Who Was Korah In The Bible? | Korah’s Rebellion?


Who Was Korah In The Bible? | Story Of Korah in the Bible

They turned against Creator, The Jehovah. After some time, Korah, Dathan, Abiram, as well, as 250 guys turned against Moses while the Israelites remained in the wilderness. They said to him, ‘Enough is enough! Who made you our leader and Aaron the high priest? Jehovah is not only with you and Aaron, but with all of us.’ Jehovah did not like this. In his eyes, it was as if they were working against him!

Moses said to Korah and his companions, ‘You all come to the tabernacle tomorrow. Bring with you the incense in the torches of fire. Jehovah will show whom he has chosen.’

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The next day, Korah and also 250 of his men came to the tabernacle to meet Moses. There they lit incense as if they were clergymen. Jehovah told Moses as well as Aaron: ‘Go away from Korah and also his men.’

Korah went to the tabernacle where Moses was, but Dathan, Abiram, and their families refused to go there. Jehovah told the Israelites to move far from the camping tents of Korah, Dathan, and also Abiram. The Israelites promptly turned away from them. Dathan, Abiram, as well as their households, stood outside their tents. Suddenly the ground exploded and swallowed everyone up! Fire rained down near the holy tent, and Korah and 250 of his men were burnt to ashes.

Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Take a stick from the head of each tribe and write his name on it. But write Aaron’s name on the stick of the tribe of Levi. Keep those sticks inside the holy tent. The man I choose will have flowers on his stick.’

The next day Moses came out with all the sticks and showed them to the princes. Flowers were blooming on Aaron’s stick, and ripe almonds were also attached. Therefore Jehovah made sure that he had actually selected Aaron as high priest.

“Obey and submit to those who take the lead among you.”—Hebrews 13:17

What Does The Bible Say About Korah’s Rebellion?

Who Was Korah In The Bible? | Korah's Rebellion?
Who Was Korah In The Bible? | Korah’s Rebellion?

The people of Israel were journeying through the wilderness led by Moses God spoke to them through Moses, giving them many instructions, but the people kept on grumbling and rebelling. One day a man called Korah came with a big group of men to Moses and Aaron. We are all holy, they said, and the Lord is among us all. So why do you put yourself above the rest of us? Moses said to them in the morning. The Lord will show you whom he has chosen. You are all rebelling against the Lord. Korah’s companions said why you must make yourself a prince over us.

The next day Korah’s men stood near the tabernacle along with Aaron, each holding a sensor for burning incense. Then the Lord told Moses and Aaron to stand aside from everyone else so that he could destroy all the people. But Moses pleaded with God not to destroy the whole gathering.

Korah Swallowed By The Earth

So the Lord said that all the people should move away from the tents where Korah and the other rebels lived, and Moses said this is how you shall know that the Lord has chosen me. If these men die normally, the Lord hasn’t sent me, but if the ground opens up and swallows them, then you shall know that these men have hated the Lord.

As soon as Moses had finished speaking these words, the ground under the men split apart, and all Korah’s men and their families and possessions fell down, and the earth closed up after them. The rest of the Israelites ran away terrified, and fire destroyed the men with the sensors. The next day the people complained to Moses and Aaron about what had happened, and a plague broke out. But Aaron ran out with some incense from the altar, and God stopped the plague.

God then told Moses that staff should be brought from each of the twelve tribes of Israel and that one of them should be Aaron’s staff. God would make the staff of his chosen man sprout buds like a plant. Moses put all the staff inside the tabernacle, and the next day Aaron’s one had started to sprout buds and produce blossoms. This showed that Aaron was the man God had chosen, and his staff was kept as a sign, and the Lord instructed Aaron about the special job he and his sons had as God’s priests.

Conclusion Of Korah’s Rebellion

This story shows us that rebelling against God is dangerous. Korah and his men went against the Lord, and they were destroyed, and it shows us that God shows mercy. He didn’t destroy all the people as they deserved, but he let most of them live. It shows us we must follow God’s chosen ones Moses and Aaron were God’s chosen ones in the wilderness, but now he has given his people an even better leader and an even better priest Jesus, his son, and we must follow him.

FAQ About Korah In The Bible

Why Did Korah Rebel?

Korah is born in the mind of his disobedience against Moses. Korah was a descendant of Levi (Exodus 6:16, 18, 21; 1 Chronicle 6:37, 38). The Korahvanshi attacked the Reubenites southern of the camping tent. The children of Korah were assigned the songs and song ministry for the services of the refuge (Psalms 42, 44– 49, 84, 85, 87, 88).
The two hundred and fifty leaders of Korah, Dathan, as well as Abiram rebelled against Moses and Aaron, saying:
” Korah, the great-grandson of Levi, the boy of Kohath, the son of Izhar, and also Dathan, and also Abiram, the kids of Eliab, as well as On, the son of Peleth, together with the 3 Reubenites, both hundred and fifty leaders of the congregation, who were members and well-known taken with And they stood up against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, You have done a lot, just do it now; For every man in the whole congregation is holy, and the Lord abides among them; So why have you become a high position in the Lord’s congregation?” (Numbers 16:1-3).

What did Korah do in the bible?

Korah gathered all his followers together. These are the men who turned against Moses and Aaron. Korah gathered them all at the entrance of the outdoor tents of the conference. After that, the glory of the Lord showed up on every person there.



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