What Was Jesus Last Name


What Was Jesus’ Last Name?

Jesus’ last name? Now we think and many people would think Jesus Christ. But Christ is not his last name. We all know that Christ was his title “the Christ” just like the present. 

So Christ meant Savior Messiah in Jesus day they didn’t have last names or his surnames his name was Jesus. But they did identify people from being located or related to different places of people and that’s how they knew one Jesus from another. 

So you might think that he could have been called Jesus bar Joseph. Which means son of Joseph but there’s no evidence of that biblically. More likely he was called Jesus of Nazareth. When they want to know who this Jesus was they would say it’s Jesus of Nazareth that Jesus. 

Because we know he came from Nazareth and in fact, there are 15 places in the Gospels and acts were gives a deed referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. 

So it seems the answer is he was known as a person as Jesus of Nazareth but as the Son of God the person of our faith he’s still Jesus Christ.

What Was Jesus’s Real Name?

Jesus’s Real Name?
What Was Jesus Last Name? see above

Jesus was also known by his Hebrew name Yeshua. So how did we get the name, Jesus? Is Christ the last name? The name of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Christianity faith, is perhaps the most famous name in the world. Regardless of your beliefs, that name is quite well-known.

There is something different about the name Jesus, as his Hebrew name is written in the Bible’s original copies as Yeshua. This is more in line with the English name Joshua. So where did this translation come from?

This is a short history, but it does not include the possibility of things changing as words are lost in translation. Let’s begin with the first question, which is in what language the New Testament was originally written.

It wasn’t written in English, Hebrew, or Greek. But notice that my question was only about the New Testament and not all of the Bible. The Old Testament, or the books comprising the first half of this Bible, were originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic. However, the New Testament or the second half of the Bible was written in Greek.

So this leads us to our next question how did Yeshua become translated to Jesus. in the text, a Greek English lexicon compiled in the 19th century by Henry George Liddell Robert Scott and others Yeshua was translated into ancient Greek as da Seuss

This is because the New Testament’s original authors were trying to translate the Hebrew name’s sound into Greek letters. But they didn’t have enough letters or spellings to represent the SH sound in the language.

They substituted an S sound in the middle and that led them to EA Seuss. Despite the fact that there were others with the same first name as Yeshua, the Bible still mentions them. And also men with the same name who were contemporaries of Jesus. 

Their names were written in Hebrew and thus stuck closer to the Joshua translation once their names were converted into English. but it took a while for the J sound to be placed in front of yeh Seuss it wasn’t until 16th-century English translations of the Bible that yay Seuss was spelled as Jesus. 

So the men named Yeshua in the Old Testament became Joshua’s and the Yeshua of the New Testament was translated to Jesus. And the distinction of translation versus transliteration here is key. 

The translation is the act of changing a word from one language to its equivalent in another language, like a book in English becoming Libro and span.

But transliteration is the conversion of letters and sounds from one alphabet to another. for example Greek has the letter fee but that letter isn’t a part of the alphabet in English. 

So it’s a phonetically transliterated fee but that brings us to our third and final question. How did Christians arrive at the full title of Jesus Christ? 

Well according to an op-ed piece in Newsday was written by rabbi mark Gelman Hebrew naming practices don’t favor last names but rather take the form that demonstrates parental connections to a father or mother. 

Gelman points out that a Jewish name is your first name in Hebrew, followed by a connecting term Ben. This can be either a male or female name, and it means son of if, or bot if, you are a daughter.

These words connect with the Hebrew name of your father, and in some cases your mother’s Hebrew name. 

He adds that your place of origin or birth could be included at the end of your Hebrew name to distinguish people from different locations.

Jesus is the son of Mary and God in the Christian faith. So, the Biblical naming of Jesus, the son of Joseph Mary, as Joseph’s husband would not be appropriate. 

Instead, Jesus was known during his lifetime as Jesus of Nazareth, drawing the second half of his name from his hometown and not either of his parents.

The Christ a portion of his name isn’t the last name at all but a word that translates which means the Messiah or God’s anointed one. Who was prophesized and foretold about in the Jewish faith? 

Christ functions in this instance more as a title, such as Jesus The Anointed or Jesus the Messiah, than his last name. So how did it all come together in Joshua’s case? The name was changed from Hebrew to English.

But in the case of the name Jesus, I traveled a more winding linguistic trajectory from Greek spellings to English and it probably is because contemporary English naming practices follow a strict form of the first name then the last name like Danielle Bainbridge or John Doe. That a lot of us who speak English get a bit mixed up by thinking Christ is the last name instead of a title. 

Christ Is Not Jesus’ Last Name

Christ Is Not Jesus' Last Name
Christ Is Not Jesus’ Last Name

I just finished a book on what I’m calling the universal Christ another name for everything different name for everything because of the point, I make and we’ll have time to elaborate on this at our conference.

This is not a stretch this is not unorthodox or heretical but it’s utterly new to most Christians that Christ is not Jesus’ last name.

Christ existed from all eternity right and that’s very clear in Paul’s letter and Ephesians Colossians the prologue to John’s Gospel the first paragraph of Hebrews.

It’s all through the scriptures but you know you can’t see what you’re not told to pay attention to and the first 2,000 years Christianity was I’ll just say so in awe of the incarnation of God as we believed in Jesus. 

That we never really got to recognize that Christ was a bigger and an older and a larger category than Jesus. Jesus became the Christ Jesus revealed the Christ and that’s very clear already in Acts of the Apostles. 

But you can see how this really affects what we’re concerned about where we’re dealing with the basis for a universal religion that doesn’t need to compete with any other religion. 

When we pull Jesus into our tribal worldview and made him German and Italian and French and Spanish and used him I mean I don’t mean to be irreverent but sort of as our you know divine mascot for our national religion.

We just ended up with a very small version of Jesus and we’ve seen this in our inability to rise above racism classism sexism homophobia name all of them.

What Was Jesus’ Full Name?

Jesus or Jesus Christ (Hebrew: Yeshua; other names: Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ), also known as Jesus of Nazareth, is the originator of the Christian faith. Christians regard him as the son of God the Father and the third member of the Christian Trinity.

Jesus’ Last Name Catholic?

Latin is the preferred language of the Catholic Church, the Latin version Yeshua was used throughout Europe as the name of Christ. Even the 1611 King James Bible publication used the “Iesus” spelling.

Did Jesus Have A Last Name?

No, they did not in the sense that you and I have them. If you read the Biblically genealogy. You see that people were identified by their fathers in some cases the mothers.

Jesus was Yeshua by Joseph. Jesus son of Joseph and Simon was the son of John. And so, therefore, they did not have the last name. They were identified in the family line by whose father was and who father, father was and so on…

Joseph Father Of Jesus Last Name

Joseph Father Of Jesus Last Name
Joseph Father Of Jesus Last Name

Saint Joseph was a 1st-century Nazareth man who, according to the canonical Gospels was married to Mary, mother of Jesus, and was the legal father.

What Was Jesus Dads Last Name

Saint Joseph first appeared in the gospels, Matthew and Luke. He was the earthly father and husband of Jesus Christ.

What Is Jesus’ Middle Name

What Is Jesus' Middle Name
What Is Jesus’ Middle Name

Jesus is a personal name. Christ isn’t a name. Christ is a name.

On occasion, you will see Jesus the Christ, which is really more precise.

At the time and place, Jews didn’t have surnames. People were known as first title son/daughter of father’s and mother’s name’.

Jesus – presumably – could have been Jesus (if this was the kind of title that he had been awarded from the first place) ben or pub (son of – ben is Hebrew and pub is Aramaic) Joseph and Mary’ and also distinguish him from each OTHER Yeshu ben Yoseph v’Maryam (more likely), people would have included some sort of nicknames, such as from Nazareth’ or the carpenter’ or anything like this.

You do notice that use in the NT:’Jesus of Nazareth’.

In addition, you see – at the NT – which Jesus is known as Jesus son of Mary’, that may simply indicate that his dad was dead at the moment, and he had been understood or understood as Macy’s son’. It might also indicate he was untrue or his father was not Jewish – but that is pure speculation. The NT provides him, Joseph, with a dad.

There’s not any reference of any second title’ and also, the concept of the middle name’ needs there to be an initial and a final for the middle to exist.

No last name signifies no middle names. Definitely, some people had two names, but when Jesus had two first names, that’s never brought up.


1. What was Joseph and Mary’s last name?

Answer: Her married name was Mary Christ. Because she was married with Joseph Christ.

2. What was Jesus’s actual last name?

Answer: His name could actually be Joshua. The name Jesus wasn’t created out of creativity, but translation. Yeshua, translated into Greek from which the New Testament is derived, becomes Iesous. In English, this is “Jesus.”

3. What is Mary’s last name?

Answer: Before she married Joesph, her name was Battachim. Hebrew for “Bat”, which means “becoming”, so she was becoming when she was born.


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