Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?


Were The Prophets The Watchers In The Bible?

Who Are The Watchers In The Bible? The watchers often kept guard at night so that no harm could be caused to people or property. When he saw any danger coming, he used to alert the people. The guards were often stationed on the wall or on the minarets so that if someone was approaching the city, they could see him from afar. Army guards are generally called sentries. The prophets were, in a sense, biblical watchers for the nation of Israel, as they warned them of impending doom.—2Ki 9:20; It’s 3:17.

The Task Of The Watchers And The Signs Of The Present Time

A watchers is one who keeps guard over an object or person. The watchers’ job is to keep people awake even when they are asleep and keep a close eye on all things so that if an enemy’s attack or any sign of calamity is seen, he will inform them about it and help them to be ready. Can do.

God has assigned the task of spiritual watchers in the Bible to the children of Zion. The task of the Spirit Watcher is to awaken the people of the world, whether they hear or not, by the words of God to help them survive their calamities and lead them to salvation. (Ezekiel 3:11, 17–18)

Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?
Who Are The Watchers In The Bible?

Many of the calamities happening these days are God’s warning to mankind. With this in mind, we spiritual watchers should not become mere spectators. We should study carefully what the Bible predicts for these current circumstances and how humans can survive the many calamities facing them today. Keeping a close eye on God’s teachings and the signs of the present day, we should tell all people about them.

Christ’s Prophecies About Plagues

  • This is an era when plagues are more widespread
  • extraordinary calamity is coming

As Jesus warned in the Bible, extraordinary plagues are now spreading worldwide, and we hear of battles and battles through many public relations means. Australia’s worst drought in a thousand years, the fact that the Amazon, a tropical rainforest region, is drying up due to famine, and the countless new infectious diseases that are rampant around the world today – This is the fulfillment of all prophecies.

Let Us Preach The Gospel Of Salvation By Faithfully Serving As Watchers

What we should quickly preach to those who tremble with fear and wonder because of the raging plagues is the Passover of the new covenant. We must blow the trumpet of salvation loudly and, as soon as possible, bring the world’s people to Zion, a place of safe haven.

Preach in Judah and recite this in Jerusalem: “Blow the trumpet throughout the country; Shout out your throat and say, ‘Come, let us gather and go to the fortified cities!’ Raise your flag on the way to Zion, gather your belongings and run away, do not stand, for I have brought calamity and destruction from the north. Desolate the cities so that no one can live in them. So put on sackcloth, lament, and wail, for Jehovah’s wrath has not turned away from us. At that time, the hearts of the king and the princes will tremble; The priests will be amazed, and the prophets will be astonished,” says Jehovah.Jer 4:5–9

God warns us about impending disasters. In this situation, let’s put our best efforts, sounding the trumpet of warning, to bring many people to Zion, the abode of salvation.

Now is the time when leaving aside the selfish thought, ‘I am already saved, that’s enough,’ we should extend the hand of salvation to those trembling with fear of calamity. And now is also the time to wake up those people who are still in a deep sleep spiritually by not recognizing this present time.

God said, “Run to Zion, don’t stand.” So we must not delay the work of bringing people to Zion. As watchers of the truth, let us take all of us to Zion, where the Elohim God, our Father, and Mother, who saved us from calamities and blessed us with eternal life through the Passover of the new covenant, resides. Come and obey God’s command to save the world so that we can repay Elohim God for His grace.

Bible Verse For The Watchers

“Lord, I stood guard [on the tower] all day long, and I spent the whole night on guard.”—Isaiah 21:8.

What is Jehovah’s purpose, and of what promises does he assure the fulfillment?

Jehovah’s purpose is always fulfilled, and no one can stop it from being fulfilled. He aims to make his name known worldwide and turn the whole earth into a beautiful garden and start his glorious reign over it. (Matthew 6:9, 10) Even if God’s greatest enemy, Satan, exerts his heel, he cannot stop his purpose from being accomplished.

Jehovah promises that all mankind under his Kingdom will be showered with blessings. Then he will ‘destroy death forever and wipe the tears from all faces.’ All mankind will be one, and they will live forever. There will be happiness everywhere. There will be peace among people. No one will lack anything. (Isaiah 25:8; 65:17-25) Jehovah himself assures us that his promises will come true!

FAQ About Watchers In The Bible?

What is it to be watchers?

The person who keeps an eye on a place from a strategic point. In each of the castle towers, he posted a lookout.
The person in charge of looking after something is the master of the lookout of school discipline.

What is meant by watchtower?

The tower is built in a high position to monitor a large area of ​​land and to be able to give warnings in times of danger or danger.

What is it like to be a spiritual watcher?

Watchers are one who, amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, in the deep intimacy of the Holy Scriptures and the Eucharist, and from that source, becomes a contemplative preacher to understand and see the spiritual world from the perspective of faith.

What Was a Sentinel in Biblical Times?

Un Centinela, Don’t just watch and watch or listen. He had the compulsion of the watchers to see when the enemy was coming against the state and give an alarm signal to all to be ready. If that Centinela slept or was careless and did not warn about the danger to be repaid with his life.

What function does Vigia fulfill?

Monitor compliance with occupational health and safety standards, which the company must meet in accordance with industrial safety and hygiene regulations and current standards. At the same time, its spread and adherence should be promoted.

What are watchtowers?

Watchtowers were watchtowers mounted on a wall or tower to see and warn of impending dangers in the distance. They were hired to guard cities and vineyards, fields, or pastures.

What is a watcher or sentry?

Atalaya This is a tall tower from which you can see large spaces. Atalaya comes from the Arabic “atlayi,” which means watchdog.

What does The Watchtower mean spiritually?

In the religious realm, the term refers to prophets who were messengers of God to guide man on the right path.


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