Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree


Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree?

The Bible narrates how Jesus saw this tree and Curse The Fig Tree. I approached it hoping to find fruits but found out because it wasn’t its season for fruits in this Bible portion is easier understood if it’s read contextually.

Let’s put it in context shall we number one this transpired in the week of Christ’s crucifixion Jesus just added tranfered enter into Jerusalem and right after this he Curse this tree – it was a fig tree specifically a study of the traits of the fig tree might provide inside – why Jesus constant research shows that the fruit of the fig tree typically appears before or at the same time with the leaves.

This was the uniqueness of a fig tree also the fruit bean cream blends easily with the leaves. This was why when Jesus saw the leaves he expected fruits. Remember it wasn’t its season for fruits but the tree been old ought to have some fruits an absence of fruits indicated the fig tree wouldn’t produce fruits that’s here a victory was significant in Israel.

A fruitful fig tree, indicated blessing and prosperity a dead victory was an indication of rejection or judgment. Jesus caused the stream, and it’s weeded keep in mind that this tree was situated in plain view.

There were several Greek words translated for the world cost and each the meaning was distinct in this instance Patera may be the greek word used it means doom condemnation and judgment.

Let’s tie it all together with the victory symbolized Ezra, the sinked religious that is fig leaves but lacks substance that is fruits, Jesus, at once severally that this judgment would come on them if they didn’t change as look at Luke that’s in verses 6 to 7. 

Verse 6: Danny said that a man had a vine of fig trees in his vineyard. He went to search for fruit but didn’t find any. Any, So he told the man who looked after the vine that he had been coming to this fig tree for three years to find fruit. 

And haven’t found any cut it down why should it use up the soy see also, Matthew 23 verse 28, so it wasn’t about the fig tree, it was about Israel the lesson year is that we ought to be spiritual fruit and not just to have an outward appearance of parity.

The Fig Tree In The Bible

The Fig Tree In The Bible
Why Did Jesus Curse The Fig Tree? see above

The fig tree is the third tree whose name is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The first is called the tree of life, while the second is known as the tree of knowledge.

Adam and Eve used the leaves of the fig tree to sew clothes for themselves after they ate “the fruit of the tree of wisdom” (Genesis 2:16-17, when they found out they were naked) (Genesis 3:7). ).

In Deuteronomy, the Promised Land is a land where food without scarcity shall be eaten, in which you shall lack nothing; “The land of wheat and barley, of vines and fig trees and pomegranates, of olive oil and honey, is described;” (Deuteronomy 8:8-10).

Judah, Israel, and Beersheba lived under protection during Solomon’s reign (1 Kings 4:25), which was a symbol for national wealth and prosperity.

2 Kings 18 says that Hezekiah rebelled against the Assyrian king, of whom he had become a vassal. In response, the Assyrian commander attempted to seduce the Jerusalem army by offering their respective vines and fig trees to the Jerusalem army.

Proverbs 27:18 compares taking care of a fig tree to taking care of its master. There was a fig tree in the Garden of Song of Solomon, and in the year of love, the tree quickly produced its fruit (Song 2:13).

The fig tree and figs are featured in the book of Jeremiah and are mentioned briefly in the book of Micah.

Another species of ficus, the Egyptian sycamore fig, is also occasionally mentioned, for example, in 1 Kings 10:27.



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