Who was King Yayati, whose sons Ruled the whole earth

Who Was Yayati


Yayati was born in Prajapati Brahma’s generation. Yayatii had two wives Devyani and Sharmistha. Devyani was the daughter of Guru Shukracharya, while Sharmishtha was the daughter of the demon king Vrishaparva. The first wife, Devayani, had two sons named Yadu and Turvasu, and the second Sharmishtha had Druhu, Puru and Anu.

Yayati Meaning

  1. A Raghuvanshi who was an ancestor of Rama
  2. Son of Raja Nahusha and father of Raja Puru, who was married to Shukracharya’s daughter Devyani.
  3. He attained a premature old age when Shukracharya cursed him.
  4. Later, after giving his old age to his son Puru, he took his youth from him and thus enjoyed happiness for 1000 years.
  5. In a figurative sense, a person is older than the body but younger than the mind.

Yayati Birth Story

We should remember the Kul-dynasty of Yayaati mentioned in the Veda-Puranas. Because of this, the castes of Asia were born. From Yayaati, the Chandravansha went ahead, from which the dynasty of Yadus, Turvasu, Anavas and Druhuas. Just as in the Bible, 12 sons of Yakub formed the caste of Israel-Arabs. In the same way, five sons of Yayaati formed the castes of unbroken India (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Hindustan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand etc.).

Although Yayaati had ten sons. The story of Yakub and Yayaati is somewhat similar. It can be the subject of research. According to the great emperor of the Jambudweep Kuru>> Shatapatha Brahmin, the Purvas were also called Ail. Puruvas is married to Urvashi, which gives him sons named Ayu, Vanayu, Shatayu, Siddhayu, Ghimant and Amavasu. Amavasu and Vasu were special. Amavasu laid the foundation of a city called Kanyakubja and became the king there. Age is married to Prabha, the daughter of Swarabhanu with whom he had five sons – Nahusha, Kshatravrita (Vridasharma), Rajabha (Gaya), Raji, Aneena. The first Nahusha was married to Virja, who had many sons, among whom Yayati, Sayati, Ayati, Ayati and Dhruva were prominent. Among these sons were Yati and Yayatii Priya.

Yayati’s Wives

Yayatii was born in Prajapati Brahma’s generation. Yayatii had two wives Devyani and Sharmistha. Devyani was the daughter of Guru Shukracharya, while Sharmishtha was the daughter of the demon king Vrishaparva. The first wife, Devayani, had two sons named Yadu and Turvasu, and the second Sharmishtha had Druhu, Puru and Anu. Yayaati likewise had a couple of daughters, one of whom was called Madhavi. The story of Madhavi is very poignant.

Puru Son Of Yayati

Puru was the beloved son of King Yayaati. Later Kuru Vansh became the great empire of world history as its branch. Chandravanshi became the man from Yayaati. The dynasty of Puru consisted of Bharata and the clan of Bharata as King Kuru. The first king of the Puru clan.

Yayati Had Five Children

1.Puru, 2.Yadu, 3.Turvas, 4.Anu and 5.Druhu. He is called Panchananda in the Vedas. These five children of Yayaati controlled over the whole earth in 7,200 BC, i.e. 9,200 years ago. The five sons established dynasties in their names. Yadavas from Yadu, Yavanas from Turvasu, Bhoja from Druhu, Malechha from Anu and Paurava dynasty from Puru were established.

The Puranas mention that Yayatii became disgusted with his elder boy Yadu and cursed him that Yadu or his boys would not have the privilege of obtaining Rajapada.- (Harivansh Purana, 1,30,29). Yayatii wanted the youngest son Puru and expressed the idea of ​​giving him the kingdom, but the king’s councillors opposed this act while being the eldest son.

Yayaati appointed Turvasu (from Punjab to Uttar Pradesh) in the south-east direction, Druhmu in the west, Yadu in the south (present-day Sindh-Gujarat province) and Anu in the north as Mandalik and Puru as the kingdoms of the entire planet. But after being anointed, he himself went to the forest.

Yadu supported the Puru Paksha and refused to take the kingdom himself. At this, Puru was pronounced the king, and he turned into the leader of the main branch of the foundation. His descendants are called Pauravas. The details of the regions given to the subsequent four siblings are as per the following Yadu tracked down the coastal region district of Charmaravati or Charmarmati (Chambal), Betravati (Betwa) and Shuktmati (Ken). Turvasu got the region toward the south-east of the foundation and Druhu toward the north-west. The northern part of the Ganga-Yamuna do-Aab and some of the east of the region, which was bordered by the state of Ayodhya, came under the section of Anu.

1. Dynasty of Puru 

Bharat and Sudas were among the most powerful kings in the Puru Dynasty. In this dynasty, Shantanu had sons who were Bhishma. Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was born in Puru’s lineage. Later in this dynasty, Parikshit was born, whose son was Janmejaya.

2. Dynasty of Yadu

Lord Krishna was in the clan of Yadu. Click here for complete information about Yadukul. Chandravansh: Know Yaduvansh.

3. Dynasty of Turvasu

Bhuvas (Yavanas) occurred in the dynasty of Turvasu. Yayati’s son Turvasu’s son, Vahni’s bharga, bharga’s bharana, Bhabha’s tribhanu, Tribhanu’s benevolent intellect Karandham and Marud’s son Marut. Marut was childless, so he kept Puri Vanshi Dushyant his son, but Dushyant returned to his dynasty, wishing for the kingdom.

According to the Mahabharata, Yayati was a Yavan, a descendant of the son Turvasu. At first, they were Kshatriyas, but due to hatred of Brahmins, they started counting in the Shudras. He was with the Kauravas in the Mahabharata war. Earlier, he was defeated by Nakula and Sahadeva at the time of Digvijay.

4. Anu’s descent

Anu is also called Anava at some places in the Rigveda. According to some historians, this clan was inhabited in the Parushini River (Ravi River) region. Later on, the Sauvir, Kaikeya and Madra clan were born from these spirits.

5. Druhmu’s Dynasty

 Druhmu’s dynasty included King Gandhara. They lived in the middle of Aryavarta. Later the tridents? The king of the Ikshvaku clan Mandhatari drove towards Central Asia. In Puranas, there is no mention of Druhyus after Druhyu king Prachatus. It is written about Prachatus that 100 of his sons settled north from Afghanistan and called ‘Mlechcha’.

Babhru was born to Yayati’s son Druhyu. Babru’s bridge, Setu’s horse, Gandhara’s blood, Gandhara’s religion, Dharma’s religion, Dhrit’s Durmana and Durmana’s son were born. Pracheta had 100 sons. He was the king of the Mlechchas (Arabs) in the north.

Story of Yayati

Yayatii was cursed to be old by her master demon Guru Shukracharya. Due to his curse, he immediately grew old and started moving towards death.

The narration of this story of Yayatii is found different everywhere, but the origin of the story is the same. King Yayatii was a man obsessed with the world. Even after living for 100 years, her enjoyment of Lipsa did not calm down. It is said that she had 100 queens. Not being satisfied with lust, he hated him and his desire to become young again woke up, but when the time of his death came, he trembled. Scared and started to ask Yamraj for some more time to live. Yamraj goes away by giving him an extension. In this way, Yamraj comes two or three more times and, in the end, does not bother to carry Yayatii.

Yayati starts pleading in front of Yamraj – he started saying, I still have a lot of work to do. I am still hungry and hungry. Please give me some more time. Do not move suddenly like this. I have not suffered anything yet.

Yamraj said that your age had been fulfilled ever since, and now you will have to take it. But when Yayatii started praying a lot, then Yamraj said- ‘Well, it is fine. On this condition, you are left for the last time, now that you can stay here for a few more days instead of the age of your son. ‘

Now Yayaati started pleading with her sons. The sons, who were in their 70’s, 60’s or 50’s, refused to leave the way. Later, when Yadu, Turvasu and Druhu also refused, he asked Puru. Puru was the youngest boy.

Puru said, Father, I give my age to you. When your mind is not filled for 100 years, where will I fill it? You bless me Yayatii was very happy and started saying that you are my real son. These are all selfish. You will feel very virtuous. You have saved your father so that you will get heaven.

After 100 years, death came again, and the father again started agitating, and he said that nothing had been completed yet. These 100 years passed in such a way that it was not known. It was passed at the moment. By then, 100 of his sons had been born. New weddings were done, death said, then send a son.

And this went on. It is said that this happened ten times. The story is lovely. Thousand years old, even then death came, and death said, what is the intention now?

Yayatii started laughing. Where he said, now I am ready to walk. It is not that my wishes are fulfilled, that desires are incomplete like that. But one thing became clear that no wish can ever be fulfilled. Please take me away. I’m bored. These alms will not be filled. It does not have foothills. Put anything in it. It remains empty.

The world is bound to the body, bound to desires, bound to the mind, then the world. And the living becomes liberated – neither the world, nor the body, nor the mind – then there is no livelihood. Life remains. Pure Life. Pure Kundan. He is nirvana, and he is salvation. – Osho Rajneesh

King Yayatii indulged in Bhoga Lipsa for a thousand years but did not get satisfaction. He was disgusted by the lack of satisfaction with the lust, and he returned to the youth of the Purus and took renunciation.

Yayati Book

This work by Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar is uncommon and worth reading again and again. It is a search for the moral value that has come to an end after independence and the document of the human value being lost, which he has devised through Yayati, the erstwhile Nahusha son of the Kaurava dynasty.


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