Were Dismas And Gestas Crucified Next To Jesus?


Who was crucified next to Jesus?

The New Testament reveals that two thieves were crucified next to Jesus and were not charged with murder or rebellion. In the non-canonical Gospel of Nicodemus, their names are Dismas and Gestas . They are respectively the atonement and impenitent thieves of Luke’s Gospel. These names were part of Christian folklore and are still used by some Christians.

Luke nominates one thief penitent and one unrepentant. Matthew 27:44 makes clear that both thieves are impertinent. This means that Dismas could not have been a penitent thief.

Mark’s Gospel is now the original New Testament. It does not pick sides but simply states that there were two thieves. The author of Matthew copied Mark’s text and added details about the thieves, both casting the same in his teeth. Luke wrote independently from Matthew, adding the detail about the penitent theft. We don’t know if Mark was correct in stating that there were two thieves.

The Story Of Two Thieves Crucified Next To Jesus?

Who was crucified next to Jesus?
Who was crucified next to Jesus?

In Isaiah chapter 53, verse 6, it says that one person would be punished for the sin of many pilate could not find one thing that Jesus had done wrong. Still, because of the crowd, he handed Jesus over to the soldiers led Jesus away, a man named Simon carried Jesus cross behind him, and behind Simon, two other men also carried crosses. 

Now, these two men had done the wrong thing. They were thieves. They knew they deserved to be punished. Jesus and the two thieves were taken up the hill outside the city of Jerusalem.

Jesus and the two thieves were each nailed to a cross. One thief was on Jesus’ right and the other on his left. The crowd made fun of Jesus, saying he saved others let him save himself. If he really is from God, they put a sign above Jesus’ head this he is the king of the jews. 

One of the thieves joined the crowd and made fun of Jesus. He said that if you are the one God has chosen as the Messiah, then save yourself and us. But the other thief rebuked him. You should fear God we’re here because we’ve done the wrong. The thing we’re getting what we deserved. But this man has done nothing wrong then he turned to Jesus and asked, please remember me when you are recognized as king, and Jesus promised you’ll be with me in God’s great heaven.

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What Did Gestas And Dismas Steal?

Gestas is known for several crimes but One of his crimes was to steal a holy vessel from the temple and strip Cephas’s daughter Sarah, the sanctuary priest. Gates was very stubborn. There is no solid proof that what was the theft of Dismas? Dismas was a thief, but he has compassion in his heart.

What did Gestas say to Jesus?

Gestas joined the people and made a fan of Jesus, and then Gestas said to Jesus- “If you are the Christ, save yourself and us.” It means if you are the one whom God has chosen, if you are the son of God, then save yourself and us too. But another thief named Dismas scolded him. We are here to correct our mistakes, and you must fear God.

Gestas Meaning

Gestas, according to the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus, was the name of one of two thieves who were crucified alongside Jesus. Dismas was the name of Dismas. Gestas were also known as the bad stealer, “unrepentant,” and “blasphemous” thieves.

Two Thieves Crucified With Jesus Scripture?

Two men were also crucified with Jesus simultaneously, one on his right and one on the left. This is what the Gospel of Mark interprets to be the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah53:12.

Dismas and Gestas (Thiefs) Bible verse 

John 10:10

The thief comes not to do anything else but to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it in abundance.

Names Of Thieves In The Bible?

The names of impregnable thieves in apocryphal writing are Gestas and Dismas. It first appears in the Gospel of Nicodemus. According to Christian tradition, Gestas was on the left cross of Jesus, and Dismas was on the right cross of Jesus.

The Story Of Thief In The Bible?

The Story Of Thief In The Bible?
The Story Of Thief In The Bible?

Joshua 7:1-26; 8:1-29.

Can you tell from the picture what this man is burying in his tent? Yes, a beautiful cloth, a brick of gold, and a few pieces of silver. But from where did he get all this? All this he robbed from the city of Jericho. But do you remember what the things in the city of Jericho had to do?

The Israelites were to deposit the gold and silver items found in the city of Jericho in the treasury of Jehovah, and the rest were to be burned. This man’s name is Achan. It means this man did not obey God. He kept the things that were to be given to God. He stole the things of God. And the people who are seen with him are the people of his own family. Do you know what happened after that?

One day Joshua sent some Israelites to attack the city of Ai. But the Israelites were defeated in the battle. Some were killed, and others ran away. Joshua was sorrowful to hear this. He fell to the ground and began to pray to Jehovah: ‘Jehovah, why did you allow this to happen to us?’

Jehovah said to him: ‘Get up, stand up! I let this happen because the Israelites have sinned against me. He has kept some of the things that should have been burnt or deposited in my tent. They have stolen a beautiful cloth and gold and silver. I won’t help you until you finish that stuff and the man who stole it.’ But how would Joshua find the thief? Jehovah said that he would tell Joshua who the thief was.

Joshua gathered all the Israelites. The Lord chose Achan among them. Then Achan said: ‘I have sinned. I found a very beautiful cloth, a gold brick, and some pieces of silver in the city of Jericho. Seeing them, I got greedy, and I took them. I have buried all that stuff in my tent.

Then all the things were taken out of Achan’s tent and brought to Joshua. Then Joshua said to Achan: ‘Why did you do this? How much trouble has come upon us because of you. Now Jehovah will bring trouble to you!’ After this, all the Israelites pelted Achan and his family with stones that they died. Then the Israelites went to fight again with the people of the city of Ai. This time Jehovah helped his people, the Israelites, and they won the battle.

Conclusion: What did you learn from this story? That is why we should never take that thing that is not ours.


1. Why were Gestas and Dismas crucified?

Answer: A criminal chose life, but Gestas chose death. Gestas was a sworn and ridiculed criminal who, like Dismas, died instead of going to heaven with God? His story shows us that nailing Christ with Christ is not enough to be saved. He was crucified because he was guilty. However, he did not repent.

2. Who was on the three crosses with Jesus?

Answer: Jesus Christ, on the cross, is joined by two thieves who were crucified with him. Those two thieves were Gestas and Dismas. All three were crucified at the same place and time.

3. Who else was crucified next to Jesus?

Answer: Gestas and Dismas were crucified next to Jesus. One is crucified on the left and the other on the right.


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