Is It Possible To Know When Is Jesus Coming Back?


Is It Possible To Know When Jesus Is Coming Back?

Matthew 24:36 through 44 declares but about that day or hour, no one knows. Not even the angels in heaven nor the Son but only the Father; therefore, keep reading because you do not know your Lord will come on what day. You must also be prepared for the Son of Man’s arrival at an hour you don’t expect. These verses seem to give a clear and specific answer to the question that no one can predict When Is Jesus Coming Back.

These verses don’t say that anyone will ever know when Jesus will return. Many Bible scholars believe that Jesus, now glorified in heaven, knows when his return will occur. This means that neither the Sun nor the phrase means that Jesus will not know when it will be.

It is also possible. Matthew 24:36-44 indicates that no one could have known the time of Jesus’ return at that point. God may reveal the time of Jesus’ return to anyone in the future.

Act 1:7 also states that it is not your responsibility to know the dates or times the Father has established by his own authority. Jesus stated this after being asked by his disciples if he would restore the kingdom of Israel.

This would confirm Matthew 24’s message. We don’t know when Jesus will return. It is also unclear if these passages refer to the Second Coming of Jesus or the Rapture of the Second Coming.

When Jesus Is Coming Back?
When Jesus Is Coming Back?

Although the Rapture is described as imminent and mysterious, it could be possible to predict the Second Coming based on an end-of-the-world prophecy. Let’s be clear. We don’t believe God has shown anyone when Jesus will return. Scripture does not contain any indication that God will reveal when Jesus returns.

Matthew 24:36-44, although it was addressed directly to Jesus’ followers, also contains a general principle that the timing of Jesus’ return at the end is beyond our control.

The Bible and no other source encourages us not to attempt to predict the date. We are encouraged to continue reading, even though we don’t know when our Lord will return.

Verse 42 says that we should be prepared because the Son of Man is coming at an hour we don’t expect.

Verse 44: The force of Jesus’ words decreases if someone can determine when he will return at some future date.

We no longer need watchful waiting or to be prepared if the date is revealed. Keep in mind Matthew 24:36 through 44. It is impossible to know when Jesus will return.

Many Christians throughout Christian history have tried to prophesy Jesus’ return date despite this biblical principle. Many dates of this nature have been suggested, but all have failed. And Many, if not all, of those who predicted Jesus’ return on specific dates had held questionable or even heretical doctrinal positions regarding other issues.

It is not God’s will that we calculate the date Jesus returns, as it was stated before. Anyone who attempts to do such a task is misguided,

The key points are 1. 1. Two, the Bible does not provide any data that can help us determine the time of Jesus’ return.

Instead of making wild and speculative predictions about when Jesus will return, be realistic. The Bible tells us to be vigilant and ready. We should be aware that Jesus’ return day is not yet certain. This should encourage us to live each day with the hope of Christ’s return.

Jesus’ Second Coming

Jesus' Second Coming
Jesus’ Second Coming

John 14, verses 1 to 3: Jesus tells his disciples that he is going to die. He then says to them, “Quit not your hearts be troubled to believe in God also believe with me.”

There are many rooms in my Father’s home. If it weren’t so, I’d prepare a space for you. When I return from there, I will bring you back to me. What is he talking about? I’m going to my Father’s house to prepare a space, and when I return, I’ll take you to myself.

It was an ancient Judaism custom for the bridegroom to prepare a home and go to his bride’s house as part of his duties. In ancient Israel, when you married a man, you would be part of his family. You would travel to his ancestral land, his tribe’s, and join his Father’s family.

Jesus uses the imagery of the bridegroom, but he is saying to the disciples, “I’m going to prepare a place for you, then I’m coming back, and you’ll be taken to me.” He will do it when you pray.

You might think that the second, as we approach the end of the time now, is a long time since he left. It’s like 2000 years. So what’s the hold-up? You might be asking why he hasn’t returned yet. Have you ever thought that this is a great question? But why has Jesus not returned?

If he loves us so deeply and if we are his bride, then why wouldn’t he return? The Eucharist is a symbol of what happens at the last Summer Supper. Christ then comes to each man’s to be married, but his glory is concealed under the facades of bread or wine.

He is fully present at the mass. He won’t have any more power or Majesty at that last upper than he did when he arrived in that host. But the difference is that we don’t see it. It appears to be bread and wine, but it will eventually come in glory. He won’t do that until the bride is ready.

John refers to the end of the world as the wedding supper for the Lamb in chapter 19 of the book of Revelation. This is a topic I do not have the time to cover in-depth. There is a chapter at the end of the book about the wedding. This is an important point for most people. They think of the tribulations of the Antichrist and the final judgment. These are all part of the book of Revelation. They are an important part of the book.

The reality is, however, that the book of Revelation doesn’t end with these things. It ends with a marriage.

Revelation 19-21 is the wedding ceremony of the Lamb with his bride, which is the wedding of Christ in the church at the end of the story. LSU taught me the technical differences between tragedy and comedy when I was an English major.

Tragic ends with everyone on the ground like Hamlet. But comedy is like in Much Ado About Nothing, or All’s Well That Ends Well.

Because it ends with Christ’s wedding in the church, the Bible is a Divine Comedy. This is what St. John tells us about the wedding and the Apocalypse. The word Apocalypse means “unveiling the apocalypse,” the unmasking of the bride. This is how the story ends.

Then John spoke what seemed like the voice of a great number like thunder peals crying hallelujah to the Lord our God, the Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and exult in him, for the wedding of Lamb has come, and the bride is ready.

She was allowed to wear bright, pure fine linen because of the saints’ righteous acts of linen. Notice John’s statement here: The eternal wedding at the end time was finally coming because the bride has been ready.

Consider an ordinary marriage. It takes more time to prepare. It took me four seconds to get ready. My wife, however, was able to remember that my wife had her sister, and she went out for four hours. They did their hair for four hours.

The bride must be prepared right away and again when it comes to the actual ceremony. I can recall standing at the front of the church, waiting for her to enter the right aisle. And then what’s the biggest moment at the wedding. What’s the most powerful moment? It’s the moment when the bride enters, isn’t that right? Everybody knows what she looks like. But every head turns, every neck cranes. The music starts right away because it’s her time now. She’s in all her glory, her splendor, and her beauty and everyone turns to her. What’s the point?

That moment is a small glimpse at the end time. It’s a foretaste of Christ’s desires for his bride. He won’t reveal his glory until she is ready. John explains that she must be in her beautiful white linen wedding dress. But what is her white linen gown made of? The righteous acts of the Saints.

You will see that until the last saint passes through this valley of tears, her dress hasn’t been made ready. Only when the last martyr sheds that last blood on the last day with brine will the bridegroom arrive.

The angel then said to me, “Write this blessed are those who have been called to the marriage supper in the land.” I then saw new heaven as well as new Earth to honor the first Evan that had died on the first Earth. The sea was gone, and I saw the New Jerusalem, the holy city, coming down from heaven like a bride dressed for her husband.

Are you a part of a beautiful wedding feast that is a holy marriage? You have never experienced the joy of witnessing the union of the bridegroom with the bride multiplied by infinity. It’s just a shadow, but it is a glimpse of the joy of heaven.

What Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ?

What Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ?
What Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ?

This is how we’re going to answer the question. The second coming of Jesus Christ, the hope of believers, is the assurance that God is in control and faithful to his promises and prophecies.

Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem as a baby in Bethlehem during His first coming. During His life, ministry, and resurrection, Jesus fulfilled many prophecies about the Messiah.

There are, however, some prophecies concerning the Messiah that Jesus has yet to fulfill.

The second coming of Christ is the fulfillment of the remaining prophecies. Jesus was the suffering servant in his first coming. Jesus will be the conquering King at his second coming.

And Jesus came in the most humble circumstances during his first coming. Jesus will be accompanied by the armies and angels of heaven in his second coming.

The Old Testament prophets didn’t make this distinction between the comings. These scriptures make this clear because they seem to refer to two people.

Many Jewish scholars believe that there will be both a suffering Messiah as well as a conquering Messiah. They didn’t realize that there is only one Messiah, and he would fulfill both of these roles.

Jesus was the suffering servant at his first coming. Jesus will be Israel’s deliverer, King, at his second coming.

Zechariah 12;10 and Revelation 1:17 describe the second coming. It was reminiscent of Jesus being pierced Israel. The whole world will be sad that the Messiah did not come the first time.

The Angels announced to the apostles of Galilee that Jesus had ascension into heaven. They said, “Why do you stand here staring at the sky? This is the same Jesus who was taken from you into heaven come back the same way you saw him go into heaven.”

Zechariah names the Mount of Olives as the site of the second coming. Matthew says that at that time, the sign of Jesus will appear in heaven, and all nations of the Earth will be grieving. The Son of man will then ascend on clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

Titus refers to the second coming in a glowing manner. The most detailed description of the second coming can be found in Revelation 19 to 16

I looked up and saw heaven open. Before, I was a white horse whose rider is faithful and tied, just like the judges’ war and makes war.

His eyes sparkle like blazing fire, and his crowns are on his head. And His name is unknown, but he is covered in a robe that is dipped in blood. His name is the Word of God.

And His white horse-drawn armies were accompanied by the angels of heaven, who were dressed in clean white linen and riding on white horses. His mouth is open, and he holds a sharp sword that he uses to take down the nations. He will also rule them with an iron scepter. On his robe, he treads the winepresses of the fury and wrath of God Almighty.

Chapter 44, The Savior Goes To Jerusalem

Chapter 44, The Savior Goes To Jerusalem
Chapter 44, The Savior Goes To Jerusalem

Some people claimed that Jesus had brought Lazarus to life. Although the Pharisees believed that everyone would believe, they were afraid no one would. The Pharisees plotted to kill Jesus.

They waited for Jesus to arrive in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover Feast. Jesus traveled to Jerusalem. Many people heard about Jesus’s arrival and went to see him. Jesus rode a donkey on his way into Jerusalem.

One prophet predicted that the Son of God would accomplish this.

Many believed Jesus to be the Son of God. They laid palm branches and some of the clothes they had on the ground so that Jesus could ride over them. They shouted Hosanna and declared that Jesus was their King. 

Jerusalem flocked to Jerusalem to witness the spectacle. When they asked Jesus who he was, the crowd replied that he was a Nazareth prophet. The Pharisees were furious that they didn’t want people to believe Jesus was the Savior.

Jesus knew that the Pharisees wanted him to die. Jesus promised his disciples that he would soon be dead. He would die for all the sins of humanity, and then he would rise from the dead on the cross. He was the world’s Savior. This is why he came to Earth.


1. What day does Jesus come back?

Answer: The resurrection for Christians is the belief that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death on the cross. The Gospel of Luke (24.1-39) describes how Jesus’ followers discovered that he had been resurrected. Jesus’ female followers visited his tomb on Sunday after Jesus’s death.

2. How old was Jesus when he Died?

Answer: Jesus was born during the reign of Emperor Herod Augustus, and according to Jewish documents, Jesus is believed to have been born in 4 B.C. and was crucified in 29 A.D. Thus Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified.

3. What is the purpose of the Savior’s Second Coming?

Answer: Purpose. The LDS Church believes that God loves all people, including those who are currently on the Earth and those who have previously been there.

4. Who is the second person of the Holy Trinity?

Answer: God The Son (Greek: Theos O Uios, Latin: Deus Filius) is the second person in the Trinity of Christian theology.


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