Why Did Judas Betray Jesus


Who is Judas? How did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus?

Biblical stories are the most widely read in world literature, yet they attract attention and cause heated debate. The protagonist of our review is the apostle Judas Iscariot, who betray Jesus Christ.

Iscariot’s name has long become a household name as a synonym for treachery and hypocrisy, but is the allegation justified? Ask any Christian: “Who is Judas?” You will be answered: “This man is guilty of the martyrdom of Christ.”

Why Did Judas Betray Jesus
Why Did Judas Betray Jesus? see above

Name Is Not A Sentence

As for the fact that Judas is a traitor, we have long got used to it. The personality of this character is gloomy and undeniable. As for the name, then Judas is a very common Jewish name, and these days he is often called Son.

In Hebrew, it means “praise to God.” Among the followers of Christ, there are many people with this name; therefore, associate it, at least, in vain.

History of Judah in the New Testament

History of Judah in the New Testament
History of Judah in the New Testament

The story of Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Christ is very briefly told in the New Testament. On a dark night in Gethsemane, she pointed to her high priest’s servant, earning him his thirty pieces of silver, but when she realized the horror of the deed, the agony of conscience continued and hanged herself.

For the description of the period of the Savior’s earthly life, the hierarchy of the Christian Church was chosen by only four functions, sponsored by Luke, Matthew, John, and Mark.

The first in the Bible is that the Gospel is attributed to the tomb of Matthew – one of Christ’s twelve closest disciples.

Mark was one among the seventy apostles. His Gospel dates back to around the middle of the first millennium. Luke was not one of Christ’s disciples but probably lived with him at the same time. His Gospel is attributed to the second half of the first century.

The last is the Gospel of John. It was written later than the others but contained the missing information in the first three, from which we learn all the information about the name of our legend’s protagonist, the apostle Judas.

Like the previous work, this work was chosen by the Church Fathers from over thirty Gospels. Unrecognized texts are called Apocrypha.

All four books may be called parables, or memoirs of unknown authors, as they have not been definitively established, nor wrote them, nor when it was done.

The authors ask Mark, Matthew, John, and Luke questions. It is true that there were at least 30 Gospels, but they weren’t included in the canonical collection of Holy Scripture. It is believed that some of them were destroyed at the time of the formation of Christianity, while others were kept in strict secrecy.

There are references to them in the writings of the bishops of the Christian Church, especially Irenaeus and Cyprus, who began to reside in the second and third centuries, according to the Gospel of Judas in Epiphanius.

The reason for rejecting the Apocryphal Gospel is the Gnosticism of their authors.

Why Did Judas Betray Jesus
Why Did Judas Betray Jesus

Irenaeus of Lyons is a well-known apologist, i.e., Savior, and in many ways the founder of the nascent Christian doctrine. He belongs to the establishment of the most basic principles of Christianity, such as the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, as well as the primacy of the Pope as the successor of the Apostle Peter.

He did the following Judah Iscariot, the person of Judah – a person who adheres to Orthodox views on trusting in God.

Iscariot thought Irenaeus was afraid that by the blessing of Christ, the founding of the faith and the Father, that is, the Law of Moses, would be abolished, and therefore became one of his accomplices in the arrest of the Master.

Judas of the Twelve Apostles only came from Judea; for this reason, it is believed that he professed the Jewish faith. Other Apostles – Galilean.

The authority of Irenaeus, the person of Lyons, is not a cause for doubt in his writings, a criticism of works about Christ who existed at that time. In “The Dissolution of Heresies” (175–185 gg.), he writes about the Gospel of Judah as mystic work, that such which the Church cannot recognize.

Prognostics – a method of knowledge, based on facts and anecdotal evidence, and faith – a phenomenon of unknown liberation. The Church itself, without analytical thinking toward the sacraments, demands obedience, that is, an atheistic attitude, and is a priori known to God, to God.

Sensational Document

One thousand nine hundred seventy-eight excavations in Egypt revealed a burial. It contained a papyrus scroll containing a text titled “The Gospel of Judah.” The authenticity of the document is beyond doubt.

All possible studies, including curriculum and radiocarbon methods, concluded that the document was written in the period from the 3rd to 4th centuries of our era. Proceeding from the above facts, it is concluded that the document found is a list of the Gospel of Judah, about which Irenaeus of Leon writes.

Of course, its author is not a disciple of Christ, the apostle Judas Iscariot, but some other Judas, who knew the history of the Son of God very well.

The personality of Judas Iscariot is depicted more clearly in this Gospel. Certain events in the canonical Gospel are supplemented with descriptions in this manuscript. (Why Did Judas Betray Jesus)

New Facts

New Facts
New Facts

Upon the found text, it appears that the apostle of Judas Iscariot is a holy man and not a hooligan who has been engrossed in the faith of the Messiah with the goal of becoming rich or famous.

He loved Christ and was almost more devoted to him than the other disciples. It was Judas Christ who revealed all the secrets of heaven. The “Gospel of Judah,” for example, says that the people had the formidable presence of fire, not defiled by blood, God and the spirit Saklas’s assistant was the fallen angel.

Such a revelation contradicted the basic tenets that were consistent with the views of the Fathers of the Christian Church. Unfortunately, the method of documenting the unique was very long and thorny before falling into the careful hands of scientists. Most of the papyrus was destroyed.

The Myth Of Judah Is A Crude Insinuation

The formation of Christianity is really a mystery seven seals constant brutal struggle with heresy does not paint the founders of world religion. What is heresy in the understanding of priests? This opinion is contrary to the opinion of those who have power and power, and in those days, power and power were in the hands of the papacy.

The first images of Judas were created in order for church officials to decorate churches. It was they who decided how Judas should see Iscariot. The article includes photos of Cimabue and Giotto di Bondone frescoes depicting Judas’ kiss.

Judas sees them as lesser, insignificant, and regressive types, the personification of all the most obvious manifestations of the human individual. But is it possible to imagine such a person among the close friends of the Savior?

Judah Casts Out Demons And Heals The Sick

Judah Casts Out Demons And Heals The Sick
Judah Casts Out Demons And Heals The Sick

We know very well that Jesus Christ healed the sick, resurrected the dead, cast out demons. In the canonical Gospel, it is said that he taught this to his disciples (Judas Iscariot is no exception) and asked all of them to help and not take any offers for it.

The demons feared Christ, and when he appeared, they left the bodies of those they had tortured. How could it be that Judas was always near his teacher, the demon’s greed, hypocrisy, and treachery enslaved him?

First, Doubt

Question: “Who is Judas: the treacherous traitor or the first Christian saint awaiting resettlement?” Millions of people ask themselves throughout the history of Christianity. But if in the Middle Ages the scoring of the issue relied essentially on the auto-da-fe, then in our days, we have had a chance to get to the truth.

1905-1908 in gg. In “Theological Journal” released a series of articles by Muretova Mitrofan Dmitrievich, an Orthodox theologian, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy. They are the “traitor of Judas.” was called.

Among them, the professor expressed doubts that Judas, believing in the divinity of Jesus, might have deceived him. After all, even in the canonical Gospel, there is no absolute agreement on the apostle’s covetousness.

The story of the Thirty Pieces of Silver looks unconfirmed, both in terms of money and in terms of the apostle’s covetousness – it’s too simple, he left them. If the desire for money was his vice, the other disciples would hardly have been entrusted to him for the disposal of the treasury.

Why Did Judas Betray Jesus
Why Did Judas Betray Jesus

After the community money was in his hands, Judah was able to pick them up and walk away from his companions. And what thirty pieces of silver did the chaplain give to him? Is this a lot or something? If a lot, then why not greedy Judas went to them, and if small, then why did he get them?

Muret was sure that the love of money was not the main motive of Judas’ action. The professor most likely says that Judas may have betrayed his Master because of his despair in his teachings.

Austrian philosopher and psychologist Franz Brentano (1838–1917), despite Muratov, expressed a similar opinion.

The works of Judas Jorge Luis Borges and Anatole France presented self-sacrifice and the will of God.

The Coming of the Messiah According to the Old Testament

The Coming of the Messiah According to the Old Testament
The Coming of the Messiah According to the Old Testament

The prophecies in the Old Testament are telling about what would happen about the coming of the Messiah – he would be dismissed by the priest, betrayed for thirty coins, crucified, resurrected, and then a new church would emerge in his name.

One had to pass the Son of God into the hands of the Pharisees for thirty coins. This man was Judas Iscariot. He knew the scriptures and couldn’t help but understand what he was doing.

After fulfilling God’s command in the books of the Old Testament and being sealed by the prophets, Judas achieved a great feat. It is possible that he already discussed the coming with God, and the kiss is not only a sign for the staff of the high priests but also a farewell to the teacher.

Being the closest and trusted student of Christ, Judas took the mission to be whose name would be cursed forever.

It appears that Scripture shows us two offerings – God sent His Son to the people, that He took upon Himself the sins of mankind and washed them with His blood, and Judas brought the Lord’s sacrifice, that He The rules can be performed through the prophets rechonnoe. Someone did this to complete the mission!

Any believer says that claiming to believe in the Triune God. It is impossible to imagine someone who felt God’s grace and remained unchanged. Judas is a man, not a fallen angel or demon, so he could not have been an unfortunate exception.

History of Christ and Judah in Islam. Christian Church Foundation

The story of Jesus Christ in the Qur’an is represented in the canonical Gospels. There is no crucifixion of the Son of God. The main book of Muslims claims that the image of Jesus was taken by someone else. It was executed instead of God.

In medieval publications, it is said that the appearance of Jesus took Judas. One of the Apocrypha is the story in which the future apostle Judas Iscariot appears. His biography, if you believe this evidence, from childhood, was intertwined with the life of Christ.

Little Judas was very ill, and when Jesus came to him, the boy bit him to the side, which was later speared by a spear from one of the soldiers guarding the crucified crucifix.

Islam considers Christ to be a prophet whose teaching was perverted. This is very similar to the truth, but the Lord Jesus foresaw this situation. He once told his disciple Simon: “You – Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church and will not prevail against the gates of hell.

” We know that Peter three times denied Jesus Christ, in fact, cheated on him three times. Why did he choose this man as the ground of his Church? That your word Jesus could have protected Judas or Peter but refused to do so three times – who is the greatest traitor? (Why Did Judas Betray Jesus)

The Gospel of Judah cannot be deprived of true believers of the love of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Judah cannot be deprived of true believers of the love of Jesus Christ
The Gospel of Judah cannot be deprived of true believers of the love of Jesus Christ

Believers experienced the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is difficult to accept that Christ was not crucified. Can we worship the cross if the facts are uncovered, on the contrary, recorded in the four gospels?

How is the sacrament of ecstasy, during which the faithful share of the body and blood of the Lord, martyred on the cross, for the salvation of men, if there was an excruciating death on the cross of the Savior related?

Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are those who have seen and have not believed.”

Believers in Jesus Christ are able to know that He is real and that He answers all prayers. It’s important. And God continues to love and save people.

Facts again in the temples, as in the time of Christ, there are so-called recommendations of items many times in the shops of merchants offering to buy sacrificial candles and other items for charity.

Despite exceeding the cost of sales. The carefully formed price tags create a sense of closeness to the Pharisees who betrayed the Son of God.

However, we must not wait for Christ to come back to earth and drive a stick out of his Father’s house with a stick, as he did two thousand years ago with the pigeons and sheep traders.

It is better to believe in God’s provisions and not fall into the sin of condemnation but to accept everything as God’s gift for the salvation of immortal human souls. It is no accident that he ordered his Church to install a third traitor.

Change Time

Change Time
Change Time

Perhaps, the discovery of an artifact known with the Gospel of Judas, the Chacossus Code, marks the beginning of the end of the legend of the villainous Judas. Now is the time to reconsider the attitude of Christians toward this person. After all, it was hatred for them that gave rise to such a hateful phenomenon as anti-Semitism.

The Torah and the Qur’an were written by people who were not associated with Christianity. For them, the story of Jesus of Nazareth is only an episode from the spiritual life of mankind and not the most important. And compatible with Jews and Muslims is the hatred of Christians (details about the Crusades are made to intimidate the cruelty and greed of the Knights of the Cross) with their main principle: “Love each other!”

The Torah, the Qur’an, and well-known, respected Christian scholars do not condemn Judah. After all, the apostle Judas Iscariot, whose life we ​​briefly touched on, for example, the same apostle Peter, is no worse than the other disciples of Christ.

The Future Is For Renewed Christianity

The great Russian philosopher Nikolai FedorovichFedorov, the founder of Russian cosmism, was a devout Orthodox Christian who gave impetus to the development of modern science (space, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, ecology, and others) and believed that the future of humanity And his salvation – in Christian doctrine. We Christians want to be kind and merciful to all people, condemn past sins, and not create new ones. (Why Did Judas Betray Jesus)


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