Was Methuselah The Oldest Person In The Bible?


Who Was The Oldest Person In The Bible?

Ten oldest Persons in the Bible, so let’s begin all of these oldest Persons in the Bible are coming from the book of Genesis this makes a patrol inna line from Adam up to Noah it seems to be unbelievable. Many people believe this is true and trustworthy. Still, I believe in the Bible, many people did not see these stories as literal, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to interpret what the Bible says.

Methuselah was 969 years old when he died
Methuselah was 969 years old when he died

Methuselah was 969 years old when he died. Following his account in the Bible, Methuselah was the Person who lived longest as his death occurred at 969 years old. He was mentioned in Genesis as the father of Lamech’s. Lamech and the great-grandfather of Noah’s account in the Bible are significant since the story is part of the genealogy linking Adam with Noah in the majority of editions in the Bible. 

Methuselah was more than 200 years old at the time the son Lamech was born. He passed away shortly after the flood—an unsuitable story for his age. Methuselah has become a prominent part of the popular media. The name of Methuselah is often utilized when referring to the stage of life that people reach. are that is of the Baptist.

Table For The Oldest Person In The Bible

S.NoOldest Persons Name In The BibleYear Of Death
1.Methuselah or Methushael969 years
2.Jared 962 years
3.Noah 950 years
4.Adam930 years
5.Seth912 years
6.Kenan910 years
7.Mormon Enos 905 years
8.Mahalalel895 years
9.Lamech777 years
10.Enoch365 years
The Oldest Person In The Bible

10 Oldest Persons In The Bible

Enoch was 365 years old
Enoch was 365 years old

10. Enoch was 365 years old when he died. Enoch, as well as Noah, is among Adam’s most famous descendants. He is the creator of the Book of Enoch. He was also called Enoch, the scribe of the judgment. Enoch was the father of Jared, the father of Methuselah and the grandfather of Noah. Enoch did not appear as tall as other people listed on this list since the Lord took him to God at the age of age 365, which made him the only people God went to heaven and died not.

Lamech lived to be 777 years old
Lamech lived to be 777 years old

9. Lamech lived to be 777 years old. Lamech is the paternal father to Noah, who passed away at the age of 777, one year before the flood that caused havoc. The only patriarch before the flood, aside from Adam. 

The former had provided an account in Genesis 5 complete and 29 He names his son’s first to be aware of and states that this will be a comfort to us about our work the sand of our hands due to the earth that the Lord has cursed. 

Lamech was 182 at the time Noah was born. According to the Biblical timeline, Adam was alive during the first year of Lamech life.

Mahalalel died at 895 years old
Mahalalel died at 895 years old

8. Mahalalel has been mentioned eight times in the Bible, most notably in the Genesis book. Genesis is a part of Adam and Eve’s genealogy in King James Version of the New Testament. 

Mahalalel was born 895 years ago. His name is written in the form of Molly Lila. He is another Adam’s descendant who lived for many centuries as Mahalalel died at 895 years old. He was the daughter of Kenan, who the God of faunal Allah blessed at 70 years old. And he was also was the parent of Jared.

7. The death of the Mormon Enos 905. happened onHe knows that he was 905 years old. And He knows that her Enoch is not too confused with Enoch is Adams grandson who was the birth of his first son Seth as per the account in Genesis Seth was at 105 years old when he was born. 

Bible declares that he was that he was 90 when his child Keenan was born. He was 905 years old, and outlived Adam and Enoch and was among the contemporaries who lived for an additional 84 years as per the current Saint the Bible. Mormon Enos was ordained to the priesthood at the age of 134.

Kenan was 910 years old when he died
Kenan was 910 years old when he died

6. Kenan was 910 years old when he diedKenan is a different descendant of Adam because he was the grandchild of Seth. Also, as per the Bible of Jubilees, the son of Enos, sometimes referred to as the less Genesis Keenan’s mother is known as the wife of Enoch and the sister of Enoch His wife was Lilith, who was also his sibling-like many of the men in this list. Kenan lived before the flood and died at the age of over the age of 900.

Seth lived to be 912 years old
Seth lived to be 912 years old

5. Seth lived to be 912 years old. Seth was the son third of Adam and Eve, who was born following his brother’s murder. He is the first to sing in the patrilineal descendants of descendants from Adam and Eve, leading to Noah Seth’s birth. Seth’s twin brothers Cain and Abel have been the last descendants born of Adam and Eve to be mentioned by the Bible. 

According to his account found in Genesis, Seth was born when Adam was aged 130. Seth believed that God wanted Seth to serve as a replacement in place of Abel Seth is revered in Jewish and Islamic traditions as God’s righteous son from Adam and Eve. Seth is the fifth-oldest man mentioned in the Bible and died at ninety-one years of age.

Adam was 930 years old
Adam was 930 years old

4. Adam was 930 years old. Adam is most famously known for being the first human being made in the creation of God, according to the Bible. His name is the term for man or humanity in the Genesis book

Genesis, The tale about Adam and Eve and their demise out into the Garden of Eden, is widely popular following the time that Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden for eating fruits forbidden from the tree of wisdom about good and evil. 

They also are the parents of two boys, Cain as well as Abel. The initial story of murder is recorded in Genesis 4. Then they have a third son, Seth, who starts the family lineage from Adam and Eve’s Descendents, resulting in Noah Adam living to be 930 years old. That implies that he died just before that Genesis flood.

Noah lived for 950 years.
Noah lived for 950 years.

3. Noah lived for 950 yearsNoah is among the most famous biblical characters since his story is described through the Biblical Genesis flood narrative. 

Many people aren’t aware of the fundamentals of the account of Noah’s Ark in which God floods the earth to cleanse mankind of sins and then rebuilt the world by bringing animals along with Noah along with his loved ones on the Noah’s Ark is among the flood myths that are prevalent throughout the history of humanity and culture. 

Noah is a direct descendent of Adam and one of the characters in the Bible who lived to be more than 900 years old. He has the name of Lamech, the great-grandson of Methuselah, and at 500 years old, Noah is the father of Shem Ham and Japheth.

Jared lived to be 962 years old
Jared lived to be 962 years old

2. Jared lived to be 962 years oldAs the 2nd oldest Person mentioned in the Bible and as a sixth-generation descendant from Adam and Eve Mahalalel, Jared was his father. He also had daughters and sons; however, there was only one Enoch mentioned in the Bible that makes Jared the great-grandfather of Methuselah.

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Who Is The Oldest Person In The World?

At the time when this article was written, the overall record for the longest-living living person was held by Kane Tanaka (Japan). At 118 years old, Kane Tanaka is four years away from beating the record of the most senior person to ever live and currently belongs to Jeanne Louise Calment (France), born on the 21st of February 1875 and passed away at the age of 122.

Who Is The Second Oldest Person In The Bible?

Jared died at the age of 962The 2nd oldest person listed within the Bible and as a descendant of the sixth generation from Adam and Eve, Mahalalel Jared, was his father. Jared also had daughters and sons, but the sole Enoch was mentioned in the Bible, which created Jared as the great-grandfather to Methuselah.

How Old Is Methuselah?

Methuselah, also speeled as Methushael, was the longest life span of all the ones mentioned within the Bible969 years. As per in the Book of Genesis, Methuselah was the father of Enoch who was his father was Lamech and the grandfather of Noah. In the Bible, Methuselah is mentioned in genealogies found in 1 Chronicle and the Gospel of Luke.

How Old Was Noah When He Died?

At the age of 950 years old, Noah, who led God’s creatures through the flood, was killed. Noah left three sons, and from them, humanity’s race descended following the Bible.

How Old Was Methuselah When Noah Was Born?

Based on Genesis 5:27, Methuselah aged 969. His son, Noah, was born at the age of 369 (Gen 5:25 28), and the flood happened during Noah’s sixth anniversary year (Gen 7:6). Thus, Methuselah was likely to have died during the year of the flood.

The dates for the flood can vary extensively. However, it is believed that the Masoretic Text of the Torah dates the flood as 1,656 years later than creation. This would put it at 2348 BCE when you consider bishop Users time of 404 BCE for the creation.

That’s 969+2348+2020 = 5337 years old!

How Old Was Noah When He Built The Ark?

A Biblical literalist would claim that Noah was six hundred years old at the time the flood first began, as the Bible states that:

This implies that Noah probably was between 500 and 1000 years old when he constructed the Ark. The exact age is contingent on the length of the time Noah utilized in making Ark. Many believe that Genesis 6:3 represents the point of beginning, i.e. that Noah was around. Age 480 when he began and perhaps used up to 120 years to build the Ark.

How Old Was Eve When She Died?

The Bible does not mention Eve’s age at the time she died. There are only speculations to make. However, one can use the data that the Bible can provide to some intriguing ideas about the length of time Eve might have lived. But keep in mind that it is impossible to prove conclusive.

This passage states that Adam was aged 130 when he gave birth to Seth, clearly by Eve. What was the age of Eve when that she had her child Seth? The Bible does not say, but it’s essential to keep in mind that Eve was created before Adam. How long was it between Adam’s creation and Eve’s? The Bible does not provide a timeframe. It is also important to note it is true that Adam, as well as Eve, already had two sons before Seth’s birth. Seth Seth – Cain as well as Able.

Further, the Bible say

The text at Genesis 1:26-28 about God’s plan to fill the earth with people via Adam and Eve and also at Genesis 3:20 when Adam refers to his wife as “Eve, because she was to become the mother of everyone living,” when taken together with the context from Genesis 5 suggests that during the next 880 years Adam’s existence, Eve was alive and the mother of the many daughters and sons together with Adam. 

Also, note that the lifespan of a human in the time of Genesis was about 90 years, with a few variations.

Therefore, we can’t be sure of Eve’s age at the time of her death since the Bible does not provide a definitive answer. There are a lot of variables we aren’t able to determine (such as the time that passed after Adam was created Eve created)

We can arrive with a rough estimate of her age based on some of the details surrounding Adam’s life and the average lifespan of those times. Therefore, Eve likely lived about as long as Adam did, possibly dying just a few days after Adam in terms of a relative.


1. Who was 800 years old in the Bible?

Answer: In all, Mahalalel lived 895 years. He then died. After Jared was 162 years old, He was the first father to Enoch. After becoming his father to Enoch, Jared lived to be 800 years old and also had daughters and sons. In all, Jared lived 962 years until his death.

2. Who was the firstborn human in the Bible?

Answer: Biblical Adam (man or man) was created by Adamah (earth), and Genesis 1-8 is a major reference to the bond between them since Adam is disengaged from the earth by his disobedience.


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