What Year Did Jesus Die?


What Year Did Jesus Die?

We are going to have a look at What Year Did Jesus Die? Exactly what year was he crucified? Daniel 9:25 teaches us to know and understand that the commandment of rebuilding and building Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince was given. Be seven weeks, and threescore in just two weeks.

In Luke 19 verse 44 Yeshua weeping over the city of Jerusalem exclaims that thou knewest not the time of Viçosa Tation indicating that the religious leaders of the day should have known the time of his coming.

If only they had read and understood the prophecy of daniel which spoke of his coming. Nahum is two verse 1 and verse 5 we find the commandment referred to by the prophet Daniel.

It was given by the Persian king our taxes in the twentieth year of his reign ie 445 BC. Now Amaya said to the king send me to Judah to the city of the father Celicas that I may build it.

He was referring to the rebuilding of the city and not specifically to the rebuilding of the temple. This is an exact agreement with Daniels’s prophecy. So taking nice on the Passover months when this commandment was given in 445 BC.

As our starting point, we can accurately discern and work out the year that Jesus Yeshua was crucified with an ad 30 AD 31 AD 32 or aging 33 I’ve even thought some scholars argue for 1834. 

What Year Did Jesus Die?
What Year Did Jesus Die?

In Daniel 9:25 of us continues to restore it and build Jercontinuetil the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and threescore and two weeks what does this mean. 

Taking a date equal to a year we have seven weeks of years ie 49 years plus three scores and score 20 which is 20 times three. So scores make sixty-plus another two weeks of years ie fourteen years. 

So for the mathematicians amongst us, 49 + 420 plus 14 equals 483 years, however, we do have a challenge here these are solar years of 365 days.

We need lunar years of 360 days as the Hebrew calendar is in lunar years. So 483 years times 360 days equals 173,880 days converting this back into solar years divide this number by 365 as well as taking into account leap year this brings us to 476. 

You so four seconds let’s take away four four five well that equals 31. So Yeshua was crucified in 31 AD. This date also fits the biblical account as regards the Passover week the week that I called that changed the world.

THE STORY Chapter 23 The Beginning Of Jesus Ministry

The Beginning Of Jesus Ministry
The Beginning Of Jesus Ministry

There was a man called John the Baptist who was actually the cousin of Jesus. The wilderness guide who taught people to abandon their ways and follow God’s path. John’s clothes were made from camel’s hair. He ain’t wild honey and locusts. John spoke to people from all walks of the region. 

He would often baptize those who chose to follow God by dipping in the lake as a symbol. One day Jesus came to John and asked him to be baptized.

John claimed that I am the one who should be baptized by You, but Jesus convinced John to baptize. He did it and saw the sky split open, and the Spirit God flew down like an eagle and landed on Jesus. The voice said, “This is my son whom you love.” 

After Jesus’s baptism, John the Baptist told all who came to hear him that Jesus was God’s chosen Messiah. Jesus then went into the wilderness, and for forty days he refused to eat or drink.

The devil appeared and put Jesus through a series of tests. Despite the devil’s attempts to convince Jesus to trust God, Jesus refused to be tempted and was killed. devil led.

Jesus selected twelve men to be his companions in the ministry throughout the region after he returned from the wilderness. These men, who were called disciples, became his closest circle of followers. One day when Jesus and his followers were attending a wedding feast. 

Jesus told them to get six large stone jars of water for their lack of wine. The water miraculously transformed into wine after they did this. This was only one of many miracles Jesus performed to demonstrate his power and cause many others to follow him. 

Jesus traveled across the region meeting everyone, from religious leaders to ordinary people. Tell them how God’s Way can help you live your life and get rid of your sin.

Jesus performed miracles for people with many illnesses, including paralysis. He spoke of a new kingdom, which was completely different from anything that people have ever heard.

While many were shocked, some religious leaders became angry and afraid as his following grew.

The Year Jesus’s Ministry Began

The Year Jesus’s Ministry Began
The Year Jesus’s Ministry Began

According to the Gospels, Jesus began his ministry shortly after John. Based on these calculations, Jesus’ baptism date would then be in late AD 28. It is likely that it will be placed sometime in the first part of the year AD 29. This is because there were a few months between John’s ministry and Jesus’s (and AD 30 is the latest). Jesus’s ministry had to have started between AD 28 and AD 30.

This is consistent with Luke’s mention of Jesus being around thirty years old when he started his ministry (Luke 3;23). If Jesus was born between 6 and 5 BC, which is most likely, he would have been around thirty-two to three-four years old from late AD 28 up until AD 30, which falls within the range of “about thirty years.”

The Length of Jesus’s Ministry, How long was Jesus’ Ministry? 

In my quest for teaching how Daniels’s seventieth week was already fulfilled long ago by Jesus Christ, I’ve encountered many people who teach something similar but yet still technically wrong. 

I teach that the 70th week was the seven-day Passion Week of Christ. But some people teach that while the 70th week was fulfilled long ago its fulfillment was a seven-year period from Jesus’s baptism to the stoning of Stephen in Act 7.

I’m grateful that these people believe the 70th week isn’t still a future event like the dispensationalists believed but our debates always end up arguing over something that I never expected to be an important question. How long was Jesus’s ministry? 

It is a common belief that Jesus’ ministry lasted three and a quarter years. Regardless of their faith, almost all Christians believe that.

I still don’t know when this teaching started but I guess that it came out of Roman Catholicism. This isn’t directly linked to dispensationalism. It’s bigger than that. 

I’m going to show you straight from the scriptures that Jesus’s ministry was only two years and several days long not three and a half years. 

My purpose in this is not to argue with the people who already agree with me that the 70th week has already been fulfilled.

I’m glad we agree on that but my purpose is more to prove that my interpretation of the 70th week is the Passion Week makes much more sense. 

Many people want to object to making the 70th week a week of days but I will show that making it a week of years just doesn’t work. 

My strength is chronology. I have created videos that harmonize the Gospels chronologically. For my daily Bible reading, I made my own chronology.

I understand the time and English grammar well enough to figure these things out the book of John gives everything needed to understand when Jesus’s ministry began when it ended and how much time passed in between. 

the first thing I’ll show you just to prove that I’m correct that 3.5 years isn’t right is that the beginning and end of Jesus’s ministry were both linked to Passover. 

This proves that the length of his ministry cannot have a half year involved with it everyone knows that Jesus was crucified during Passover.

Six verses of John mention the Passover that leads to Jesus’ crucifixion, which would be his obvious end. This is the easy part. But where did it all begin? 

These are John’s first Passover mentions. The Jews Passover was already at hand, and Jesus went to Jerusalem. Many believed in him after seeing the miracles he did while he was in Jerusalem for Passover. How long did it take for these verses to be translated into the beginning of his ministry’s existence? 

John then sees Jesus come unto Him the next day and says, “Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.”

This is he whom I spoke after I came at the man that is preferred to me, but he was ahead of me and I didn’t know him but that he. Israel should know that I am coming to baptize with water. 

John keeps a record of seeing the Spirit descend from heaven as a dove and residing on him.

And I did not know him, but he sent me to baptize water with the same words that were spoken unto me. On whom will thou see the Spirit ascending and remaining on? He is the same as he who baptizeth with Holy Ghost. And I saw and bear witness that this is the Son of God.

John 1 verses 29-34 show Jesus being baptized for the first time by John the Baptist. This is his first step in ministry, I believe. It is not logical to believe it started earlier than this, and there is no other event in scripture that could be better.  

The next day, John stood again and two of his disciples were there. He looked at Jesus and said, “Behold the Lamb of God!” 

The two disciples heard Jesus speak and followed him. Jesus then turned to see them and said unto them, “Sikhi,” which means being interpreted master where dwellest. 

He said unto them, “Come and see.” They came and saw his place of residence and abode that day, but it was only the tenth hour. The chronology starts at verse 35. It literally means the day after. What happens next? His baptism was the previous day, of course! His disciples began following him from that point on. This sounds to me like the beginning of a ministry. 

Verse 39 also tells us the time of day! Jesus said that the day after He would go into Galilee, and Philip found Him and said unto Him, “Follow me.”

Verse 43 states that the day after baptism is only two days. The rest of the chapter will take place on the second day. 

The third day was with Cana of Galilee and the mother was there.

We are then told that the third day was the Cana marriage. This clearly refers to the third day following his baptism. It could refer to any other day.  

His mother, his brethren, and his disciples accompanied him to Capernaum where they stayed for a few more days. Jesus went to Jerusalem, and the Jews’ Passover was near.

Then after this the Cana wedding as it says in verse 12, Jesus went to Capernaum not many days. Was it three days? six days? We don’t know. but I certainly don’t believe it was a half year. I would think that if it was more than a week God would have used the word week instead of not many days. Then verse 13 the very next verse brings us to Passover! which means there was only a handful of days I’m guessing maybe six days or so between his baptism and this first Passover. 

After this, there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 

The next time Passover is mentioned in John will be in John 6. But before that in John 5:1 John mentions a feast of the Jews. the Jews had several feasts during the year. 

Passover wasn’t the only one. so since John mentions the Passover specifically by name twice in John two again in John 6 and then again several more times when Jesus is crucified I cannot believe that John 5:1 is also talking about another Passover. 

I’m quite confident that John 5:1 is talking about some other Jewish feast probably one of the fall feasts that came roughly a half year after the Passover in John 2. 

And the Passover a feast of the Jews was nigh. this brings us to the second Passover which was only one year in several days after beginning his ministry. 

The next mentioning of another Passover in John 11 through 19 brings us to the crucifixion! that would only be one more year later! Therefore from the time of Jesus’s baptism to the time of his crucifixion was only two years in a handful of days! 

Now for those who still want to cling to the idea that the 70th week was seven years ending with the stoning of Stephen I leave you with two unanswerable questions. 

Given what I’ve just told you, how can you prove Jesus’s three-and-a-half-year ministry? Even worse, how do you prove it took three and a quarter years for Stephen to be stoned? It is!

There is no chronological information in the book of Acts at all to make the claim that Stephen’s stoning was the prophetic time marker of anything let alone one of the scripture’s most important prophecies the 70th week of Daniel.

What Year Was Jesus Born?

What Year Was Jesus Born?
What Year Was Jesus Born?

English Jesus born Jesus was born on Christmas Day December 25th. Right not so fast study and even the year of his birth are highly debated first of all there is no year 0 the calendar goes from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D.

Scholars think Jesus was born sometime between 6 B.C. to 4 B.C. and that’s partly because both Luke and Matthew say in the Bible that teaches support during the reign parents agree. And he Herod especial have died and for 4 B.C.

However, Science disagrees on the timing of Herod’s death. And others have pointed to different dates for Jesus’s birthday for instance in 2008 an astronomer argues that the Star of Bethlehem which has been linked to Jesus’s birth may have been Venus and Jupiter coming together in a year to be free on June 17th.

Other researchers have claimed that a similar occurrence in Spain at Saturn and Jupiter with the star Bethlehem that convergence happens in the year 7 BC on October 7.

But of course, there are many ideas about when Jesus was born so why do a Christian celebrate this first on December 25th?

Scholars are not certain why that they could correspond with the winter solstice and Saturnalia a festival dedicated to the Roman babies chatter by co-opting the state the church could have attracted pagans and celebrated these events.

Whatever the reason the earliest mention of December 25th as the day Jesus was born comes from a fourth-century Roman Almanac. Which by the way would be a great gift under the tree for any historian Jesus is real birthday it’s one of life’s little mysteries.

How Long Ago Did Jesus Die?

These methods lead scholars to assume that Jesus was born between 6 and 4 BC. They also believe that Jesus’ preaching started around AD 27-29, and lasted one or three years. They consider Jesus’ death to have occurred Between AD 30 and 36.

When Did Jesus Die The Second Time?

After Rebirth, Jesus arose and went straight to heaven 40 days later. So Jesus Die The Second Time After 40 days of rebirth.

But Christians believe that after Jesus developed after his fatality, he did not pass away a second time. Instead, 40 days after the resurrection, Jesus left heaven, heart, and soul to reconcile God and Dad, leaving the earth. This occasion is called the Ascension and also was seen by the eleven staying apostles of Jesus.

How Old Was Jesus When he Died?

Jesus was born during the reign of Emperor Herod Augustus, and according to Jewish documents, Jesus is believed to have been born in 4 B.C. and was crucified in 29 A.D. Thus Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified.

How Many Years Ago Was Jesus Born?

Jesus was born during the reign of Emperor Herod Augustus, and according to Jewish documents, Jesus is believed to have been born in 4 B.C.

When Did Jesus Born?

The founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was born on 25 December. The word Christmas is derived from the word Christes Maise or ‘Christ’s Mass. It is estimated that the first Christmas was celebrated in Rome in 336 AD. It is celebrated on 25 December all over the world to remember the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of the Lord.

How Old Is Jesus?

Jesus was born during the reign of Emperor Herod Augustus, and according to Jewish documents, Jesus is believed to have been born in 4 B.C. and was crucified in 29 A.D. Thus Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified.

When Did Jesus Die Age?

When Did Jesus Die Age?
When Did Jesus Die Age?

According to the Gospels, Jesus was born during the census of Quirinius. It happened ten years after the death of Herod the Great. The Bible also says that Jesus was baptized and began his ministry at the age of 30. And was crucified after the age of 30, almost at the age of 33.


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