Why Did Ravana’s Wife Mandodari Marry Vibhishan?


Mandodari Meaning

Mandodari Sanskrit [adjective] 1. dim udderwali 2. small petawali; Slim [Noun pulling] (Ramayana) Name of Ravana’s wife.

Mandodari 1 – Noun feminine [Sanskrit mandodari] The name of Ravana’s patrani. It was Maya’s daughter. 

Mandodaree 2 – Adjective Subtle Pet. Krishodari

Streeling [noun word – mandodari nish] Ravana’s patrani, the daughter of Maya Demon.

Mandodari Husband

Ravana married Diti’s son Maya’s daughter Mandodari, born to Apsara’s womb named Hema. Kumbhakarna was married to Vajrajwala, daughter of Virochan’s son Bali, and Vibhishana was married to Sarma, the daughter of Gandharvaraja Mahatma Shailesh.

Mandodaree In Hindi

pouraanik kathao ke anusaar, Mandodaree panch kanyao mei se ek thi, use chir kumaari bhi kaha jaata tha. Mandodaree ka janm hema naam ki apsara ke garbh se hua tha, jisaka vivaah maayaasur se hua tha. Maayaasur ne apani patni hema ke lie mandor nagar ka nirmaan kiya tha.

The Birth Story Of Mandodari

According to the legend, an apsara named Madhura once reached Mount Kailash. Unable to find Goddess Parvati there, she started trying to attract Lord Shiva. When Goddess Parvati went there, upon seeing Lord Shiva’s body consumed on Madhura’s body, she became angry, and in anger, she cursed Madhura to become a paddock. He told Madhura that for the next 12 years, she would remain in this well as a paddock.

After repeatedly asking Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati told Madhura that only after rigorous penance can she come to her proper form and that too after one year. Madhura lived in a well for 12 years and performed rigorous penance in the frog. When 12 years were nearing completion, Mayasur and his wife Hema arrived at their daughter’s wish to start austerities where Mathura was meditating. As Madhura finished 12 years, she returned to her proper form and started calling for help to get out of the well.

Hema and Mayasur were absorbed in meditation near the well. Hearing Madhura’s voice, the two went to the well and saved her. Later both of them adopted Madhura and named her Mandodaree.

Special Things About Mandodaree

* Mandodaree was the daughter of the demon Asura king Mayasura, son of Diti and Apsara named Hema.

* One of the Panch Kanya Mandodaree is also called Chir Kumari.

* For the entertainment of her husband Ravana, Mandodaree started the game of chess.

* Ravana got sons from Mandodaree – Akshay Kumar, Meghnad, and Atikay. Mahodar, Prahst, Virupaksha, and Bhikam Veer are also considered his sons.

* There is a legend that Ravana could have died from a particular arrow. This arrow was known to Mandodaree. Hanuman Ji stole this arrow from Mandodaree and stole Rama’s success in killing Ravana.

* Rajkanya of Singhaldeep and a mother-in-law were also named Mandodaree. However, according to public opinion, Mandodaree was the princess of Mandsor state of Madhya Pradesh. It is also believed that Mandodaree belonged to Mandor near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Mandodari Married Ravana

It is also said that it was because of Lord Shiva’s boon that Mandodari was married to Ravana. Mandodaree sought a boon from Lord Shankar that her husband is the most learned and powerful on earth. Mandodaree worshiped Lord Shiva at Sri Bilveshwar Nath Temple, in the Sadar area of ​​Meerut, where Ravana and Mandodaree met. Ravana had many queens, but the queen of Lanka was considered only Mandodaree.

Was Mandodari Married To Vibhishana?

Mandodari was very much aware of the detestable done by her husband, she always advised Ravana to forsake the way for insidiousness and go to the asylum of truth, yet Ravana, boasting of his strength, never spoke of Mandodaree. Not taken seriously, Even when Ravana had brought Sita to death, Mandodaree opposed it and asked Sita to hand it over to Rama again. But Ravana did not listen to Mandodaree, and Ravana had a fierce battle with Rama. It is believed that the fight of Rama-Ravana had destroyed the entire clan, except for one only Vibhishana.

After Ravana’s death, only Ravana’s clan and some women of the clan were left alive. After the war, Mandodaree also went to the battleground and was very sad to see the dead body of her husband, sons, and other relatives there. Then he looked at Lord Shri Ram, who was seen with a supernatural aura.

Shri Ram handed over the Rajput to Vibhishan for the happy future of Lanka. According to the wonderful Ramayana, after the coronation of Vibhishana, Lord Shri Ram very politely proposed to marry Vibhishan to Mandodaree and reminded Mandodaree that she is now the Queen of Lanka and the widow of the mighty Ravana. It is said that at that time, he did not reply to this proposal.

When Prabhu Sriram returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, Mandodaree from behind imprisoned himself in the palace and contacted the outside world, after some time, she again came out of her palace and agreed to marry Vibhishan.

But it is a little hard to believe about Mandodaree. Because Mandodaree was a Sati woman, who was devoted to her husband, in such a situation, marrying Mandodaree with Vibhishan is a shocking event in itself. However, there are many such strange stories in Ramayana other than Ramayana. It is also thought that some societies had similar practices in ancient times. Sugriva again married his wife after Bali was killed.

Question Answer About Mandodaree

1. What happened to Mandodari after Ravana’s death?

Answer: After Ravana died, Mandodaree went to the battleground and was very sad to see the destruction. Lord Rama handed over the king of Lanka to Vibhishan. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama suggested to Mandodaree that he should marry Vibhishan. It is said that after that, Mandodaree imprisoned herself in the palace.

2. Who was Mandodari?

Answer: According to mythology, Mandodaree was one of the Panch Kanyas, also known as Chir Kumari. Mandodari was born from the belly of Apsara named Hema, who was married to Mayasur. At the same time, it is also said that Mandodaree was the daughter of the king of Mandsor in Madhya Pradesh.

3. What is the father’s name of Mandodari?

Answer: Mandodari’s father’s name was Mayasur. And Mata Rambha, who was an Apsara. Mandodaree was married to Lanka’s husband Ravana, and a son named Indrajit of Ravan was also born. Mandodaree was one of the Panchakanyaas.

4. Who is Mandodari’s father?

Answer: Mandodari’s father’s name was Mayasur.

5. Why Mandodari married Vibhishana?

Answer: When Bhagwan Ram, along with Mother Sita and Hanuman, was about to come to Ayodhya, he again tried to convince him. After keeping himself in captivity for several days, Mandodaree realized his goodness in accepting Lord Rama’s suggestion. For the bright future of Lanka, he had to lose and marry Vibhishan.

6. Mandodari belongs to which city?

Answer: It is believed that Mandodaree was born in Meerut. This place is considered to be the in-law of Ravana.

7. How did Mandodari die?

Answer: After Ravana died, Mandodaree went to the battleground and was very sad to see the destruction. According to the scripture Ramayana, King Ravana of Lanka, lost and killed in a battle with Lord Rama.

8. How Ravana married Mandodari?

Answer: Mayasur created a beautiful city like Mandore for his beloved Apsara Hema under the influence of the boon received from Brahma. Which is presently Mandor of Jodhpur. According to the legend, Ravana once reached Mandore to meet Mayasura. Just then, his eyes fell on Mandodaree, and he proposed a marriage in front of Mayasur.

9. Who was Mandodari’s husband?

Answer: Due to the boon of Lord Shiva, Mandodari was married to Ravan.

10. Who played Mandodari in Ramayana?

Answer: Mandodaree 78 episodes, 1987-1988, Aparajita played Mandodari in Ramayana.



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