeep my money in my pocket. You’re aware that I’m saying that I’ll give my kids what they deserve throughout the year. 

I’ll be able to buy the things that I need to buy. I won’t be broke because I’m trying to buy this and that and keep up with the Joneses in celebrating these holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter. All of that, I would rather save my money by switching to the truth with that you know what it is black authentic true.


Who doesn’t celebrate Christmas?

Millions of Christians are not observant of Christmas. They include Quakers and Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who belong to the Churches of Christ.

Does the Bible say not to celebrate Christmas?

As Jesus stated in Luke 16:15, “That the people value that is considered to be unacceptable to God.” Most importantly, Christians are told to follow the instructions in Galatians 4:10-11 to not observe certain days of the year, such as Christmas, because they are a scourge to God.

Are we supposed to celebrate Christmas?

The term “Christmas” and set aside a particular day to celebrate Jesus’s birth are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. There isn’t a Bible-based commandment that informs you on whether or how you are required to celebrate Christmas as a Christian. There are many Christians who do enjoy Christmas.

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?

Islam is a religion that teaches respect for others, their values, and their cultures. In our role as Muslims, we don’t celebrate Christmas. However, as a part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, we assist people attending worship services, take part in food drives and strive to assist and take an active role in the celebrations of those having a celebration in solitude.

What religion does not celebrate Christmas or Halloween?

Jehovah’s Witness
A majority of those who are affiliated with the Jehovah’s Watches religion don’t observe any holiday, such as Christmas and birthdays and, of course, Halloween.



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