Who Killed Jesus According To The Bible?


According To The Bible, Who Killed Jesus?

Pontius Pilate, the great general of the Roman emperor, killed Jesus. According to the Bible, Roman soldiers beat Jesus with whips. Dressed him in royal clothes, adorned his head with a crown of thorns, and spat on him, making him the “King of the Jews” in disgrace. Carrying his own cross on his back, the Romans took him to Golgotha, where he was to be crucified.

But there is no exact answer as to who killed Jesus? Jew or Roman! The different aspects of different books are in the table below.

S.NoWho Killed Jesus?Who killed Jesus? From aspects of different books or verse.
1.The Romans as the Killers of Jesus.In Mat 27:15-25, Mark 15:6-15 and Luke 23:13-25, Luke 23:13-25, John 18, 39-19:16
2.Jesus was crucified and put to death by those who are not obeying the law.Acts 2.23, NRSV
3.Christ died because of Jewish leaders and people.1Thess 2:4-15
4.Paul claims that Satan and his demons killed Jesus.1Cor 2:8
5.Jesus’ death was because of each one of us.2 Cor 5:21
6.Jesus said that he gave his life so that he could take it back.John 10:17-18
Who killed Jesus? From aspects of different books.

Who Was Responsible For The Death Of Jesus Christ? Who Killed Jesus And Why?

Who Killed Jesus And Why?
Who Killed Jesus And Why? see below for correct anser

Who killed Jesus Christ? There are Top 5 aspects to answer this question.

1. Israel’s Religious Leaders

There cannot be any doubt that Israel’s religious leaders were the ones responsible for Jesus’s death. Matthew 26:3-4 recounts it was “then all the priests, chief of them and people’s elders were gathered in the high priest’s courtyard called Caiaphas and began to think about how they could take Jesus through deceit and take him to the cross.” The Jewish authorities demanded that their fellow Romans demand that Jesus be executed (Matthew 27:22-25). They were unable to let him perform any additional signs or wonders because it could jeopardize his position and status within their religious community (John 11:47-50), So “they began to plan to murder the Christ.” (John 11:53).

2. The Romans

The Romans are the ones who Killed or executed Jesus (Matthew 27:27-37). Crucifixion was a Roman way of execution approved and carried out by the Romans under the supervision of The Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, who Killed Jesus. Roman soldiers beat his feet and hands. Roman soldiers put up the cross, and the Roman soldier struck him in the ribs with the knife (Matthew 27:27-35). So that’s how Jesus died on the cross.

3. Israel’s People

The Israelites from Israel were also perpetrators of Jesus’s death. They were shouting, “Crucify Jesus! Cripple him!” He was tried in front of Pilate (Luke 23:21). Together, they pleaded for the criminal Barabbas to be released to replace Jesus (Matthew 27:21). Peter also confirmed the same in Acts 2:22-23, in which he informed all the inhabitants of Israel that “you murdered the ungodly with the crucifixion.” The execution of Jesus was part of a plot that involved several groups: Romans, Herod, Jewish leaders, and the citizens of Israel, A diverse group of people who never had before or after have collaborated in any way, but who they had only met once to commit this crime to kill the Son to the supreme Lord, and to do it with no thought.

4. God Himself

At the final moment, possibly a bit surprising that the final verdict did happen that it was God Himself who Killed Jesus in the grave. The most powerful act of divine justice was executed “by God’s divinely-ordained plan and knowing” and with the greatest goal (Acts 2:23). Jesus’s death ensured the salvation of many millions and is believed to be the one method by which God can accept forgiveness for sins without compromising His righteousness and holiness.

Christ’s death was God’s final plan of eternal redemption decided by Him. According to some, it was not overcome by Satan or an unnecessary tragedy; however, this was the greatest display of God’s mercy and goodness to sinners. It was the perfect manifestation of the father’s love. God committed Jesus to death to pay for our sins to allow us to be a part of Him in righteousness that is sinless and righteousness only possible because of the cross. “He who was sinless did not commit sin, but he made it so to us so that in Christ we might be made God’s righteousness God” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

5. We Are All Responsible For The Death Of Jesus

We who have accepted Christ by faith are responsible for the blood spilled on his cross to us. Jesus died to pay for the penalty of our wrongs (Romans 5:8 6:23).

Pontius Pilate Death

The fifth-century Syriac version of the Acts of Pilate refers to Pilate’s conversion when he blamed the Jews for Jesus’ death before Tiberius. Pilate Before his death, prays to God and is converted, making him a Christian martyr. In the Greek Paradosis Pilate (5th century), Pilate was arrested and martyred as a follower of Christ. With his head beheaded, a voice is heard from heaven calling him blessed and saying that he will be with Jesus at the second coming.

FAQ About Who killed Jesus?

Who killed Jesus TWD?

The Walking Dead (TWD) star Tom Payne has stated that the actor was happy that the character of Jesus had been killed. Yep. Jesus was killed by one of the Whisperers during the final episode of the series’ midseason. While many of the fans were stunned by the tragedy, The actor was not affected by the tragic loss of his character.

Where was Jesus Christ murdered?

Jesus was killed or murdered in the country of Israel, outside the city of Jerusalem, at a place called Golgotha, which is called the ‘Place of the Skull’ (or Calvary in English). It was probably called the ‘Skull Place’ because it was the commonplace where ,the Roman government crucified criminals of treason and for this reason, human skeletons were seen lying there.

What religion was Jesus?

Jesus was, of course, a Jew. He was the son of a Jewish mother. His birthplace was Galilee, which is a Jewish region of the world.

Did Pontius Pilate kill Jesus?

When Jesus Christ was in the world, the Jewish community in the country of Israel lived among the people. The Bible tells that Jesus Christ was punished on the cross, which was the greatest punishment during the reign of the Romans. But now the point is, “what wrong did Jesus do” to receive such a hefty punishment?
In Judaism, the God who was redeemed from the slave of Egypt, as shown by Moses, believed in him. It was not a form of God. He had to make sacrifices to escape his sins. And all kinds of sacrifices had to be made.
When Jesus Christ used to teach them that they were calling themselves “Sons of God.” And I was saying by saying that I will give my life for the people too. When there were many people following Jesus, the chiefs of the Jews caught Jesus and handed him over to the Roman governor Pilate, who ruled over his country and got him killed on the cross.

How many years ago did Jesus die?

It is figured out that he died was between the ages of 33 and 39. Many Biblical scholars and historians tend to be the lowest in regards to age. Therefore, although it’s impossible to be exact or dogmatic, the Question is, “How old was Jesus when he died?” It is “about 34 years”.

How old is Jesus now?

We have entered the current year based on the date of birth of Jesus Christ, which was 1 AD. This means that at present, the year of birth of Jesus Christ is 2021 AD. This means that Jesus will also be Two Thousand and twenty-one years old. And each year is counted by plus one.

What month did Jesus die?

On 30 March, the festival of Good Friday is being celebrated all over the world. It is believed that on the day of Good Friday, Jesus was crucified and died. So Jesus died in the month of March.

Who killed Jesus Christ?

According to canonical gospels, Jesus was first arrested and tried by Sanhedrin. He was then sent by Pontius Pilate for scourging and finally executed by the Romans.

Who wanted to kill Jesus?

An angel visited Joseph and Mary and said that Herod would try to kill Jesus. They did as instructed and took their infant son with them. They fled Egypt by night until Herod died.

Who did Jesus kill?

60-70 CE. He depicts Jesus’ death as a result of a collision between the compromised leaders and Pilate. This is kind of 50/50. However, Mark 15:15 clearly states that Pilate was responsible for having him crucified.

Who tried to kill baby Jesus?

King Herod. Herod ruled Judea starting in 37 BC. According to the Bible, he ordered the murder of all infants in Bethlehem to get rid of Jesus.


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